Ambitious Expansion Plans for Marriott Hotels in Europe

March 11, 2010
Amsterdam Marriott Lobby
This has been a very exciting week for Marriott in Europe!  First, we celebrated 35 years since we opened our first European hotel, the Amsterdam Marriott.  I remember that opening so well.  We had a large barrel of water on the ground and we had diver who dove off the top of the hotel into the barrel.  As soon as he hit the barrel, it broke and the water went all over the street, but fortunately, he survived and wasn’t harmed.  That’s what you remember about some of these openings a long time ago.

On Monday, we celebrated 35 years in Europe at the Amsterdam hotel, which just finished a huge renovation.  We were joined by U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands, Fay Hartog Levin and the mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen.  Also in attendance were 6 of our associates who worked at the hotel since the day it opened!  Since that hotel opened its doors in 1975, we have expanded into 23 other European countries with 174 properties.

We plan on continuing that expansion at a rapid pace as we announced this week that we expect to double our number of guest rooms in Europe in the next 5 years, which will bring us to a total of 80,000 rooms!  We currently have seven Marriott brands in the region, and will add three more to that list.  We’re expanding to include a European Residence Inn, which will open in Munich in 2012.  We’re also going to add hotels from our two new brands, Edition and the Autograph Collection.

Renaissance Moscow Monarch Europe is the largest lodging market in the world and we’re moving full speed ahead to increase the number of hotels there to provide travelers with even more options.  We have some great projects coming down the pike like the Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center Hotel, a new Courtyard in Budapest and the Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club in the UK.  All will open this year.

I can’t wait to get your feedback about these hotels and the many others opening throughout Europe in the near future.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Ambitious Expansion Plans for Marriott Hotels in Europe

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Is there going to be any new properties in Northern Ireland??

Past employee @ Desert Springs.


As a vacation club owner, I have had the opportunity to visit two of your resorts in Costa Del Sol Spain. They are exceptional accomodations. However, MVC needs to expand to other European coastal regions!!! Italy especially (Sicily, Sardenia, Adriatic Coast)...Bring it on Bill!

WOW! just looked at the renaissance in moscow in this post...that has to be the nicest renaissance I have ever seen...

this is all well and good except for the fact that you can no longer ...after June 30th convert your rewards points to american airlines travel rewards.....american has some of the mos convenient routes to europe. This is one reason we try and stay at marriott hotels etc. also we have many timeshares.....we love american airlines and fly them frequently with reqrd travel...we are disgusted.....I will be sure and spread the word to everyone I know and all my timeshare associations that you will no longer partner with american airlines....we have over 800,000 miles! What a pity! very distraut about this!

Dear Bill

My wife and I are at this moment staying in the Marriott Harbor Beach in Fort Lauderdale. It's a beautiful hotel in a great location and we are enjoying it thoroughly-except for one very annoying feature:the pervasive, 12 hour per day background music being played over the PA system. It makes sitting on our oceanfront balcony a miserable experience and forces us into our room when we would rather sit outside to enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean and the sound of the surf.

Perhaps the music was selected to be soothing and entertaining. However, it is anything but and only distracts from those things that make this location stand out.

Thanks for letting us vent a little.

Candace and Hermann Friedmann

Dear Mr. Marriott,

Congratulations for your challenging expansion plans, specifically throughout of Europe.
Having assisted to various of your MH, RC, CY and Bvlgari developments in TSA and specifically in upgrading according to Standards alike "Made in Germany", I would like to further support your projects. Mssrs. John ****** and Karim ******* from your develoment department would give references.
Looking forward to the successfull further expansion of your group.

Kind regards.
Jurgen W. Laue, Berlin - Germany

Lodging in hotels in Europe becomes more and more adventurous. A hotel chain like Marriott offering a consistent good quality and service is therefore urgently needed in Europe.
Will there be a Marriott in Luxembourg?


This is good news, continued expansion in Europe will make staying in Europe much more comfortable and enjoyable. The only complaint - change your policy regarding Internet rates. You are going free in the US at all hotels. Do the same in Europe. In some cases charges are over $30 a day. That is excessive and is not called for.

Dear Mr. Marriott,
I'm glad to hear of your continued expansion. I have been an avid supporter of Marriott for decades and expect to continue to do so. I've been to the UK twice so far this year, and regrettably, was forced to stay at other properties some of the time due to no Marriotts in the area. I did make sure to patronize your Heathrow Airport Marriott Hotel on both trips, however.

Mr. Marriott,

I have read many of your blogs about Marriott's expansion plans in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. However, I have not read about any plans for much needed expansion in Australia, particularly in the North Queensland region on The Great Barrier Reef. Do you have any plans for Australia or New Zealand?

I'm a big fan of Marriott but in my favourite country, Italy, you really come up short compared to Starwood. So I find it very exciting that we'll see Marriott more involved in Europe and my hope is that a good part of your expansion will be in Italy with full service quality locations to kick butt with Four Seasons and Starwood. Can't wait.

