Finding New Ways to Serve

May 18, 2015




Serving my community
Volunteering at the Atlanta Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity

I have always enjoyed giving back whether it’s hammering at Habitat for Humanity or bagging groceries at the Atlanta Food Bank. Ever since the beginning of our company, our associates have been putting people first, and this includes the communities of which we’re a part. We call it Spirit to Serve and it’s a hallmark of our culture. 

Every May, thousands of our associates around the world donate their time and resources to give back to their communities for our Spirit to Serve Day. Our JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar volunteered with the Smile Foundation; New York City associates participated in the AIDS Walk New York; our Courtyard Bali Seminyak donated books and bookshelves to an underprivileged elementary school so that they can have a proper library.

JW Marriott Hotel Pune
JW Marriott Hotel Pune associates

Each hotel identifies a few causes near and dear to its heart.  Some associates have gone the extra mile and turned their Spirit to Serve programs into year round ones. Our JW Marriott Hotel Pune has done just that. Each month, their associates spend quality time with children living with HIV/AIDS. The associates make them feel loved, wanted and special. The team is also passionate about creating opportunities for local youth, providing internships for students who come from disadvantaged communities.

Our company’s highest honor is called the Awards of Excellence.  My mother was very active in the community, so we named the award after her and her legacy of helping others.  This year, the JW Marriott Hotel Pune received that honor.  


I am proud of all our associates for constantly looking for new ways to give back. Our "Careers" team tells me they’re giving people the opportunity to gift a donation to the charity of their choice on Instagram. From May 18 – 27, you can enter and have a chance to gift $500 to your favorite charity. All you have to do is follow @MarriottCareers and repost one of their #SpiritToServeSweeps photos.  

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.


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