Farewell to Murphy

July 15, 2014



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Our beloved golden retriever, Murphy, recently passed away. He had been a wonderful member of our family for 13 years. 

Murphy was our third golden retriever.  He brightened our lives with sweetness and goodness.  The only thing he ever asked from us was to be petted.  He could never get enough.  If I was sitting in my chair reading or watching TV, he would come to me, put his nose under my arm and push upward, signaling that it was time to be pet!

I blogged about Murphy a few years ago, when he was spending the summer at our New Hampshire lake house.  When he was young he would jump in the lake and chase the ducks.  As he grew older, he finally realized that he would never catch them.  So, he just laid out on the dock and watched them swim by. 

It seemed that everyone he met became a fan and really loved him.  Six months ago he underwent surgery at a large veterinary hospital in Maryland.  As he was recovering, the lead vet had Murphy join him as he made the rounds to see the other sick animals.  

The local veterinary doctor who treated him in his final days wrote, "Murphy was such a sweet dog.  He was always a joy to see here at our clinic.  I know he will be missed."

I'm sure if Murphy had been a person, his personality and love of people would have made him a great hotel executive.  Our family truly loved Murphy; he never wanted anything, but our love.  We really miss him.  

I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.

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Dear Mr. Marriott,

I resigned from Marriott around 4 years ago and coming back "home" to the big family at the end of 2014. Somehow... I always knew the path will lead me back to my first love with hospitality industry.
Now, knowing that you have soft spot for dogs, silly enough, is an even better assurance for me.

Paws crossed, someday Marriott will make a huge difference in animal welfare. I know I will be there.

ps: God speed, Murphy.

Hello, Mr. Marriott,

How are you? Thank you for sharing your story of Murphy and his handsome photos with us.

I have also always had a dog and at least a several cats and I know that I need them as much as they need me (not sure about the cats!..they are pretty independant!!)

I am so sorry that you lost your best animal friend and I am sorry for your family as well, who will miss seeing Murphy at your side.

My hope is that my animals who have completed their lives, will be waiting for me, when, one day, I have completed mine.

I got the privilege, last year, of becoming a Marriott MyPlace agent after 9 1/2 yrs. working at a reservation centre and it is comforting for my animals and for me to have me be at home to work.

I hope that, once your grieving for sweet Murphy has progressed, that you are able to become a loving pet owner to another.
It will never diminish the place in your heart for Murphy, but it will give another fine dog to have a place in your life and it will fill a spot in your heart that only having the special gift of having an animal can fill. I know, from experience, that this will help you and your wife's spirits to feel complete again after your loss and, sharing your care for another can become Murphy's legacy.

My best regards to you and Mrs. Marriott.

Angelina Stirrett

Im so sorry for your loss, Warmest regards to you and the Marriot Family. RIP Murphy

Dear Mr. Marriott,
I am sincerely sorry to read about Murphy. My family has had two rescue Golden Retriever's. They are so very special.

Have you ever visited Dog Mountain in Vermont? They have a wonderful Dog Chapel and plenty of romping trails for dogs and their owners. Our dog Lucy, loves it there.

Rest in Peace, Murphy.

With condolences,
Cathleen Wardley
Courtyard Boston Downtown

A cute dog indeed. I had one before I moved to the US. He died a year after I left home.
Miss him dearly. I can understand the feeling of loss.

God bless.

Thirteen years for a golden to live is quite a long time! I am so sorry for your loss and I know the pain of losing the beloved Golden Retrievers. They are the best dogs to have and one truly feels like they are your best friends. RIP Murphy!

Mr. Marriott,
I just wanted to express my condolences in the passing of Murphy. It is extremely tough losing the most loyal of friends. I would like to echo the suggestion of Mary. If you have not read The Art of Racing In The Rain, I highly recommend you do so. It is a great read for anyone, but especially for those of us that understand the world is a better place and we are better people when dogs area a part of our lives...
Take care,

I'm so sorry to read about Murphy. We lost our cavalier King Charles spaniel on 14th September 2013 and we still miss her so much, she was beautiful in every way and so very intelligent. Like us, I'm sure you have so many wonderful memories. My very best regards to all your family.

I was so saddened to hear of Murphy's passing. I could tell how much he meant to you and your family. Some people don't understand how much a dog can mean to you, they say it was only a dog. I feel sorry for them, they never feel that bond we can get from that 'only a dog'. I have lost very wonderful friends in my pets and keep each close in my heart. I know Murphy had a wonderful life with you and I know your memories of him will keep you going.

Lee Battipaglia

Hello Mr. Marriott.

I just read your blog on Murphy and it touched my heart. I have a 14 year old dog and her name is Sophia, and we were just informed about her sight and hearing. My heart goes out to your family,because i know how special my girl is to me.. I enjoy reading your blogs and it is so personal to me and i feel like i really do belong to your family (work). Have a great weekend and take care of yourself.


