Visiting Our Beautiful Hotels and Resorts in the Caribbean

March 2, 2010
Renaissance La Concha Puerto Rico I was recently in the Caribbean to visit some of our beautiful hotels in that region.  It was a great change from the snow storms in Washington, D.C.  I was only there for a few days, however I managed to make it to three different islands!

My first stop was Aruba where I met with the new Prime Minister, Mike Eman, to talk about our exciting new Ritz-Carlton property that is coming to his island.  It will provide 700 new jobs and lots of opportunity to an island that has struggled with the economic crisis, along with the rest of us.  It will be the island’s first Ritz-Carlton and major luxury hotel and I know it will become of our most popular resorts.

My next stop was Curacao where I saw the beautiful new Renaissance hotel, located on the beach, right next to the downtown shopping area, with its own shopping center.  It’s a very creative and beautifully designed hotel.

And finally, I made my way to Puerto Rico where I celebrated the opening of a brand new tower of rooms at the Renaissance La Concha, a shining example of our Renaissance brand and a landmark hotel in San Juan.  Hugh Andrews, the owner, has a real ability to determine what a Renaissance should be, and this one has it all.  While there, I also met with Governor Fortuno to talk about the future of tourism in Puerto Rico, the gateway to the Caribbean.

It was a whirlwind trip, but it was great to spend some time outside of Washington and see what is going on with our fabulous hotels in this part of the world.  I made it to 11 different properties while I was there and was impressed with them all.

We have great products in the Caribbean and if you’re looking to beat the winter blues or get away for a spring break, we have a fantastic selection of hotels and resorts to choose from.  I hope you’ll take a visit!

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Visiting Our Beautiful Hotels and Resorts in the Caribbean

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My wife and I just returned from a week vacation in Aruba and we can not stop talking about how great the service and atmosphere was at your hotel. The Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino far exceeded our expectations of service. From the moment we checked in, we were greeted with drinks and moist hand towels. The manager who checked us in went as far as to hand write to us a post card thanking us for staying at the hotel. He left the card with a picture frame in our room for when we returned from dinner on our first night. The pool and beach were clean and there were plenty of comfortable chairs available to lounge. The concierge desk was able to book all of our excursions and dinners at the times that we preferred for the entire week. All of the staff was pleasant, helpful, and accommodating. We have already booked a return trip for next year. Thank you for the amazing experience.

Hello. I am a frequent Marriott client and have saved up a good amount of reward points. I am finally able to go to Europe...went to your site to book a have no properties in Madrid, Spain?! There is a Ritz, but I am unable to book on the I am very discouraged by this; why are there no properties in Madrid?

I would really like to see another marriott property opened in Bermuda. Castle Harbour was great. I'm sad that I can no longer go back.

For our 39th anniversary my husband and I took a six day trip to Vancouver and Victoria. Our stay at the Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel was great largely due to the wonderful accomadations but also a staff memeber Geoffrey ****. His expertise of the area and professionalism made our stay even better. Please recognize him for his wonderful service. Thank you, Scott and Kate Pursley

Mr Marriott, your properties in the caribbean adds an extra touch to it, while creating opportunities for many people of all kinds

Mr Marriott,
I am very disappointed that there is no Marriott in Bermuda or Capri Italy any more. What happened in Capri? WE stayed there last year and absolutely loved the hotel and island, and we were hoping to stay in the Bermuda Marriott but found out that has been closed for some time. We own 3 Marriott properties and love to travel and stay in your hotels and villas!

When will Marriott decide to allow points and/or nights to be earned when staying at the Ritz Carlton?? I cannot understand why we can trade in points but earn nothing.

Mr Marriott,

I wish you all the best for the great hotels of Marriott group.Good location,front views ,interiors,foods & many more.
I advice my friends & relatives to visit at least once to Marriott to feel like heaven.

Aruba seems to be a beautiful place and will prove to be a great destination for families for their vacations.

Mr. Marriott,

I too, am a faithful Marriott member, and have been Platium for some time...but I do have a problem with the points awarded..sometimes, it takes me 1/2 a year to have the points applied, and after repeated calls to Marriott, I'm told over and over again, that "it will be posted within 48 hours"...they never are! I'm getting very frustruated, in that I'm pretty much "living" at the Residence in in Morgantown WV...what else can I do? I send in faxes that prove my stays, and even have the general manager call. I'm lost at what else to do! Please advise!

