Bringing New Life to Downtown Los Angeles

April 1, 2010
JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton at LA Live I’m blogging from the new JW Marriott Los Angeles hotel at L.A. LIVE.  This fantastic property is part of the $2.5 billion L.A. LIVE Sports and Entertainment District, which also features a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Ritz-Carlton Residences, the STAPLES Center and includes the NOKIA Theatre, home to the Emmy Awards and many other high profile events.

In 1962, we had 5 hotels and I was very anxious to start expanding to the west coast.  So I came to Los Angeles and took a little tour of the market.  I said, “Where’s the best place to locate a hotel?”  And they said, “Well, either the airport or Beverly Hills, but, you know, Los Angeles has no 42nd and Broadway.  There’s no Times Square in Los Angeles, there’s no center of the city.”

Well, today, in L.A. Live, I think we’ve finally found the center of the city and we’re thrilled and honored to be in this beautiful complex.  It’s bringing new life to downtown Los Angeles, which for many people was just an exit they passed on the freeway.  It’s now brimming with energy and excitement.  In many ways, it reminds me of the evolution of our New York Times Square hotel. In 1985, when we opened our Marriott Marquis in Times Square, Times Square was an urban eyesore.  Our hotel has helped transform the area into New York’s number one attraction for visitors from around the world. 

The 878-room JW Marriott and the 123-room Ritz-Carlton hotel are housed in one of Los Angeles’ tallest buildings, which is already becoming an iconic structure in the city’s skyline.  The JW Marriott features L.A. Market, a restaurant by the “rock ‘n roll” chef Kerry Simon, who also has the restaurant CatHouse at the Luxor in Las Vegas.  The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which will open April 2, is home to Wolfgang Puck’s WP24.  It has spectacular views of Los Angeles from the 24th floor of the Ritz-Carlton.

The pools are terrific.  The JW Marriott’s pool is on the 4th floor rooftop and the Ritz-Carlton’s pool is on the 26th floor.  The hotel also has 100,000 square feet of meeting space, including one of the biggest ballrooms in L.A., making it a great compliment to the convention center, which is just a block away. 

I think you will be hearing a lot more about these two hotels and the wonderful L.A. Live complex and I hope you’ll come see it for yourself.

I am Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Bringing New Life to Downtown Los Angeles

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Bill , Good for you //As a lifetime Platinum Member. i was wondering what is the deal with the Ritz brand. I can use points to stay and not get points at all when I do..Any comments..regards

Dear Mr. Marriot,
This was the only link I could find on your web site to post comments about a recent stay I had in Kauai. Can you please let me know where you have a "customer feedback" link?

What a fantastic location next to the Staples Center and the LA Live area. Superior service and continued tradition to excellence make this new JW a great addition to downtown...

my name is yadira ramirez, I had the priveledge of working for San Antonios Riverwalk Marriot as a banquet sever. It feels like the comanies sucess is also our own because when youv'e been part of something bigger than you,the connection is made by the people skills of great management.This is one of the reasons I enjoyed making guests welcome, It comes naturally when its inspired by feeling you belong not just an employee. Your still doing awsome! just like you used to tell me.. Great Job!!!

On every floor of every hotel directly below the elevator call button, is a trash receptacle. (It used to also be an ash tray before the 100% smoke free initiative).

Is it possible for you to direct that the trashcan be moved to one side or the other?

Usually I have both arms loaded with bags, in balance. When I reach over the trash can to push the call button, my laptop or carryon bag drops into the garbage (sticky candy wrappers, gum, used tissues, etc). Moving it away from directly under the call button will allow guests to push the button and yet maintain their load in balance. Else, I have to drop the bag, push the button, then re-toss the bag over the shoulder trying to make it balance again.

565/1000 to lifetime P6

Dear Mr.Marriott,
It is indeed great to hear about J.W in LA,i am sure that it's a work of precision with your teams hard work and your support!!!!Let's keep truckkin......Way to go Marriott!!!

Mr. Marriott,
Congratulations on the new L.A. Hotel.
I recently stayed in the Richardson, Texas Marriott Renaissance Hotel and it was extraordinary! The furnishings were contemporary, which I loved, and the space was well-kept and managed. Additionally, the staff members were so accommodating.
The manager, Jerry, was particularly helpful to me and I would like to commend him for the above-and-beyond measures he took to assist me during my stay in March.
Thanks for great service!

