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Marriott Guests Can Give Back with New Voluntourism Package

Posted:07/30/2010 4:28 PM
Guests Giving Back Through Marirotts New Orleans Voluntourism Package The people and businesses along the Gulf Coast and New Orleans have sure endured a lot over the past five years -- between Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and now the oil spill -- but I want to focus on the resilience of that wonderful community.

Earlier this summer, some of New Orleans’ top chefs, including many from our Marriott hotels in the area, organized an event to support and feed the fishermen affected by the oil spill, as well as their families.  Local chefs have long relied on the fishermen to provide their restaurants with fresh seafood, so it was only fitting to turn the tables and provide food to those in need.
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Passionate About Dessert

Posted:07/22/2010 4:58 PM
JW Marriott Desert Ridge Pastry Team with their Award Winning Creations It’s no secret that I love desserts.  My favorite job growing up in our company was working the soda fountain at our Hot Shoppe restaurant in Salt Lake City while I was attending the University of Utah.

I used to make what was our best dessert, which was a hot fudge ice cream cake.  It was basically a pound cake.  We’d cut the piece of cake in half – it was about three by three inches square – and we’d put a square block of ice cream next to the lower level of the cake, and then we put the other piece of the cake on top and covered the top with hot fudge.  Then we put a cherry and a big dollop of whipped cream on the top.  You had to be very careful when you put the hot fudge on the cake to leave a hole in the center of the top piece of cake so the whipped cream would stay on the cake and the cherry would stay on the whipped cream, otherwise it would just slide off if it was covered with hot fudge.
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Partnering with the U.S. Government: Secretary Napolitano Visits Marriott

Posted:07/13/2010 4:48 PM
Secretary Napolitano in Marriott Test Kitchen We recently had the privilege of hosting U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, at our headquarters to talk about issues our industry and her agency have in common.  Our associates, including the chefs in our Marriott test kitchen, were thrilled to meet the Secretary.

First, we talked about immigration reform.  She is the former Governor of Arizona, so she is acutely aware of the challenges our country faces because of a difficult immigration system.  For years, I’ve advocated the need to address security at our borders and, also, to provide opportunities for hard-working immigrants.  And, yet, our leaders on Capitol Hill have been reluctant to deal with this difficult issue.  That’s why I joined mayors and other business leaders in the Partnership for a New American Economy to work together to spur action on immigration reform.
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Celebrating Our 55th Wedding Anniversary

Posted:07/06/2010 4:44 PM

Adriatic SeaOn June 29th, Donna and I celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary.  To mark this special occasion, we took our four children and their spouses and 13 of our 15 grandchildren on a cruise to Greece, the Dalmatian coast and southern Italy.  Our nine days at sea ends in two more days and it’s been a wonderful experience.

We began in Athens, where everyone was able to see the Acropolis, and our first port was the charming Greek island of Zakynthos.  Next, it was on to Corfu with its 2 million cypress trees, and a visit to two fantastic palaces, including a visit to Mon Repos palace, birthplace of Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the husband of Queen Elizabeth of England.

Our next port of call was the fortress city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.  It was the first time any of us had been to the Balkans.  What a wonderful place to begin our tour of the Balkan countries.  The city is surrounded by fortress walls overlooking the Adriatic Sea.  The old town is small with only 960 inhabitants.  The streets are narrow and very charming with lots of shops and sidewalk cafes.  There’s a lot of history here, too.  It’s truly a spectacular ancient city.

We next visited the Romanic city of Kotor.  To enter the harbor, it’s necessary to pass through a narrow strait of water where the mountains drop straight down to the sea with a fjord on each side of the strait.  The mountains are very high and provide a splendid backdrop to this quaint town.  The setting reminded us a lot of Lake Como in Italy.

After Kotor, we sailed south to Otranto, Italy, which is a port town located on the heel of the Italian boot.  We visited the ancient city of Lecce, which reminded us of Florence.  The cathedral is done in baroque architecture and is truly amazing.

This afternoon, we departed for Paxos, Greece, and then on to Athens and to home.  We’ve had a wonderful time with our family and really look forward to our next celebration.

I’m Bill Marriott and thank you for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Celebrating Our 55th Wedding Anniversary

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"Nickelodeon Your Stay" at Nearly 2,000 Marriott Hotels

Posted:07/01/2010 5:31 PM
Nickelodeon Your Stay I’m on the road visiting our hotels and associates to see how things are running.  But, when I can, I also love traveling with my family.  I really enjoy my grand kids and great grand kids and love to have them around.  Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious, particularly when it comes to the little things.

I remember a few years ago, when I got slimed at a Nickelodeon event.  It was an honor and it was great to see the looks of joy on my young grandsons’ faces as they delighted in covering me with green slime.
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