Instead of expanding better to improve hotels and ospitality!
I was a platinum memmber for years since last feb ( now i'm gold) and i have decided to leave marriott chain forever!
Customer care is nothing!
This message will never be posted here i know!
But i write badly of Marriott everywere! every day! this is my mission now!

We are not international travelers, but we had an excellant experence in Indy.
In. Thanks to Anthony ********, Manager.

Dear Mr. Marriott:

Our summer vacation destination last year was Portugal and my husband and I had a wonderful time beginning and ending with our stay at the Marriott Hotel in Lisbon!
The service, comfortable rooms and attention by all the staff members of the Hotel were excellent! The first night we were tired from traveling and we decided to dine in the Hotel rather than going out to a restaurant. We ordered a good bottle of wine, french bread and antipasto. What a fantastic meal! I tell all my friends if they havn't gone to visit Portugal, plan it for your next vacation, and be sure to make reservations at the Marriott!

Aline Hommes,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Marriott,

As dedicated customers of Marriott Hotels here in the UK, my fiancee and I were wondering if you have any plans or ambitions to open a Marriott Hotel in Chester, England. The city, as you may know, is steeped in history and has good transport links with the rest of the UK. It also represents the largest city within reasonable range of the population of North Wales. It is, to be honest, quite poorly served by good quality hotels.

It is a summer destination for many tourists from the USA and worldwide, and apart from a Crowne Plaza and the privately owned Chester Grosvenor, there would appear to be a gaping hole in the four to five star hotel market in central Chester.
I would appreciate your views on this, and thanks again for providing the best hotels in the world.

Best Regards,

Andrew J. Ellis
Wirral, UK.

Dear Mr. Marriott,

I am sending this email to inquire if Marriott has any interest in building another property in Dominical, Costa Rica. I am familiar with your property in Jaco.

I have a large tract with the International Highway on one side and Dominicals' main street on the other side.

It is a large tract and would accomodate a large facility with room for amenities or out buildings.

It is a very short walk to the beach.

Electric and wells are on the property.

I have other large pieces of property in the area.

I am leaving my email address. Should you have any interest.


Dear Mr. Marriott,

My family and I have always enjoyed staying in many of your properties all over the world, especially since the quality is always consistent.

I stayed at the Fairfield Inn/New York LaGuardia Airport/Astoria a few months ago, and I thought that it was new since it was so well maintained (it was approximately seven? years old). One of the reasons that I like Fairfield Inns is because they all have a small self-serve washer/dryer room in the hotel. However, this is the only Fairfield Inn that does not have this w/d and since the hotel appears to be fairly popular with business travelers who do not need their own transportation at this location, it would be extremely helpful to have this w/d addition at this hotel. Thank you.

Our very sincere congratulations on hearing about plans to grow the European Marriott system. We couldn't be more delighted and hopefully also it would be enjoyable to see some further growth among the Scandanavian countries.

An additional thought which might be interesting would be either Residence Inn style locations or smaller, boutique B&B's throughout Europe as well.

Much continued success - we have been long standing investors and continue to believe that Marriott is the "hallmark" for others to follow.

Mr Marriott,

Great news for expansion into Europe and continued growth. However, as Europe is important growth for your business, how about considering New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa for growth as well.

Those areas in the South Pacific would be a much needed boom for a great location with warm waters, fantastic beaches, history and just plain FUN!

Your brands would fit very nicely in those areas and would hope Marriott is also considering South Pacific for growth as well.

Bill, as a small business owner one of my perks is that I get to stay at a Marriott property every week. I do have a suggestion, how about adding scanners to the business centers? Businesses have been accepting scanned in receipts (for many years) instead originals that have to be faxed in. The scanners are inexpensive. This will make your business customers more productive.

I admire and aspire to be like you Mr. Marriott. Thank you for inspiring young adults like myself with the continuous expansion of your company within the trying times our country is facing. At age 24, it is an honor to be a platinum guest of such a great company and you have my brand loyalty for life.

Dear Mr. Marriott:

Thanks for sharing Marriott’s ambitious expansion plans for Europe. Terica plans on meeting her international studies requirement of her undergraduate studies in Europe.

It is an opportunity for me to enjoy the Marriott Brand in Europe. Thanks for sharing yourself with us, as you keep Marriott on the Move.

I was glad to hear about the Courtyard in Stockholm! I'm visiting family there in June and staying at the property. Looking forward to it!

Warm regards,
Tina Crossland

Yes...please publish a list of proposed locations! Who knows...maybe you could use a great salesperson from two European cities (New Orleans & Charleston) to help with pre-opening sales!!!

Hi Bill ... great to hear of new hotels in Europe. Any plans for additional hotels in Spain? Central Barcelona and Madrid would be nice.