Dear Mr. Marriott ~
I would like to send my condolences to you and your family on the passing of your dear Murphy. "Dog" is God spelled backward and for good reason. They love us unconditionally as He would have us do. I cannot think of another creature on this planet who knows how to achieve unconditional love like a dog does.
I too, have lost my dear dog Mem'ry on July 9, 2014. She was 15 years old and such an integral part of our family. There is quite a void left by her absence.
I am sure the wonderful memories of Murphy will be with you always.
God Bless You,
Sharon Krol
Breakfast Ambassador
Fairfield Inn & Suites
Detroit Livonia, MI


Have you read The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein?

I recommend this book to all dog lovers. I am sorry for your loss. I have a dog almost 12 years old....don't know how I will react when he goes. This book helped me see beyond the loss.



Dear Mr. Marriott,

I am very sorry for your lost. Reading your blog was very touching and heartlfell. As I still dealing with my sadness since my bestfriend "Medo" left me after 20 years and I miss him everyday.
They had a beautiful life and will always in our heart.

You have my condolences Mr. Marriott. My girl turned 14 this year and I know I have some tough decisions ahead so I empathize with your loss. Your note was a good reminder to focus on all the wonderful memories our pets leave with us. I will add your love of your dog to my ever growing list of reasons that I am thrilled to work for your company. Best wishes to you and your family.

Dear Mr. Marriott,

I am so sorry for your loss. As a lover of dogs I know how hard it is to lose one. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your memories of him. My best friends have a Golden Retriever named Murphy and he is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. I am sure your Murphy was just as sweet!

Wishing you all the best,

Katrina Griffin

I am sorry for your loss Mr. Marriott, I too recently suffered the loss of my best friend and soul mate my doberman Wolfgang "Appulz" Von Strudel on June 3, 2014. While I have three other Doberman, the house is extremely quite. Wolfy was the life of the pack party with a personality larger than Texas. I miss him terribly and can empathize and sympathize

Thank you for sharing and my heart goes out to you and your family for such a sad moment in your lives. I myself had a golden retriever, Angie, who brighten my family's lives for 12 years before going on her next adventure. Though Murphy is gone the memories that he left behind will never go away and you will forever has his pawprint on your heart.

I'm so sorry for the loss to your family. My family has a beloved "fur-baby" as well. He is very much a child to us. I have to say, as a Marriott traveler, I am disappointed that so few properties allow him to stay with us.

Having just lost my own baby Mickey, 17 yr old Red Cocker Spaniel, you have my deepest sympathies. God watch over you and your family in this time of need.

Our family is so sorry for the loss of Murphy in your lives. We, too, had a Golden that we had to put down last October. Sandy was the love of our life for 12 1/2 years. And as you say, all she ever wanted was to be petted. May you see Murphy again, as I hope to Sandy someday, running, jumping, wagging her tail and waiting to be petted on my knee.

I know the pain you must feel in losing your dog Murphy. I lost my Wire Hair Fox terrier last Monday and it has left a hole in my heart. I will always miss him, but take comfort in all the good years we had together. God Bless!

I'm so sorry for your loss.
Warm regards,

I am so sorry of your loss Mr. Marriott. We too are enjoying the life of our 3rd Golden Retreiver. Her name is Maggie. She looks a lot like your beloved Murphy. It is so hard to lose such a loved and cherished family member. My thoughts are with you and your family, and I hope Murphy has found my Lucy and Vinny in doggie heaven. I am sure they greeted him with wagging tails and are enjoying their new friend.

dear mr Marriott,
I know how it's difficult to back home and don't see the brave friend, expressing so much joy to see you, day after day during many years.
I know how many things can support you , only with a stare, he knows how you 're feel, put the noose on your arm when you're sad..and when we say "good dog" with a caress we receive these uncredible love in return;
In fact he became a part of the family. it was a marvellous present .
Thank you Best wisches


Dear Mr. Marriott,

Our pets are such wonderful companions, too bad they live a relatively short life. They bring so much joy into our homes and sadness when they go to pet heaven.

Spencer, my Bassett hound will be 13 soon and has slowed down. However, he still drags his leash to me after his 6am meal and wants to go on his wall. The walks are shorter these days buthe still gets excited over seeing of rabbits and squirils.

Spencer like Murphy loves to be petted and often comes to me if I am reading or watching TV.

I have a dog door with a ramp for Spencer to go inland out of his fenced yard. It is much easier for him to use the ramp than the 3 steps into the porch. Suggest everyone consider graduated ramps for their pets, it is much easier on their hips.

My condolences to you and your family over your loss.

By the way, hotels need to do a better job of accepting well behaved pet guests. I know it is difficult to administer such program but assign a pet lover to do some focus groups with your GM's from each brand and establish a pet policy for each brand. None of your competitors have universal policies. Marriott always leads the industry with innovation and this is a great way for Marriott to again be the front runner.