Step (Slide) Out of Your Comfort Zone in 2013

December 28, 2012


Listen to ice slide blog

The Washington Post article

When former President George H.W. Bush (#41) turned 80, he jumped out of an airplane.  When I turned 80, he sent me a birthday message telling me to step out of my comfort zone and rev up the engine on one of my cars and let loose.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is important in life.  I’ve tried to seek adventure and excitement; that’s why I love to travel.  But as we grow older, we get cautious.  We stop climbing trees and going up the down escalator.  

My grandchildren reminded me how important it is to try new things.  We recently visited Gaylord National’s popular ICE show. It’s a nine-degree giant freezer with a heck of an ice machine.  Two million tons of ice is carved into colorful Dreamwork characters including SHREK.  We turned the corner as we walked through the place and there it was -- a twenty-foot long ice slide.  Ignoring common sense, I took the dare from my daughter-in-law and grandchildren and let loose.  You forget how little friction there is on a slippery downhill surface.  The judges took major points off for my landing.  It was great fun and I think I surprised a few people including my grandchildren. 

If you want a good laugh, view the video below. I hope it doesn’t go viral.  Leave a comment on some of your more adventurous (or foolish) moments.  Have some fun this holiday season and step out of your comfort zone!  


I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move. 

(ICE! at Gaylord National is open daily through Sunday, January 6, 2013. If you live in the Washington, DC area, check it out.  I give it a two thumbs up.  Here's a link for ticket information.)

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When do we go skydiving, Mr. Marriott? Great picture. Great expression. Wonderful family and friends to metaphorically "push" you out of your comfort zone. The airplane is ready, when you are. Heheheh. Kind regards, Brendan Ben Feeney. Loyal Marriott Guest since the 80s.

great people can do great things. age is doesn't matter. well done.

niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee com......ppppppnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I think that was stepping out of your comfort zone, I commend you for doing that I just want to know was it cold coming down on there. Because it looks very cold....

waooo U are strong man, nice sliding :-)

I'm so envious at the amount of travel you've done throughout the world, and had so many adventures. Do you have a "Bucket List"?
You are my inspiration to never stop enjoying life!!

So glad to see Mr. Marriott enjoying the slide at 80 years of age!! My Dad just experienced the same fun at the Marriott Crystal Shores in Marco Island!! At age 83, John Donnellon took a dare from his Grandson (my son) and went down the Dark Tunnel Water Slide! It was great fun.

Love to read keeping Marriott on the Move!

Excellent Bill, great moves, and I know you enjoyed it...well done!

Good for you!! That slide looks enticing to me too and I'm happy

you surprised the family!

What about driving at 220km per hour in the autobahn that is what we did today. Iwas visiting my daughter who is studying in Germany ,we ha great time by the way we stayd at the marriot in sildenfingen and she was wondering why the you charge for the use of wf internet while starbuck does not? Have a long life you are great.

God bless you Mr. Marriott , I was a one of your hotels member at Cairo since seven years ago, i was enjoying for the the traditional system , and the out of standing performance , your chain is the best in the world . I love the philosophy of Marriott hotels , relay its a best . happy new year and good luck for ever .
Kind Regards & warm greeting from sunny cairo & egypt .

Sherif Gheith
Grand Nile Tower Hotel - Cairo - Egypt

Mr. Bill, you always inspiring me! Step out of my comfort zone is one of my resolution in 2013. Thank you!

Congratulations! I had the opportunity to fly in a military helicopter with the side door wide open. I picked the seat directly in front of it so that I could see everything. I'm not one for heights, but couldn't pass up on an opportunity to see the world from the eyes of our soldiers.

Growing up in the Northeast of china, that's my favorite part of winter.

happy new years 2013............working at marriott give me 1001 experiance to be a good workers....

Good job! Gotta luv the young pressure! My kids are always getting me to step outside my box! Had them with us at the Waiohai this past October. Took me on a long hike by the Napali and down to the Wailua Falls.
It's the getting back that is the tough part...but "we" do it!
Good for you!
Happy 80th
My parents are 80 this year....I pointed them in your direction :)

Dear Mr. Marriott ,

I simply like to read your blog everyday as it makes me feel positive and energetic , This Video is Fantastic and I am Sure you really enjoyed the ride .

I wish you all the best for you in your Life .


Hope that I can do that when I am 80! Bravo and thanks!

Skydiving is not out of the question for a novice. Like President Bush I jumped tandem and then photoshopped the picture so, except for having three legs, look like I know what I'm doing. Take a look:

Take the time to look at my timely remarks about the terrible shooting you were mourning. I know why it happened, I think why I know will surprise you. see URL of my profile.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be a bit scary at the moment but when you have done so and succeeded there is the greatest feeling of accomplishment.
I can remember traveling a few years ago to a country where I did not know how to speak or understand the language of the country.
This was to river cruise and we were to be picked up at the airport by a representative of the cruise line.
So when I arrived at the airport there was a person holding a sign with the name of the cruise line and I approached and was greeted.
After a few minutes of casual conversation the guide decided he had to leave and handed me the sigh and stated there are four more guest arriving they will find you.
I can remember my stomach turning and thinking I do not know any language other than English and hoping they understood my language. Well they did not as they were from Germany and found me by the sign. After some speaking and using my hands to describe the conversation they shook their heads in acknowledging my conversation. The guide appeared after a time and introduced himself and asked if everyone was ready to enjoy the cruise.
The guest from Germany just nodded their heads yes and game me a hug.
We all had a great time enjoying each other and the cruise.
I never forgot this experience that happened a few years ago and how I felt doing something I had no idea how it would turn out. .