Marriott Named a Top 20 Corporation for Supplier Diversity

March 25, 2010
Marriott Named One of Top 20 Companies for Supplier Diversity This afternoon, our Chief Operating Officer, Arne Sorenson, is accepting an award on behalf of our company.  I’m very proud that the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council has named Marriott one of the Top 20 Corporations for Supplier Diversity.  This is a tremendous accolade for our company as we strive to be a diverse company in every aspect of our business.

We’re proud that we’re the first hotel company to ever receive this honor.  In fact, nearly 5,000 of the companies we do business with are minority-, veteran-, LGBT-, or woman-owned.  And, in the past 5 years, we have spent $2.3 billion dollars with these diverse suppliers.

For example, we use Tronex, an Asian-owned company based in Parsippany, New Jersey, to supply our hotels in the U.S. and, now, in China with vinyl and latex gloves.  Gary’s Seafood, a Hispanic-owned company based in Orlando, Florida, supplies the majority of Marriott hotels in Northern Florida with the seafood they serve every day.

And, McPadnet, a printing and publishing house we work with based out of Gaithersburg, Maryland, is owned by a woman named Karen Edwards.  Karen has been a great partner for Marriott and is a smart, talented business woman.  The Washington Post recently ran an interesting profile on her and you can learn even more about her and her business by watching the video below.

Many of the diverse suppliers we work with are small businesses looking to grow just like our company was 83 years ago when my parents opened a 9-stool A&W root beer stand here in Washington, D.C.  Today we have more than 3,400 hotels around the world, so we know what it takes to grow a business.  Small businesses like these are the economic engine of America.  We’re proud to work with them in growing our businesses together.

I thank all these companies for their commitment to Marriott and look forward to maintaining strong and lasting relationships.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Marriott Named a Top 20 Corporation for Supplier Diversity

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Congratulations on this wonderful honor Mr. Marriott. While I am a little shocked that no hotel has ever received this honor before, it comes as no surprise that Marriott would be the first. Your commitment to diversity is very commendable. It shows that do you not limit yourself rather you push yourself to embrace all different aspects and opportunities. You unconfinement and freeness makes you a dynamic person which then translates to your company. I thank you for being unlimited.

Dear Mr. Marriott--
I applaud you and Marriott's commitment to supplier diversity.
My father turned 82 in October. Back in the 1970s, when he was a manager at major telecommunications company, he was one of the first managers to actively hire women and minorities for his division. Dad told me-- years later-- that many in the compay refused to speak to him because of his groundbreaking actions; and one anonymous employee left a nasty present on his desk. Yet he continued to support diversity in the workplace. One of my proudest moments relating to my father came when we were at Boston's Brigham & Women's Hospital in, visiting my mother after her 4th joint replacement surgury. A voice called my father's name. It was a worker, whom he gave an opportunity to years ago, still on the job, reparing the phone system at the hospital. He huged my dad in the hospital lobby and thanked him for believing in him when other discriminated against him back in the early 70s, in Boston, when he needed a job--and could not et one due to Boston's racial climate during the bussing era. I stood there and cried. B.F., Newton, MA

Last year, 2009 I was coming from New York, on my way back to Boston when I stopped by Courtyard, Norwalk. I got lost and I was so pleased with one of the staff, Lilian ********, she was so helpful and very accommodating, I'm sorry that this is late as I misplaced the card of Lilian, blessings to you all, Virginia Mozo

Dear Mr. Marriott, I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you. I sent you a comment about a week ago and have gotten some hits to my website via your blog. I am still feverishly trying to get funding to attend the Italian Culinary Academy. Does Marriott sponsor culinary students? Here's what I am thinking: if the Marriott Corporation would sponsor me through my degree at the ICA, I could then come work for you! The education I will gain at the ICA would be a fine addition to your culinary strength, anywhere you want to put me. Well, it's a thought anyway. Thanks for reading this.


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Congratulations! I am sure you know of the historical bill (H.R 5050) “Women Business Ownership Act of 1988” which was passed only 21 years ago.

I attended a 3 days of consecutive celebrations in honor of the Bill which included a Round Table discussion on the “Opportunities and Challenges for Women Entrepreneurship on the 20th Anniversary of the Women Business Act” at the Russell Building, and a social celebration at the Mansfield Room at the US Capitol. It was there I first heard Congresswoman Jackie Speier, I was thoroughly impressed with her dynamism.

However, Congress (Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship) needs to hear from men like you with a proven track record and passion on supporting women entrepreneurial activity. I believe with the economic challenges, and the present political climate which calls for and encourages boldness, not only will they listen to you, you have the ability to make them act.

H.R. 5050 would have never passed if it was not for the trailblazing congressional male support.

Dear Bill,

Marriott is really great for supporting not only small businesses but also supplier diversity. Part of what makes Marriott an excellent corporation. Congratulations on this well-deserved award!

Thanks for posting the updates. I like your blog :)

Mr. Marriott my name Reggie McGee I only stay at the Marriott brand and your rooms are great, but next year I wanted to stay at your Marriott City Center Charlotte hotel on 3/4-3/6/11 but all the rooms are block off from the public that is not fair. I am a Membership Rewards holder and a faithful Marriott customer I'm always promoting your brand to friends and people I talk to. I asked about rooms for next year the morning I check out on Feb 2010. Is there anything that can be done about this. Because when the event that is blocking all your rooms for this weekend is over they will more to somewhere else but us faithful customer's will be here. I am very disappointed at this new decision to restrict me from staying where I stay this year. Is there anything that can be done??

My congratulations to you Mr. Marriott and Mr. Sorensen for this award. There is a level of customization based on brand etc. My particular comment concerns selection and quality of supplies in the room. It would appear that corporate policy prevails. For example, during a recent stay, J.W. Marriott vanity kit packaged together comprised of shower cap, sewing kit and Qtips. I needed a Qtip and had to throw away the rest everyday for eight days which seemed such a waste. Management indicated that it is the corporate policy. Some of the changes may be due to the economy requiring an adjustment on my part.

That's good to hear. Opportunity for all. It's what makes America great.

Mr. Marriott I want to congratulate you and your company on your well deserved award! The spirit to serve, and message you give to your employees about team work and ownership gives great motivation and pride. I know because I worked at the Courtyard by Marriott in Downtown Oakland for 3 years. I think the Marriott Family story is a Great American Dream ,come true. It's companies like yours that set a great example of how companies should be run. Bless you! and please don't retire anytime soon :)

Congratulations again! This is the fruit of your labor.

Congratulations. You deserve it.

Congratulations on this accomplishment and well deserved. Recently, we had the pleasure of staying at the Marco Island Marriott. It was our first experience there and we were not disappointed. We were blown away by the staff and service. Ken,the desk manager was very professional and accomodating as well as the rest of the staff. We had a little problem w/ our room safe, but the security personel quickly addressed it.(Larry & Arlene) Wonderful people. Nonetheless, wanted to share because all we hear these days is all the negative. No negatives here. Can't wait to visit there again and explore your many other locations. Marriott is my husband's company's hotel of choice. Thank you so much!! Wishing you continued success!!