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Getting Satisfaction

Posted:06/28/200712:02 PM

Getting Satisfaction When you boil it down to the basics, the hotel business is about service.  From the greeting you get as you walk in the front door, to the furniture and amenities in your guest room, to how quickly we deliver room service.  I know that's how we're judged.  If a problem comes up, you want us to fix it, and fast. 

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Safety First

Posted:06/20/2007 2:27 PM

Safety First It was my father who coined the phrase, "Take care of the associates, and they'll take good care of the guests, and the guests will come back."  Most people might think that only means customer service, but it really is the mindset of how we do business.  Let's talk about safety and security. 

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A Helping Hand

Posted:06/12/2007 4:56 PM

A Helping Hand As Albert Einstein once said, "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."  As much as I love my job with Marriott, what gives me great pleasure is knowing what we can do for our communities around the world.

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Awards of Excellence

Posted:06/05/2007 5:28 PM

Awards of Excellence This is a special week for us here at Marriott.  At our headquarters here in Bethesda, Maryland, we're honoring ten of our most outstanding associates with the Marriott Award of Excellence.  They come from all four corners of the world, so they're really excited to come to Washington and see where the company's based.  And an extra special gala will be held in their honor when they are presented their awards.

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