An Epic Experience

February 4, 2016

HUB CY Super BowlI attended my very first professional football game way back in 1942 in Griffith Stadium in Washington, DC. I was so excited to see the Redskins in action, especially one of my very favorite players Sammy Baugh. Slingin’ Sammy Baugh, one of the first real quarterbacks who passed the ball. It was a wonderful experience that has stayed with me ever since.

There’s nothing quite like your first big game… The sights, the sounds, the smells. Back then I never dreamed that my company would in any way be part of that excitement. But here we are 70-plus years later, helping to create some incredible experiences for some super fans.

We aren’t your typical sponsors of the Super Bowl. Our Courtyard and Marriott Rewards teams wanted to be part of building memories for this historic game in a way that our guests would never forget. Courtyard is hosting the world’s first Super Bowl sleepover by transforming a suite at Levi’s stadium into a Courtyard guest room. The winner of the “Suite Stadium” contest gets to enjoy their most memorable slumber party they’ve ever had with three guests.

Watch Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo check out the Courtyard suite.


And, Marriott Rewards is making not just one lucky winner’s dreams come true, but 49 of his closest friends and family too. In their “50 to 50” campaign, Marriott Rewards is providing a VIP weekend experience at the Super Bowl to one winner who gets flights, hotel rooms and tickets to the game along with 49 guests. Take a look:


What a great story. I love that this winner gets to share this experience with his family, especially his children. They’ll remember this game for years to come, just as I still remember my first game.

Going to Super Bowl 50 is an experience itself, but Courtyard and Marriott Rewards takes it to another level. I can’t wait to hear how the two lucky winners and their families enjoyed it.

I know on Sunday evening, Donna and I will be watching the big game. How will you watch the big game?

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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