Visiting Our New JW Marriott Hotel in the Texas Hill Country

March 22, 2010
JW San Antonio AT&T Oaks Course, Hole #16 HR I’m blogging from our new JW Marriott Resort in San Antonio’s beautiful Hill Country.  This is not what I think of when I think of Texas and certainly not San Antonio, which is, of course, famous for the Alamo and its very popular Riverwalk.  Hill Country, located between San Antonio and Austin, is made up of rolling green hills with quaint towns, antique shops, wineries and lavender fields.  The hotel is along the same latitude as Orlando, Florida, so it stays warm here most of the year.

This resort is a gem in our portfolio.  It’s a fabulous hotel with wonderful restaurants, a beautiful spa, 36 holes of championship golf and lots of meeting space.  It’s a really wonderful property and, perhaps, the greatest hotel in the state of Texas.

The hotel has replica of a Sunday house.  Sunday houses were small second dwellings maintained near a church as a weekend place of residence. They became popular in the late 1800s among farmers and ranchers who lived in areas too remote to permit them to commute to church services.

The families owning such houses normally left their farms and ranches on Saturday morning, came to town, took care of shopping and business, attended an evening dance or party and spent the night in the Sunday house. On Sunday, they attended church in the morning and either returned home in the afternoon or attended Sunday school in the afternoon, and then spent a second night in town.

Sunday houses were also used when a member of the family needed to stay in town for business or receive medical attention. Some Sunday houses became the residences of retired ranchers when their land was turned over to their sons. In Texas, Sunday houses were almost exclusively confined to Germans in the Hill Country.  The hotel has built a replica which can hold weddings, small meetings or gatherings.

We have a fantastic water park in this hotel with six big slides, a lazy river and a rapids river.  The PGA golf course was designed by Pete Dye, Sergio Garcia and Greg Norman.

One of the resort’s goals is to be recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly hotels in the nation.  I think they’re definitely a contender.  They are already one of Texas’ largest purchasers of wind power.  The golf course utilizes a special water system to reuse water, and even the studs in the walls are made of recycled steel. 

I hope you’ll have a chance to visit this beautiful resort. 

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Visiting Our New JW Marriott Hotel in the Texas Hill Country

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Marriott Marco Island always maintains quality standards expected by everyone! Keep up your great expansion projects for time-sharing the prior Radisson! You are an ingenius
business minded individual so respected within the industry!
Marriott Tampa & Orlando also
maintain elegant class always!

Has any one with a Platinum Elite Status with Marriot stayed at the JW Marriott Hill COuntry? I will be arriving there next week and was wondering what is available. Do they offer anything above a room updrade for Elite members (club etc.)? I know the kids will love the water park! Just curious....

Just stayed at the JW Marriot Hill Country a few weeks ago. It is truly spectacular. They gave me a complimentary suite upgrade, so I took the wife and 2 little ones and we had a great time. Great 6 acre water park, great views, great food and great property overall. Would definitely come back again and again.

Dear Bill,
I live in San Antonio and suggest you add a Facebook Fanpage for Marriott as they are my favorite hotels.
Ron Simmons

Please look into the number of points it takes to reserve a standard hotel room at all properties. I have found that the number of points keeps going up and up, resulting in an unfairness when considering that the number of points time share owners get for depositing their time shares into points has not gone up. For example, a 2 bdrm unit on the ocean front at Kauai (Waihoai) is only worth 100,000 or 110,000 points, I believe, but a standard hotel room in a similar location, such as Grand caymans,will take anywhere from 20,000 a night to 30,000,with the result that you do not get a full week at a similar resort, let alone a similar room. Same thing with a 3 bdrm unit at the new tower in Maui, a wonderful unit, but only worth 150,000 points, again, hardly sufficient to equate to a week in a similar room at a similar resort. Perhaps the number of points given to time share owners should be adjusted upward to keep pace with inflation??

Why dont you have a small utility shop at courtyard marriott, mumbai,india...?
where can we buy small stuff like ....cigaretes,books,news papers,sunburn lotions,etc..?

Dear Mr. Marriott: I love your hotels, but I have real problem with the hotel website. It is loading very slowly and it takes a long time to go throufgh the selection and reservation process. I am sure there is a way to improve it.

