What Goes into Running a Global Hotel Empire? Tune In to CNBC

December 11, 2012


Have you ever wondered about the herculean effort that goes into running a successful hotel—or thousands of them?”  This is how CNBC is promoting its major documentary on Marriott.  The one-hour documentary is called:  “Hotel:  Behind Closed Doors at Marriott” and it premieres December 12th at 9 PM ET/PT.  It was six months in the making and as the title implies, we allowed cameras in places never seen before.  I’m particularly interested to see how CNBC captures our company’s story…and what ended up on the cutting room floor.  (You can watch the preview below.)

 At last count, CNBC rolled its cameras on more than 25 different locations. That doesn’t include all the phone calls and background interviews they did, and it doesn’t include all the homework they did with owners, customers and other industry experts.  They even took at ride with me around the Washington beltway in one of my classic cars.

To be honest, this was a stretch for us at times.  CNBC wanted to show how The Ritz-Carlton Hotels are the “gold standard” in service.  We wanted to help them show how we maintain our high level of services while not intruding on the guest experience. 

We really tried to pull back the covers and let CNBC inside the inner workings of our company – a company that I have devoted my life to building.

In the process, we learned a lot about ourselves.  For instance, I knew we bought a lot of bacon—(our guests love the breakfast buffet).  But I didn’t know we serve 76 million slices a year!  Some other fun facts:  each year, we go through 48 million key cards – please return them -- and 1 million “Do Not Disturb” signs; I have no idea why anyone would take a “Do Not Disturb” sign. 

My hope is that CNBC will show the complexity of running a global hotel business, but also the fun side of hosting nearly 1 million guests around the world every night.  So tune in.  Based on their promo, CNBC will take you “behind closed doors” as we prepare for a hurricane; explain The Ritz-Carlton Mystique and show you how we are expanding globally.

It will be an unprecedented look at our business.  After you watch, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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I have not been visiting this site lately. Was here the last few days and didnt left a comment. I check back again and found more great insights both from you and the guest comments as well. Excellent Post. Keep up the good work!

This was an excellent documentary! Being a person who has dedicated her career to Marriott International, the documentary made me feel even more proud to be part of the "money ball" of hotel business. The highlight of our revenue management team and dedication to analytics for making strategic decisions was my favorite part of the hour!

To reduce the amount of keycards and other plastics and papers that vanish, we should set up a global recycle program on this.

There was never a prouder moment than watching the program, HOTEL: Behind Closed Doors at Marriott. I have been with this GREAT company for over 19 years, and I was also surprised about some of the things that were covered. I will forever be greatful for the opportunity of working for one of the BEST hospitality company's in the world! I've decided to solidify my career by enrolling into an online university Hospitality management degree program. Maybe when I grow up, I too can own/run a multi billion dollar hotel chain... = ) Oh well, until then I'll continue to work for one of the BEST!

Thanks Mr. Marriott for "keeping US on the MOVE!"


Monica R.McLendon
Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

where can I see the complete program "behind Close Doors at Marriot". It isn´t available on cnbc site.
Can you help me. I love Marriot Hotels.
Thank You sir.

Maria Salgueiro

I follow Marriotts very closely.
Its indeed a great company to work with.
Its diversity, culture and multinational worforce indicates the magnitude and brilliance of the company.
Would certainly love to be a part of Marriotts someday and boast about it.

Thank you for sharing an idea of running a successful hotel.

Dear Mr. MARRIOTT, only a person like you will share all these beautiful and honest information with us, the people. I highly appreciate this. By the way how was the driving of the RED car?

Mega Innovations Group

I am excited and will definitely watch. I can hardly wait! Thanks for the advance notice.