Ambitious Expansion Plans for Marriott Hotels in Europe

March 11, 2010
Amsterdam Marriott Lobby
This has been a very exciting week for Marriott in Europe!  First, we celebrated 35 years since we opened our first European hotel, the Amsterdam Marriott.  I remember that opening so well.  We had a large barrel of water on the ground and we had diver who dove off the top of the hotel into the barrel.  As soon as he hit the barrel, it broke and the water went all over the street, but fortunately, he survived and wasn’t harmed.  That’s what you remember about some of these openings a long time ago.

On Monday, we celebrated 35 years in Europe at the Amsterdam hotel, which just finished a huge renovation.  We were joined by U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands, Fay Hartog Levin and the mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen.  Also in attendance were 6 of our associates who worked at the hotel since the day it opened!  Since that hotel opened its doors in 1975, we have expanded into 23 other European countries with 174 properties.

We plan on continuing that expansion at a rapid pace as we announced this week that we expect to double our number of guest rooms in Europe in the next 5 years, which will bring us to a total of 80,000 rooms!  We currently have seven Marriott brands in the region, and will add three more to that list.  We’re expanding to include a European Residence Inn, which will open in Munich in 2012.  We’re also going to add hotels from our two new brands, Edition and the Autograph Collection.

Renaissance Moscow Monarch Europe is the largest lodging market in the world and we’re moving full speed ahead to increase the number of hotels there to provide travelers with even more options.  We have some great projects coming down the pike like the Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center Hotel, a new Courtyard in Budapest and the Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club in the UK.  All will open this year.

I can’t wait to get your feedback about these hotels and the many others opening throughout Europe in the near future.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Ambitious Expansion Plans for Marriott Hotels in Europe

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Hi Bill,

An interesting location to look at is Antwerp in Belgium. Capital of the Diamonds. Hilton are there and the city has lot's of visitors from the netherlands who love the place.
If the surroundings of Antwerp are more interesting have a look at Brasschaat who is close to Antwerp.
Antwerp would be a good completion to Ghent and Brussels of the marriott portfolio.

Best regards

Guy Akkermans

Dear Mr. Marriott,
I am respectfully asking for your guidance. I am a focused, hard-working student who has found his happiness in the kitchen. To this end, I am now feverishly searching for funding to the Italian Culinary Academy. My website tells my story and I am hoping you will help me get the word out. Desperate times call for creative measures and it is my sincere belief that there are people 'out there' looking to help someone realize their dream. Would you help me get the word out, please? Thank you. In case my site doesn't appear automatically, it's

Thank you sir, for your help. I sincerely appreciate it.

Torre Liebchen

Congratulations. There is a big need for more of your hotels in Europe. I have over a million Marriott points and have tried to use them at your Grand Flora Hotel in Rome for many years. There never seems to be availability to use points there. Since I have 5 timeshares weeks. I thought the points would help me when I wanted to stay only a short time or at places that there were no timeshares. However it seems almost impossible to be able to use your better hotels. Very disapppointing.

Hi Bill,

Very glad to hear of Marriott's European expansion. Can you please share a list of all the locations you're working on over the next 5 years? I read that it will be approximately 30 properties.

The ones that you've noted are located in cities where you already have a property. I'm hoping that your plans include locations where you currently don't have existing properties!

Thanks very much!

Kind Regards,
Joan Pflieger

Great move. Lived in Europe 15 years and watched Marriott grow. Now if we could just afford Europe!!

Out of the 80,000 new rooms, will there be any in Belfast, NI, UK???