A Marriott Christmas Story

January 13, 2014


Our core philosophy at Marriott is to take care of our associates and they will take care of our customers and they will return.

Thanks to our associates’ ability to reach out and affect the lives of our guests, I receive over 500 letters each year from our guests expressing appreciation for our associates’ acts of caring and kindness.

During the Christmas holidays, I received a very touching letter from a guest: 

“My daughter’s family and I frequently stay at Marriott Courtyard in Covington, Kentucky, due to my grandson’s (age 4) every three-month visit to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. During our recent stay, one of your employees was very kind to my grandson.

On the morning of my grandson’s biopsy, we had a knock on our room door.  Much to our surprise, we found a package for my grandson with a note that read, ‘You have been such a good boy that I decided to give you an early Christmas gift.  Santa Claus.’

My grandson’s dread of not being able to eat and being put to sleep vanished.  He was now someone so special that Santa Claus gave him an early Christmas gift!

After his biopsy, the anesthesiologist said this was the easiest time of putting him to sleep and the recovery room nurse said this was his easiest recovery.

Santa was your employee!  Thank you for hiring her; thank you for having a work environment that promoted acts of kindness.”

I couldn’t be more proud of our associates, particularly when they go above and beyond like “Santa” did for one of our youngest guests.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.


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Wow, I have a lump in my throat now, EXCELLENT story!

People make the difference and a single kind act can make all the difference in the world. Thanks for sharing this story!

It is what the people of Marriott do. They always think about the guests, above and beyond.

Thank you Mr. Marriott for sharing this story. What a wonderfully special way that the host "made it brilliant" for that family.
I am so honored to be a part of a company that allows, encourages and cultivates the type of actions that really do touch peoples' lives.
This is a fantatic example.

Hayley Turner
Marriott Frenchman's Reef

Thanks for extending the holiday's a bit longer by sharing what Santa did in helping a young guest. The associates are clearly your first line of defense and we have always found them to be helpful and thoughtful as they go about there responsibilities as Marriott employees and going that extra mile all too often for those of us as we get older and sometimes need Santa around a little more frequently. Thank you Mr. Marriott for the pleasure of enjoying all levels of your properties over the years and there is only one word which best describes you and your associates: EXCELLENT!!!!!

And this is a fact whether you are a guest staying at the Ritz or a guest anywhere in the system and qualitative consistency are other words which come to mind when one hears or mentions the Marriott name.

Contined success to both yourself and Arne for a job well done.

I grew up near a Marriott hotel. The Marriott employees were always kind and helpful to me. They always

knew my name when I went there after school to play in the Game Room or eat dinner in the restaurant with

my family. They have a unique history of performing these Random Acts of Kindness and deserve much

Recognitlon! Saying Thank You just isn't enough....

Bonnie Filipak

Your story touched me deeply and reminded me that Angels are all around us!

What a fantastic gesture and to think that it had a positive impact on his medial procedure. That's the best Christmas gift imaginable.

This is a great reason Mr. Marriott of the true meaning of Christmas and what World Class Service really shows. I am in Massachusetts now, but I grew up in Maryland and went to the Hot Shoppes Restaurants and Cafeteria.

My brother, William G Donahue worked for the Roy Rogers chain in Beltsville Maryland for close to 15 yrs or more,

Gerard Donahue

Makes me proud to be part of Marriott's family. You never know what a little kindness will mean to someone!

This is so sweet. The power of simple acts of kindness is far greater than any can imagine. Thanks for posting this.

Thank you for sharing a very uplifting story. It reminds us all to go the extra mile and do something special each day.

Dear Mr.Marriott,

Greetings from Baltimore!

Thank you for sharing such an amazing story with us. it is not a big gesture but it's something that really touches people's heart. i'm enjoying working in the company and i'm always inspired by those stories that come from our colleagues around the world.

All the best in the new year!!

Kindest Regards


Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

Once while staying at your Residence Inn in Vaughan, Ontario, I was going through a rough patch. Your front desk person without my knowledge put a vase of flowers in my room for me to find when I came back in with a beautiful note to say that I was a special person and not to despair. She no longer works for you but from then on we became good friends and I always make sure we catch up over lunch whenever I visit Toronto.
These simple things are what makes a hotel stay very memorable.

L. Fox - Bermuda

What a wonderful Christmas Story! I am a loyal Camelback Inn guest and we return as often as we can celebrating our daughters graduations from high school and college. The staff has been delightful and the resort is so comforting to my soul! I entered the Christmas Photo contest this year and I won! I am always so proud to be a guest at the Camelback Inn. Now I hope someday I can meet you(Mr. Marriott)!! God Bless You!