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Getting Access

Posted:08/31/2007 6:41 PM

We know guest room technology is very important to our guests.  A couple of months ago, I blogged about some new technology we're installing in our full service hotels.  It's an LCD television with a connectivity panel, so you can watch and listen to digital devices through the television.  Judging from the reaction we're getting since the marketing and rollout began, it's going to be very popular.

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Katrina: Two Years Later

Posted:08/29/200711:54 AM

Reopenign Ceremony at the JW Marriott New Orleans It's been two years since Hurricane Katrina devastated the United States Gulf Coast.  I've traveled to New Orleans twice since then and toured the city.  I've visited with our associates and watched as they worked hard to reopen the hotels.

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Example of Leadership

Posted:08/22/2007 5:36 PM

President Dwight D Eisenhower We're approaching another U.S. presidential election and there's a lot of talk in the air about leadership.  I've always been a student of leadership and been fascinated by what makes a good leader.  You get as many different opinions on this as you will on what a good steak should taste like and how it should be cooked.

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Why Do I Blog?

Posted:08/15/2007 1:18 PM

Bill Marriott Blogging There's been a lot of talk and coverage recently about a fellow CEO online who was posting some not-so-nice stuff about his competition.  It seems that today, the business world is becoming much more transparent, thanks in large part to the Internet.

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Our New Boutique Brand

Posted:08/08/2007 5:17 PM

Ian Schrager and Bill Marriott I hope you've all read about our new joint venture with Ian Schrager to develop boutique hotels around the world.  We're really excited about this because Ian obviously invented the boutique hotel concept and is certainly one of the most creative forces in the hotel industry today.

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