ExecuStay - Marriott's Corporate Apartment Brand

September 1, 2010

Inside ExecuStay Boston Every year, I try to visit as many of our Marriott hotels as possible.  So far, in 2010, I've toured over 200 hotels in over 20 cities. Seeing the hotels keeps me close to the business and to our people.

Last month when I was in Boston I had the chance to visit a totally different kind of Marriott product. It's called ExecuStay.  It's a brand that provides completely furnished apartments for people needing temporary housing for a month or more.

The rates at our ExecuStay properties include all utilities, free high-speed Internet and cable television.  The kitchen is equipped with everything you’d expect to have in your home and guests have access to many other amenities like a washer, dryer and fitness center.  This particular building had an LCD screen in the mailroom to show guests when they'd received a package.

Since I move around a lot when I’m on the road, I’ve never had a 30 night stay that would qualify me to stay at an ExecuStay property, but I really enjoyed my visit.  The ExecuStay apartments I visited were located in a waterfront building in Boston’s trendy Seaport district near the Boston Aquarium and the Renaissance Boston Waterfront hotel.

While ExecuStay is not your typical hotel brand, guests can expect the same level of service they would receive in any of our hotels.  They have access to 24-hour customer support and can earn Marriott Rewards points for their stay.  No other corporate apartment company can beat that!

Plus, owners of the apartment complexes where we have ExecuStay units love having us there because we market and drive occupancy for their buildings through our Marriott sales and marketing channels.  It’s a win-win for both of us.

We created a fun video to showcase ExecuStay. I think you might enjoy watching it – especially the surprising ending.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

ExecuStay Marriott's Corporate Apartment Brand



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I was so pleased to read this. I am the owner of Empire State Properties and we partner with Execustay at our Rockefeller Center location. Your team has been professional and wonderful to work with. I have been in the furnished housing business for over 25 years. Marriott/Execustay brings corporate relocation to a new level. I invite you to personally visit our location next time you are at the Marriott Marqui. Best, Suzanne Miller

Mr. Marriott, your ExecuStay really shows that you are always looking for ways create the best possible experience for your customers. You understand their unique needs and tailor your brand to them. From SpringHill to ExcuStay, there is brand that appeals to everyone. Thank you recognizing and appreciating those differences people have. Most importantly, thank you for actually incorporating that diversity into your brand.

Marriott Vancouver WA Residence Inn. Platinum; No perks here, I could use an exec apartment, been here since 26 July on business.

I do like ExecuStay, however I have not had a great experience. Nashville office should have more respect for its clients.

Mr. Marriott,
Congratulations to the filming crew and actors; NICE JOB!!! This is the most breathtaking, adorable and sweetest promotion video I have ever seen in my entire life. Steve was a total gentleman concerning the favor he did to the lady. The premises and apartments are extremely chic. Service is just fantastic. There is no reason to choose another place at all when a Marriott ExecuStay is available around you. Again NICE JOB GUYS!!!

Fairview Park Marriott, Falls Church VA.
I'd like to commend the manager Reza and the whole staff for accomodating my requests from A-Z. The property is esquisite only to be paled by the wonderful service. I was planning to sleep there ONE night and than changed from the Residence Inn property to stay on in a lovely suite that accomodated what was needed. Thank you Reza and staff for the continued presence of Marriott service. I've missed staying with Marriott this year: Town Place Suites, El Centro CA; Visalia Marriott & Convention Center, Visalia CA as my work location has changed to Silver Spring and the company frequents Hilton. Thank you again,as I did tell Reza that I was writing directly to Bill Marriott.

great! what are the locations is U.S, especially CA.

Sounds good eh mate! I'm a kiwi and I'm visiting LA in August of 2011. What I'm looking for is a good hotel which is reasonably priced and close to Disney. As a pensioner, I have to look after the dollars!! Why would I choose you?

Dear Mr. Bill Marriott,


great blog!

Exactly what we've been looking for! One more reason I'm glad I'm a Marriott Rewards member!

Good news and learned something interesting .
Also i'd like the price and how to get a room .
Thank you .

are apartments available for an old lady who would like to spend a month in Raleigh with the Marriott security to rely on?

This is great!.Marriott has come a very long way from the bellman on their bikes at Twin Bridges!
As old Marriott employees it is great to see how the company has steered itself to be leaders in the travel industry field.
Thanks for keeping us informed!