Rolling With the Changes

August 1, 2016

Hot Shoppes - Embrace ChangeAny company that’s been around close to 90 years has learned to roll with changes. Much of the reason we’ve been able to weather the good times and the bad is that our company doesn’t just accept change… we embrace it.

It started just after my parents opened their root beer stand in the summer of 1927. Ice cold root beer was a big hit during the hot and humid days in Washington, D.C. But, then, of course, winter arrived. Cold drinks weren’t a big seller when the snow was coming down.

The business needed to adapt to changing customer needs. My mother had a recipe from the Mexican embassy for tamales. She and my father added hot food to their menu and the Hot Shoppes was born.

Over our company history, time and again we’ve made innovative changes to adapt to the needs of customers. In the ‘80s, business travel became a new way of life. We developed the Courtyard brand to meet the road warrior’s needs. The next generation has said they want hotels and travel experiences unlike any other… so we created the Autograph Collection. Consumers want new ways to experience brands? We invest in virtual reality technology for guests to see the world.

Even a large company must nimbly adapt to the changing consumer. Our people are driven to challenge the status quo. They aren’t satisfied with what’s always been done. They want to find new ways to lead our industry.

In our animated web series titled, “Hot Shoppe,” episode three depicts how the crew anticipates customers’ changing needs.


What never goes out of style is great service. That’s been consistent over our history. We promise and deliver exceptional service, no matter how a customer’s needs may change.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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I think that is what newly established or incorporated businesses should: adapt the change. Learning how to face the change and use it as an opportunity to explore be flexible about it is good for the business.

Mr. Marriott,
I am originally from Washington DC but have now moved to Orlando to be near family. I wanted to just thank you for all you have done for the industry, I work for another brand but have always felt your company and brand has always been leader in our industry and one that treats its employees and guests from the heart.
I truly admire all you have done for the industry and wanted to thank you personally.You are truly an inspiration to me.

Warm Regards,
Aimel Aziz

August 16, 2016
Mr. Marriott:
I've wanted to write to you for many years retelling the story of how our family experiences have been enhanced and changed because of the Marriott Vacation Clubs and Hotel Brands. We started by purchasing ownership at Waiohai in Kauai, then Grand Chateau, Destination Points and finally Maui Napili Tower. We can tell you about the many summers spent in Scottsdale (Canyon Villas), Palm Desert (Desert Spring Villas), Kauai Lagoons and our pleasure at staying at the your many hotels and residences. Our family experiences have been nothing but joyful, exciting and always satisfying. Over the years, since 2005 when our initial purcahse was made, the quality time we have spent together as a family has been precious and your staff at every location EXCEPTIONAL. If there was ever a glitch it was corrected immediately and compensation extended. Right now my husband, daughter & grandchildren are in Santa Cruz, California (Fairfield Inn) taking time for a last minute mini vacation before school begins. Then at the end of October my husband and I are looking forward to traveling back to Park City, Utah continuing some Family Research and enjoy the cool fall weather. Your parents must be so proud of you and your family for continuing their tradition of always giving quality service and filling the needs to whomever they encounter. These are immeasurable values in a world in desperate need. May God continue to Bless you, your Family, and the thousands of employees who have a vision for goodness and service. Thank you, again, for your devoted dedication.
Judy & Paul Ackerman
Lake Tahoe, California
P.S. And oh, we even stayed in a Marriott Hotel (A.C.) when we traveled Italy 2013. It's always like coming "home".

That was a cute video! A nice respite from the work day.

True to the words that customer needs may vary but the bias to quality remains the same. Its proven each day of my customer service life.

That is the BIG competitive advantage of Marriott! Been Customer centric, having the mind and heart on the personal connection with the guests creates the base for their return.

I believe your father had read "The Origin of the Species" by Darwin and likened his comment that the only species that survives in time is not the smartest nor the strongest, but the most adaptable!

Experienced my first Autograph Collection, The Hotel Park City. It was a wonderful was to have a new Marriott experience! A really nice blend of being recognized as a Marriott customer but at a very unique property. Excellent service and a truly unique and beautiful hotel.