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Dressing for Success at the Marco Island Marriott Resort

Posted: April 17, 2008 05:46:58 PM

DavidMarriottResortVisitCaptioned After 52 years in the business, one thing I've learned is go south in the winter and north in the summer to visit hotels. One of my favorite places to go, of course, is southern Florida.

In February, we had our board meeting at our Marriott resort in Marco Island, Florida. That property just underwent a huge renovation - almost $200 million worth. Now they have a fantastic spa that features Balinese treatments, they have eight terrific restaurants and brand new swimming pools. The rooms have all been redone, they've got a brand new ballroom - it's really a fabulous property. On top of all these fantastic renovations, the resort has a wonderful staff. They're really inspired people who embody the Marriott culture and provide our guests with great service.

They have a great sense of fun too. One of the things their sales team implemented two years ago is what they call "Dressing for Success." They realized that sales teams at other resorts often wear khakis with brightly colored shirts or tropical prints. The Marco Island team decided to stand out and brand themselves in their own new way - by wearing Lilly Pulitzer clothes.

I don't know if you're familiar with Lilly Pulitzer, but they're based in Florida. They use a lot of hot pink and lime green and have big, bold prints like palm trees and elephants all over their clothes. Wearing clothes like that definitely makes the Marco Island sales team stand out.

The Lilly products have been a great big hit. Our customers always ask where they can get some of their own. And the brand has definitely found some fans in my family as well. When my son David visited the property in December, he joined the sales team in wearing a Lilly shirt. And when I was down there in February, I even wore one, too! I guess what they say is true: "Like father, like son." I hope so because he's a great guy.

It's great to see our employees having so much fun and looking so good while doing such a wonderful job.

I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Dressing for Success


Posted By: Hank Mancini (04/18/2008 at 06:03 AM)

Ahhhh - The Marriott on Marco Island. It has been quite a few years, but we enjoyed two vacations there when our children were younger. One memorable occasion was a dinner where our waiter took our children to a separate table for their desert so that my wife and I could enjoy our coffee and desert alone. Very wonderful and thoughtful service!

Posted By: Irene Smothers (04/18/2008 at 09:16 AM)

I really wanted to have a Marriott VISA so that I could earn additional points whenever I used it at a Marriott property. Of course, there was the added incentive of receiving points when used at other merchants also. I e-mailed customer service that I thought a $69.00 yearly fee (I believe that was the amount at the time I wrote -not sure exactly but it was in the $60 range) was outrageous considering the fact that anytime a Marriott VISA cardholder uses the card at any merchant, Marriott receives some revenue. I suggested that the fee be waived but was told it could not be. I recently received an offer for the card again and noticed that the fee was now $30 yearly and was waived the 1st year. I have since applied for the card. I have always found the Marriott people responsive and would like to think that my e-mail had something to do with a more attractive card offer. Thanks Marriott!

Posted By: Marco Mike (04/19/2008 at 08:03 AM)

Our first experience in cashing in our Marriott points was in 1986 @ the Marco Island Marriott. We were treated like we were J. Willard when we arrived, and through our entire stay. My wife had thought this was impossible we would be able to stay at this fabulous resort for free. She thought for sure I misunderstood, but Marriott did not make a mistake, nor did we. My wife fell in love with the Marriott and Marco Island. We continued to return to the Marco Island Marriott at least once a year, sometimes more often, and continued this process for 18 years. My wife always dreamed of living on Marco and in 2003 we bought a lot and built a new home on Marco. We often return to the Marco Island Marriott and have witnessed first hand the $200,000,000 renovations, and have enjoyed several meals during these last several years. In fact, when our home was completed on time, we couldn't move in because the mover showed up 10 days later. So where did we go, you guessed it, the Marco Island Marriott. For ten years prior we would do a yearly pilgrimage to the Maui Marriott on Kaanapali beach, but after discovering Marco, we've only been back to Maui a few times. Marco Marriott reminds us of Maui Marriott. Your first GM we remember at the Marco Marriott was Bud *****, understand Bud is sailing on the seas of Florida now.
Also believe we met your son, David, many years ago in MD @ the Bethesda Pooks Hill Marriott, at that time he was the GM. Because of your Marriott rewards program, and you, our entire family are Marriott frequent guests, an entire new generation of Marriott rewards customers, and we're sure this will continue on the third generation of our family which is now underway.
Bill, thank you for making my career more peaceful, successful, and the same for our many fabulous vacations at numerous Marriott properties.
All the best from our family to yours.
Kathleen & Mike

Posted By: Asim Hussain (04/20/2008 at 02:08 AM)

Hi Bill,As a platinum member I have stayed at Marriott hotels all over the world and I think the service I receive at all times is exceptional. My first experience with Marriott was at the Renaissance Golden View Beach Resort in Sharma El sheikh Egypt a few years ago - The hotel was fantastic but the factor that has made me use Marriott since then for all my business and leisure trips has been the service, which was exceptional. Well done and keep up the excellent work. I have 2 questions.
I would like to ask if they are any plans to open any more Marriott hotels in Pakistan as we don't have one in Lahore.
I am a platinum member of Marriott rewards and have been for the last 2 years - dose the Marriott rewards programme offer platinum for life, say if you have been a platinum member for 10 or 15 years - so when I retire and travel on leisure only I can keep my platinum card

Posted By: Romuald (04/21/2008 at 06:07 AM)

Mr. Marriott, I have had the pleasure of staying at the Marco island Marriott resort a few years back and I must tell you it was the most pleasurable stay I have had a any hotel, Marriott or otherwise. Even before the 200 mill renovations, I thought this property rivaled some of your best Ritz Carlton properties and the service was definitely up to par with them. When my fiends ask me for ideas for a place to stay in the Fort Myers area, the first name out of my mouth is the Marco island Marriott. I wish I could by timeshare there.

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