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Mapping Marriott's Global Footprint

Posted:11/23/2010 4:48 PM

Cover of Marriotts Sustainability Report When I’m on vacation, I love to walk along the beach and look back to see the footprints I’ve left in the sand.  I know that companies can’t literally leave footprints, but all companies leave evidence of their activities.

Marriott recently released its 2008-2009 Sustainability Report.  It is a record of our progress and ongoing commitment to social responsibility, global diversity and inclusion, sustainability, being an employer of choice and our “Spirit To Serve” culture.

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A Warmer Welcome Means More Jobs

Posted:11/18/201012:01 PM

A Warmer Welcome Means More Jobs President Obama has just returned from Asia, where he had an extensive visit promoting U.S. exports.  But here at home we’re doing all we can to increase exports and create more jobs because each time a visitor from abroad buys a hotel room in the United States, that counts as an export.  We need more visitors to the United States from abroad and we can generate a lot more export dollars and more jobs.

I’ve talked about this before, particularly about the decline in overseas travel to the United States.  Since the year 2000, America has lost 440,000 jobs and more than $500 billion in total travel-related spending.  I continue to worry that our government isn’t doing enough to increase visitors to America from abroad.

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From 1 to 500, From Washington to India

Posted:11/12/2010 4:47 PM

Pune Marriott Lobby In the category of “I remember when,” I certainly look back and remember the opening of our first Marriott hotel in 1957.  It was the biggest motor hotel in the world at the time with 365 rooms.  Customers would drive in to a drive-in check-in.  They didn’t have to get out of their car to check in; it was built for the roadside traveler.  And, of course, they could park next to their room.  We had a big swimming pool in the summer and we turned it into an ice rink in the winter.  We had a lot of kids and a lot of great weekend business.

Life was pretty simple back then.  We didn’t have any credit cards.  I don’t even remember if we took reservations or not, but I don’t think so.  When people pulled into the drive-in check-in window, the price of the room was $8, but it was $1 extra for every person in the car.  So, when we started to fill up, our revenue management consisted of counting the people in the car.  Those with the most kids paid the most money and got the last rooms available.  That was our revenue management back in 1957.

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Celebrities Light Up the Night at JW Marriott Marquis Miami Grand Opening

Posted:11/09/2010 3:51 PM

Bill Marriott and Ricard Glas by Seth Browarnik World Red Eye How many hotels in the world can boast a 10,000 square foot NBA basketball court, full sized tennis courts and a Jim McLean golf school?  You’ll find all that and more at the JW Marriott Marquis hotel, the newest luxury hotel in downtown Miami, Florida.

Last week I traveled to Miami for the grand opening which featured celebrities and local icons like Brooke Shields, Anna Kournikova and Carlos Alvarez, the city’s mayor.  The hotel is built on one of the most historic sites in Miami, where one of the city's first luxury hotels - The Royal Palm - helped give birth to a new Miami in 1890.

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Enjoying a Smooth, Quiet Ride in the New Chevrolet Volt

Posted:11/03/2010 4:19 PM

Bill Marriott and Chevy Volt I love cars.  I collect a few – I’m a real aficionado.  I used to go to car races when I was a kid and I’ve been to a lot of car shows.  So I’ve really been a car enthusiast.  We just finished test driving the brand new Chevrolet Volt, an all new electric vehicle.  What an exciting car to drive.

As part of Marriott’s Spirit To Preserve initiative, we have been encouraging associates to consider environmentally-friendly forms of transportation like driving hybrids and electric cars and even taking the bus.  Now, we’re partnering with General Motors for the Volt Unplugged Tour to bring the Chevrolet Volt to Marriott headquarters so our associates can take a test drive and learn more about green transportation.  We’ve been hosting the Volt tour at our hotels across the country in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles and San Antonio.  Currently, they’re here for a stop in Washington D.C., then it’s on to New York.

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