P.S. I also spent a wonderful 25th anniversary at your Marriott Renaissance in Manhattan a few years ago. It was magical!

I love Marriott Hotels. Just came back from a week in DC and stayed first at a competitor near the Capitol (not great) and then moved to Marriott near Dupont Circle. Your staff at this Marriott made us very comfortable. The staff is excellent and really know the city. They made our last few days (I was with my 13 1/2 year old) just wonderful. The front desk staff is the best! Everyone is friendly and so helpful. The Director of Finance (I don't know his name) knew great places for those of us with kids.

I have only two suggestions: the cleaning staff should not be knocking on doors at 8:00AM. It's Easter break - are they kidding? They came three times in one hour. Secondly, I concur with Clementina (above) - when you're staying at one place for over a week, having laundry facilities in the building is important. Neither hotel did, and we were told we'd have to take a cab to Chinatown to find one nearby. Please can you add these? Even having just one dryer and washer in a room by the soda machine would work. Thanks! PS - love the new LA hotel.

Mr. Marriott,
As a Marriott Loyalist.. 3 weeks of Aruba OceanClub Timeshare and Silver member, we stayed at J.W. LA and Newport Villas last week with our two children. One of the best hotel and timeshare experiences ever!!!
Thanks for continuing to provide excellent service and innovation.

This looks absolutely fantastic. I would welcome the opportunity to be considered for a position in this hotel. I am from the UK (Liverpool) and have excellent planning,orgganising and communication skills.

WOW! You have out done yourself once again. This is what Downtown L.A. needs, a bright and beatiful hotel, the name is perfect L.A. Live.

You have brough L.A. Downtown back to life, I was raises there and I watch it go down as a kid and it has been brought back to life. Good Job and well done.

When are you going to put in WiFi and not charge your customers?

Dear Bill,

As the Asian economy recovers, we are hoping that Marriott will be able to have a strong presence here in Tokyo one day with an upgrade of the property in the city to a JW Marriott.

Congradulations on our new hotles in L.A. I love Marriot Hotles. I can not wait till I stay at J.W. in L.A.

The place to stay in all of L.A! Out of this world and now you have set a new standard for major cities.

Excellent move and incredible Hotel!

Dear Mr Marriott:
It would be nice if you would consider installing guest laundries in all your hotel. I am a member of Marriott Rewards and I enjoy staying and nice hotels. I will be going to Los Angeles after a 14 day cruise and I am looking for that kind of service. Fortunately I inquired and Sofitel does offer the service.

Dear Bill;
Great news on LA. I however am writing from the sparkling new JW in Ningbo. I Have been coming here for 15 years and now can finally say they have a world class hotel. Well done! With Shanghai and Hong Kong well in hand can Taipei be next ???
Tom Beckett

Will you be doing the same thing @ PHILLY LIVE?

My agency has been selling travel for over 20 years. We book hotels (business & leisure), packages and cruises, quite successfully. My question is, why is your company unwilling to accept CLIA bookings. Many clients are interested in booking Marriott, but if I do, I recieve no commission, because you do not recognize ClIA, Don't you want my business? It's not fair.

Congratulations on your new endeavor. I think the Marriott hotels are the best. I highly recommend them to all my friends.

Dear Mr. Marriott,

I agree entirely with everything you conveyed about the brand new JW Marriott at L.A. Live. I was fortunate to stay for three nights the week after it opened and I was amazed. It is indeed a beautiful hotel.
Thanks for the superb job that you and your entire team do day after day!

I hope all of you have a very nice Easter!

Best regards,

Wilfredo J. Murillo
Faithful customer of Marriott
Platinum Member

Hello Mr. Marriott! I wanted to bring to your attention an excellent experience I recently had at your Fairfield Inn & Suites Hotel in Reynoldsburg Ohio. The Hotel is beautiful, conveniently located, and a great value for the money. One Associate in particular, Mr. Kenneth ***** of the Front Desk, really stood out for his helpful, friendly, highly competent, and totally natural approach to hospitality. Tasha in the Breakfast Room did double duty in Housekeeping, and shone in both areas. Thanks for a great stay and awesome Hotel product in FFI&S.

Live in Southern California and plan on trying out the new JW soon! Going to Lakers games at Staples have watched the Marriott properties go from a parking lot to huge holes in the ground to steel stretching into the sky to beautiful hotels.

Congratulations on your vision not only for the company but the City of Los Angeles as well.