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Hitch Your Wagon to a Star

Posted:07/31/2007 6:17 PM

Residence Inn Fire Breathing Ad Twenty years ago, we purchased Residence Inn.  That's the same year that President Reagan spoke at the Berlin wall and called on Soviet Premier Gorbachev to tear it down.  It's just amazing how much the world has changed in the last twenty years.  Residence Inn has now grown to more than 500 hotels in North America.

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Power of Quality

Posted:07/30/2007 4:03 PM

Power of Quality I'm very excited today to tell you of some breaking news from Marriott.  The JD Power and Associates 2007 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Study has just been released.  The study measures overall guest hotel satisfaction across six hotel segments.  The first segment is luxury and what thrills me is that our Ritz-Carlton brand came in number one in the luxury segment.  And also of great importance to me is the JW Marriott brand came in number two.  So in the luxury segment, Marriott and Ritz-Carlton are number one and two.  It's really, really exciting.

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A Little Relief

Posted:07/25/2007 4:56 PM

A Little Relief Today I want to give you an update on an issue I've blogged about.  It's the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.  This past January, the United States government started implementing new passport regulations.  U.S. citizens traveling by air to and from destinations in the western hemisphere, like Canada and Mexico, had to present a valid passport.  For those who don't know, here's what happened when it went into effect:

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The Experience of Getting Slimed

Posted:07/20/2007 5:18 PM

Bill Marriott Getting Slimed by Nickelodeon Since we announced our hotel deal with Nickelodeon-where we're going to be developing Nick Hotels by Marriott, featuring all the Nickelodeon characters and many of the Nickelodeon festivities-people have asked me what it's like to be slimed.  Well, I can tell you, it's a lot of fun.

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Missed Opportunity

Posted:07/16/2007 1:33 PM

Missed Opportunity Here is a quick thought on the recent failure of our Congress to act on immigration reform.  I know a little bit about leading, and I've always found that leaders make tough decisions.  That's why it's so disappointing that politics trumped policy.  The issue of secure borders and creating a path to citizenship are not going away.  Rather than trying to solve the problem, Congress will probably put off finding a solution for at least two years.  Anybody running a company knows that we can't wait for two years to get things done.  Our shareholders and associates depend upon us to make decisions and to get on with life.

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The Multicultural World of Marriott

Posted:07/11/2007 6:03 PM

The Multicultural World of Marriott I was recently interviewed on Nightline and had an opportunity to talk about my role as a Mormon bishop, which happened almost 40 years ago.  I was in charge of a ward-which is really a parish-of around 800 members, and about 300-400 of them were Hispanic.  I had an opportunity to work closely with these wonderful people who were struggling to make it in America and trying to keep their family together, feed their children, find a decent place to live and get a good job.  I had a lot of opportunities to help them and I gained a lot from working with them and from being included in their wonderful community and understanding a little bit more about some of their challenges and some of their opportunities.

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Thoughts About Moscow

Posted:07/06/2007 1:58 PM

The Ritz Carlton Moscow Not too long ago, I talked about the fact that we were planning on opening 100 hotels in 100 days.  It's really exciting to open a new hotel. Well, the one that really, really got me going was the brand new Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow, which just opened this week.

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Happy Independence Day

Posted:07/03/2007 6:44 PM

Happy Independence Day Happy 4th of July, everyone.  This is really a very special time of year for all of us as we celebrate the founding of this great nation.  I've spent the last 60 years on the 4th of July in the little town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, which really embodies the spirit of the 4th.  Up there, of course, they call it "the fawth."  And they have a wonderful little parade through town with the fire trucks and the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts and some floats they put together up there, and anybody's who's got an old car is invited to drive it.  Everybody lines up on the sidewalk to cheer at the parade.

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I'm Bill Marriott, Chairman & CEO of Marriott International.

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