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Supporting Critical Water Conservation in China

Posted:05/28/201010:13 AM
Nobility of Nature Water Conservation Program For the past two weeks, I’ve been traveling throughout China visiting our hotels in the region.  We’re just about ready to open a brand new Ritz-Carlton hotel in Pudong, a suburb of Shanghai.  It is truly an amazing hotel – very tall and very beautiful.  But we’re opening an even more spectacular hotel in downtown Hong Kong, right on the water at 118 stories – the tallest hotel in the world.  We opened two beautiful Marriott hotels here this week, and a Renaissance hotel as well, so we’re really on a roll here.

Now, as my trip is coming to an end, I want to share with you an exciting new program that I had the chance to announce during my visit.  It’s called the “Nobility of Nature” and is designed to support a water conservation initiative that helps protect the planet’s largest natural source of fresh water, located in the mountains of southwest China.  The focus of our program will be in the Sichuan province, the same area that was affected by the devastating earthquake that struck the region in 2008.
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Traveling with Little Ones? Marriott Has You Covered

Posted:05/27/201011:28 AM
Travel Crib Featuring COVERPLAY Slip Cover Today, I’m blogging about two things that are very important to me -- opportunity and families.  When my mother and father started our company as a root beer stand 83 years ago, they represented the great entrepreneurial spirit. They worked hard to build the business and were able to expand because they impressed other people and businesses who bought their products and services.  As a result, I’ve always been fascinated with people who have the courage to start their own business and try to make it grow.

That’s why I was so impressed when I heard about Allison Costa and Amy Feldman, two entrepreneurs who appeared on the TV show Shark Tank. On the show, start-up business owners try to convince a panel of judges, who are venture capitalists, to invest in their small companies.
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Ni-Hao from China

Posted:05/25/201011:52 AM
At the USA Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai Ni-Hao.  I’m blogging from the USA Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China.  This is an absolutely phenomenal development.  The Chinese and the participating countries have spent over $58 billion to stage this mega-event.  It is, without doubt, the finest thing I’ve ever seen in terms of expos and world fairs.  I attended the World’s Fair in 1939 at the age of seven.  I don’t remember much about it, but it was a big deal in my life at the time.

It’s wonderful to see China investing so much money in travel and tourism and it is becoming one of the world’s most compelling destinations.  We were the only hotel company to participate in the USA Pavilion and I’m excited and honored that our name is here where millions of Chinese will be able to see the Marriott name and think about us as they travel the world.
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Honoring Marriott's Best

Posted:05/13/201012:28 PM
Marriotts Award of Excellence Honorees Just imagine what it would be like to be a concierge at a hotel in Mumbai, India, and find out that you’ve been selected from among 300,000 employees worldwide to fly to your company’s corporate headquarters, be greeted by a red carpet and applause from your colleagues, have a lunch with the executive team and a VIP tour of Washington, D.C.  That’s what we do every year as we honor several of Marriott’s top associates at our annual Award of Excellence ceremony and celebration.  We’ve been hosting this event since 1987 to recognize the best of the best within our company.
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They Really Were the Greatest Generation

Posted:05/10/2010 5:48 PM
The HBO Presentation The Pacific As most of you know, I grew up in Washington, D.C., and spent my teenage years witnessing the newscasts and stories from the Second World War.  General George Patton’s sister lived across the street from me, as did President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s naval aide, Harry Butcher, who lived next door to her.  Admiral Ernest King, who was chief of naval operations during the Second World War, lived down the street.
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Being Recognized As a Great Place to Work

Posted:05/04/2010 2:48 PM
Bill Marriott with Hourly Associates I just attended a luncheon at our Renaissance Mayflower hotel in Washington, D.C., to celebrate a wonderful award that our company just received.  Working Mother Media just named Marriott one of the best companies for hourly workers and I was thrilled to accept this award on behalf of our company and our many thousands of hourly associates.
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Anticipating the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai

Posted:05/01/2010 3:43 PM
Shanghai Skyline Today marks the beginning of one of the largest global events in history – the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.  This expo is much like the World’s Fairs that were held decades ago in places like New York, Paris, Stockholm and Montreal.  I was seven years old when I visited the World’s Fair in New York in 1939.  I’ll always remember it as a great experience.
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