Ordinary Heroes

November 10, 2016
JWM with veterans at MIHQ
Greeting veterans at Marriott International Headquarters.

Veterans are ordinary men and women who chose to do something extraordinary with their lives—to sacrifice their time and talent for the good of their country. 

Veterans and Marriott share similar values: loyalty, respect, integrity, dedication. It’s a common thread that makes veterans a perfect fit for our company. We have a long history of hiring America’s heroes, giving them a place they can use their strong leadership and service skills.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to join with our President and CEO Arne Sorenson and our Chief HR Officer David Rodriguez to host a “Mix and Mingle” session to celebrate Marriott International Headquarters veterans in honor of Veteran’s Day 2016. We had a chance to personally thank them for their service and dedication both to this country and to our company.

It is my privilege and honor, not only to have served in the military myself, but to work alongside so many courageous men and women who served and continue to serve. I hope you’ll join me in saluting our military members this Veteran’s Day and always.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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Although I never saw combat, I am a veteran. It is always nice to hear someone say thank you on veterans day. There are so many brave women and men who have been put in harms way that truly deserve that thank you. So I say to those who went, thank you. To those who were willing, thank you. To all who support our troops past, present and future, thank you.

Bill: As an old Vet who goes back to the days of the Hot Shoppes and Twin Bridges Marriott I wish you and the Company continued success

From one Veteran to another, thank you sir for your service.

Many do not realize what it means when military individuals put their lives on the line. They think they have put their lives on the line for their tours of duty but in essence they have given up their lives completely for the rest of their life. My father served in World War II and he was in Holland and Belgium before becoming wounded. He was there for 4 years. When he was shipped to England for treatment he returned in a body cast. The obstacles he overcame made him a remarkable man and his philosophy in life was "I am my Brothers Keeper". He lived that till the day he died. I don't think there was not an organization or board he did not belong to. He was determined to give back as much as he could. But the scars of war never really leave them. My parents were both in a bad explosion 40 years later and my father had to go through Shell Shock all over again after 40 years. So when I say they give up their lives they truly do when they enlist. Their lives are changed forever. So please remember your veterans today.. my Father Dr. McIntosh was a remarkable man and he served his country and continued to serve. Least we forget..

I am Indiana Naval Veteran fought two war. Now serving Marriott at westin resort Sohna Gurgaon.
US veteran deserved for respect from deep from heart.

Our veterans served our country and many risked their lives in order for us to have our freedom. Too many people take them for granted. Thank you for honoring them!

Bill: It's great that Marriott honors veterans. Most of our Presidents have served in some form of military i.e. militia, national guard, active military army navy etc. Some were career military men prior to ascending to the Presidency. I put Grant, Eisenhower and Washington in the class of career military men who became President. Many of the other Presidents served some form of military service. Twelve of the 45 (including Donald Trump) did not serve.

While Military service doesn't guarantee greatness in their Presidency it does provide a discipline that would seem invaluable relative to the many crises the President faces. I point to Washington (the Revolutionary War), Grant (the Civil War) and Eisehower (World WarII) who brought to the Presidency discipline and restraint when needed.

You and the Marriott have always been in the forefront, not only for the military, but for diversity and humanitarian efforts. That doesn't surprise me though because your Mom and Dad were the same.