Tough Interviews Are All in the Family

January 29, 2013

I’ve been interviewed by some tough customers:  business journalists, Wall Street analysts, hotel owners, stockholders.  I didn’t think anyone could throw one by me.  Boy, was I was wrong.  There was another type of interviewer that I couldn’t prepare for, an interviewer with unprecedented “insider” knowledge – my own kids!

My daughter, Debbie, grilled me on stage at Cornell University in front of an auditorium of students.  Most recently, my son, David, sat me down for an interview in front of a very discerning crowd – Marriott’s senior executives.  He wanted to know how I was doing since stepping down as CEO.  Were we in a family therapy session?  The audience seemed to enjoy it, and I wanted to share a few excerpts with you.  Maybe David went easy on me.  After all, he’s a pretty smart kid.


If you could interview your dad, what one question would you ask?

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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this was a great interview, i learned a lot about how to answer questions when being interviews and what type of questions to ask when interviewing

I agree with Mr.Marriott. With other interviewers, you can always make up some stories, while facing your family members, who know you the best, you cannot lie a word.
It always makes me feel good when my dad asks me tough questions that lead me to think about life. I appreciate the "tough interviews" all the time.

What a pleasure to view and listen to this interview adding a real personal touch to the blog. It's that personal touch and genuineness by Mr. Marriott that makes me a big fan of the Marriott culture and hotels.

If I could ask my father one thing... that is a hard question. It was just him and I for most of my childhood, he was in the Army so we moved around. (Which made me fall in love with traveling, and then the industry as a whole.) I can honestly say my dad is my best friend, and I am 100% a Daddy's Girl. But I had one question to ask him... what is one thing that you would go back and relive, and would you do anything different about that moment?

It's a pleasure being apart of the Marriott World!

Have a Great Day!!

Christen D.

Courtyard Hunt Valley, Maryland

Really enjoyed LISTENING to Mr. Marriott instead of just reading his blog! Thanks