The A of A,B, C islands, Aruba is 184sqaure kilometer of sheer pleasure, sitting in the lap of Caribbean, Venezuela coast is some 15 miles off and is part of Kingdom of The Netherlands.
The island is so cheerful and exciting, even hurricanes don’t come to disturb you there as the island is below the hurricane belt. The winds love trading here, hey meant it! The trade winds come to cool out here, and it is smiling sunny island which is cool throughout the year. With short showers from October to December the splash of rain adds to the romance of the pleasant climate.

What hotel is that picture? ..I want to go there..badly :)

Mr. Marriott,
We just returned from our 4th visit to Aruba. Marriott Stellaris beach area is already too crowded - every day on my vacation
I had to get up at 5:30am to line up to try and get a hut on the beach. Line up at 5:30 a.m. and they don't open until 7am. The Surf Club added to an already crowded situation so I can't imagine what the RC will do. As usual your staff and facility are top notch - we love Marriotts and your first class staff but feeling the squeeze of too many people in such a small place.

Mr. Marriott,
My daughter and I spent a lovely week at the Marriott Beach and Emerald Casino, Curacao, March 4-11, and imagine my dismay when I realised, a month later, that I had left an expensive bathing suit behind! I contacted the hotel (without much hope) and within the week the item was returned to me (still in a little plastic bag marked "Room 203 March 11") Ms. Marienne ** was responsible for this, and it certainly restored my faith in human nature! A sincere thanks to all the staff at the Curacao hotel.
Mrs. Pamela Fisk

Dear Mr. Marriott,

I am interested in full time employment with Marriott.

I am very customer oriented and educated.

I really do not care where you would send me, am willing to 'jump' to places where there is a need; and would welcome the opportunity to travel often.

Please advise how to make myself known; I do see the on line application process, but do not see how to apply for such a traveling employee job.

Do you hire traveling managers ???

Please advise, you will see that I would prove to be an asset.


Dear Mr. Marriott,

I've enjoyed staying at so many of your beautiful hotels all over the world. The one I miss the most is Castle Harbour, in Bermuda. The setting, the lush greens and golf course. A true garden of Eden and after days of proper fine dining, there is nothing like room service with a Marriott Cheddar/bacon Burger! Any plans for Bermuda? Warm wishes to you and your incredible staff who live up to your book, values and guidelines. Diane EL Connecticut

Hi Mr. Marriot,

I lived in Puerto Rico for two years. Indeed, Puerto Rico is a beautiful island. I enjoyed my stay there. Buy the way, I lived there as a missionary of the Church. There are a lot of places to go there. I suggest you visit the town of Cabo Rojo. From the top, you can see the Carribean sea.
it is a wonderful place to spend summer too. The beaches are amazing as well. Enjoy!

Thanks Mr. Marriott. May I suggest a hotel in Uganda? There are no Marriott hotels here although Sheraton and soon Hilton will be represented. Hope you consider this. Thanks for the service.

We visited Abura in Feb., stayed at the Marriot Resort and loved every day there on the Island. We would enjoy our next trip to St. Thomas but, I do not know anything about the Island or the Marriott there. Please e-mail me information on St. Thomas at
Every Marriott we have stayed at we loved every stay.
Many thanks, Kathy B.

I agree with Mary. I own in Aruba and it is a beautiful place. It has however, become super congested with the addition of the Surf Club. I believe Marriott has a social responsibility to manage the size of thier corporate presence in small islands like Aruba.

Thank you Mr. Marriott. This is my first time on your blog. I too spent one of our last winter storms at the La Conch hotel in SJU. Mr. Alfredo ******* helped my family (10 rooms) enjoyed the Super Bowl in P.R. It's 10 times better watching the Bowl from SJU than sitting in a bar in Rehoboth beach DE. with 4ft of snow outside. My compliments to that property's operation.
Jose Morales

Mr. Marriott,
Thank you and your staff for keeping your hotel chain with quality. During these tough economic times, one of your competitors has not. I will continue to stay at Marriott Hotels because of this reason.
I have stayed at the Curacao Renaissance 2 different times. It is beautiful. I also want to commend your Miami Airport staff, I stayed there for over 1 week and your staff, particular the hostess in the concierge room, Antoninie(sp). She made my family feel at home.

Dear Mr. Marriot,
I'm a faithful Marriot property owner and vacationer. However, i have seen recect decline in property maintenance as evidenced during my stay at the Frenchmans Reef earlier this year. Additionally, as you continue to change the reward point structure, and make it more difficult to achieve, i wonder if i shouldn't be in another program. On the whole, things are good, but i believe could be better. Be happy to share more.

Just returned from a stay at Marriott Curacao/Emerald Casino. Hotel is top notch and the employees at the hotel are the best. Would go back and hope to return next year.
George Major

Thanks for such a Great travel description,hope for same response in future too.Please be in touch with us.

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