Partners in Education

October 4, 2016
Rose and two of her new Marriott associate friends.
Rose and two of her new Marriott associate friends.

We have a saying in our company… “we want every community in which we operate to be a better place because we’re there.”  It’s not just lip service. We are passionate about training and educating the next generation—because we know education can bring lasting change to communities.

Some time ago, Marriott looked at expanding our brands into Africa. We knew there was a historically high youth unemployment rate across the continent. We couldn’t just open hotels without first showing the communities there that we cared about their future. We started a partnership with the Akilah Institute for Women in Kigali, Rwanda. The school provides the training young women need to achieve meaningful careers and start their own businesses.

I had a chance to meet a couple of the students in their program… One of them was Rose. Rose enrolled in the Akilah program in 2014 because she has a dream to become the first woman tour guide in Rwanda. She has the passion and drive to leave a legacy for her family… not just financially. She wants to inspire her family and other young women in her community… showing them that you can rise above difficult circumstances and do great things.

His Excellency President Kagame once said, “My purpose is to develop a country, to empower its population.” We are honored to play even a small part in helping to empower the people of Rwanda through training, education and commerce.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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read full article . and its totally inspiring .. will share on facebook with my friends . thanks again for share your knowledge with us.

When i read this article .. i hesitated first but in the end i said why not sharing our experience with all Marriott associate .Rose and two friends talked about Africa hope good luck and best wishes if you want to do something believe in it and u can Arabia Saudia no women work in reception in any hotel but in residence in Marriott was exeptionnel only me and my friend ...sure it'was not good seeing and well appreciate but we did our best here to show them that we can change the way the people can see that, and think by our behaviour and good comunication . after one year we are still here well appreciate by our guests from all the word

This is absolutely inspiring... I am so proud to be associated with an organization that invests so much in the communities where they do business.

Being on the ground and seeing these girls grow each day as part of the family makes me agree that all is possible when given the right opportunity. Thank you for giving all of us a chance.