Question: Is the company's Lifetime Platinum Elite (emeritous status) still functioning as an element in Marriott's guest awards program?
I received your congratulatory letter and the "lifetime" card approximately 5 years ago. It frustrates me to experience repeated lack of famliarity with it(sometimes total indifference) upon check-in.
None of the frequent guest systems in use seem to have any provision/functionality in place for this particular status - not at local properties, not in e-mailed statements nor in any special mailings.
Having to explain/defend the meaning of the card at each ocassion is embarassing.
Please, what's the status?

I just looked at the website and this hotel is absolutely gorgeous! Hopefully i'll be able to visit it someday!

i am certain this hotel is fabulous. however, my husband and i just visited the renaissance hotel in willemstad, curacao. willemstad was a port of call on our cruise this past week. my husband went to the casino and i had a cappaucino at the restaurant. when finished, we asked a female hotel employee named Vilma, where we could find a beach to visit that was close by. a beach that perhaps we might even walk to. Vilma made two suggestions. since we wanted to see the town first, then go to the beach, she told us to come back when we had seen the town, and she would take us to the beach. we were thrilled. when we returned, Vilma drove us, in her private vehicle, to the beach which was about a twenty minute drive. she took us to the marriott beach resort. she spoke to a male employee upon our arrival. she arranged for us to enjoy the afternoon at this fabulous beachfront hotel, which included the use of the pool, fitness center, etc. the gracious staff and facility were superior. after swimming in that deliciously, warm carribbean sea, we relaxed on the beach. Vilma also arranged for us to take the 2pm hotel shuttle back to the renaissance. what great good fortune! what an ambassador Vilma is for her country of curacao and truly an asset to the marriott corporation! Vilma did what she did with very little effort, this because she is genuinely a beautiful and gracious individual. if we could all imitate her selflessness! thank you Vilma and thank you renaissance hotel for a most memorable first visit to the lovely country of curacao. we hope to return to the willemstad, but this time to stay at the renaissance!

charlie and dolores patton
riegelsville, pa

Mr. Marriott,

Congratulations on the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country resort. I had the pleasure of staying there for four nights a couple of weeks ago. It was an increadible experience. The food, the service and the amenities were all outstanding.

I just made a reservation for my husband and I to stay here for a weekend getaway before he deploys overseas with the military. I am so excited to relax and check out the amazing waterpark area!

I've already stayed their twice and I'm proud to say I've stayed at the largest JW Marriott property in the world, located in TEXAS!

I'd like to use this hotel as my case study for my research about Sustainable policies in the hospitality industry. Who can I contact?... This is for my master degree in Hotel and Tourism marketing. Thank you Tessy

Mr. Marriott, Happy 78th Birthday on March 25, 2010! You have truly followed in your Dad's footsteps and carried on his magnificant work. As a Marriott Quarter Century Member, I am proud to stay in Marriott's all across the land! I recently had the pleasure of staying at your Palm Dessert Resort. Simply Breath Taking!

I recently stayed at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort &'s amazing!!! Beautiful hotel...a must see.

Dear Bill,

Our employees are being down graded from gold status to silver because we will not let them spend absorbant rates to stay at your hotels. It is apparent that Marriott is not considering the economics of the time, but their pockets instead. We are now being forced to forbid our employees from staying at Marriott properties.

We feel that your rates are not in tune with the times and that folks who have been loyal to your company for years and years are being treated with disloyality by your company by dropping their gold status to silver, etc. We feel that this is a breach of ethics on your behalf.

Why dont you show appreciation for all those folks who have been with you for years and who have supported your efforts for years and years and restore their gold status as a show of appreciation?

Dr. Allan B. Asseo, CEO
Wilkinson Peabody et Compagnie

We were lucky enough to spend Spring Break at this fabulous resort. Definitely a luxurious property and a most relaxing week. The restaurants are amazing, both in design and cuisine. Everywhere you look, the attention to detail is obvious.

We're already planning a return trip!

Dear Mr. Marriott,
Congratulations! What a beautiful property!
By the way, could you tell me what the creature in the logo for JW Marriott is?
Is there some meaning related to Mr. John Willard Marriott?

Dear Bill,

That looks wonderful. I've never been to that part of the country but if I go I will look to stay there.

The water slide and golf course sound fantastic too. I bet the food in that part of the country is big, spicy and delicious as well.

It's great they are taking advantage of renewable energy, water reuse, and recycled steel.

Take care.

What is the name of this hotel?

**Editor's Response**
This hotel is called the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country