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More Than 300 Hotels Visited in 2010

Posted: December 30, 2010 02:31:26 PM

Visiting 1 of More Than 300 Hotels in 2010 I’ve blogged many times about my travels and the many visits I make to our hotels around the world.  Every year, I try to make it to about 250 hotels, but this year, I worked extra hard and got past the 300 mark.

It’s a lot of fun getting out there and seeing what’s going on in the field.  It’s one of the most important, and rewarding, parts of my job.  It gives me a great chance to talk to our people who are serving our guests day in and day out and get their feedback, find out what’s working and how we could do better.  It also allows me to personally thank our associates for the great work they do, taking care of our customers and helping our company grow.

This year, I’ve been to properties in many different countries including China, the UK, Canada, Greece, Aruba, Puerto Rico and, of course, many, many cities in the United States.  I’ve been to some really large hotels like the Atlanta Marriott Marquis and the New York Marriott Marquis, and I’ve been to some little ones, too, like a Fairfield Inn that runs their hotel with less than 15 people.

No matter the size of the hotel where our people work, or the location, every single associate is important to me and to our business, and this holiday season, I’d like to thank each and every one of them for all that they do.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

More Than 300 Hotels Visited in 2010


Posted By: s maxwell (12/30/2010 at 03:57 PM)

Hello Mr. Marriot,
Thanks for your visibility as an authority in the hospitlity industry. What trends do you see in risk management that hotels are mandating for company meetings and what are Marriott's standard requirements for naming its hotels as additional insured?

Posted By: Feras Werr (12/30/2010 at 04:40 PM)

Dear Mr. Marriott,
It's very nice to know your year was very fruitful despite the tough economical crisis that the US is experiencing till these days. Obviously Marriott has a very good captain to take care of its ships worldwide. God bless you as you are a very good person and I wish you many more happy peaceful years to come. Your words made me contemplate on my experiences during the year 2010 in Amman, Jordan. It held massive surprises for me, the least was my father’s sudden illness with brain cancer that left him paralyzed for a month and half before his departure from our world. Despite the fact that we consulted 21 doctors with his MRI’s and lab tests not a single doctor gave us a glimpse of hope at all. We spent every single dime of all our savings hospitalizing him but the most important thing was maintaining for him medical attention during his illness. Honestly the harshness of losing a family member is not easy at all but after the incident in a few weeks when we tried to pick up our strengths once again we hit into another harsh reality. We were growing into debt tremendously afterwards with literally no one to help out, not a family member, relative or friend. Originally our salaries get depleted by our primary household expenses like electricity bills, house rent and monthly installments against a bank loan we took earlier during 2009. Afterwards we have literally bits and pieces left to go on. I still cannot believe that during my father’s illness the bank we pay the installments to, which is a well established bank, refused to freeze the debts and help out at all despite the fact that my father, whom had paralyzed limbs from brain cancer told them we need the money we have in our account for his medication. On one day a high ranking official from the bank whom is also a distant relative of ours kept calling my ill father and hammering us for a certain sum of money we owed the bank and only after bitter negotiations with him did the bank accept to break down the amount to minimal monthly installments. My father was sad from the bank’s performance and after this incident within a period of twenty four hours the sadness increased the paralysis he was suffering from rendering his right limbs completely paralyzed from the shock. Do those bank owners need the 2500 dollars from an ill man’s family whom need their savings to pay for their family member’s medication? It’s a cruel world when you don’t have money and when the salaries fail your faith in them. May my father soul rest in peace but I never was able to forgive those people for their harsh insensitivity towards my father’s illness and towards our plight last summer. Financially we are not doing so well and I’m terrified that at some point we will be left to sleep without being able to buy dinner. But I do pray that 2011 will hold happier days for our family, that the upcoming days will wipe our tears from our eyes and will help us cruise down life’s road with more faith and power. Hopefully after the cloudy days the sun will rise and warm us with some happiness. I do pray.

Posted By: Edward A. Garabedian (12/30/2010 at 05:20 PM)

You, too, Mr. Marriott are to be congratulated for leading such a fine organization that bears your family name. We are always very proud to be guests in your various properties whether it's a Marriott hotel or a Renaissance or Courtyard or Residence Inn - as well as the others - there is always "evidence" that your footprint has been left and your associates and general managers take great pride in the hallmark of excellence that you represent. We love being Marriott guests - thanks for another great year!!!

We recently returned from another european holiday and we would be remiss if we didn't mention Ms. Theresa *** of Chancery Court for her excellent leadership as evidenced throughout the property with every associate we came in contact with. Additionally, Mr. Stephan (the night manager) at the Courtyard nordwest zentrum in Frankfurt followed through beyond expectation in always being responsive to guests needs. Congratulations to these two fine representatives of your organization.

We wish you continued success and a very Happy New Year.

Posted By: Nils Montan (12/30/2010 at 05:28 PM)

I have been so happy with all the Marriott hotels I have stayed in in the US during the past year. Keep up the great work!

Posted By: Hank Mancini (12/30/2010 at 05:41 PM)

I still have your January 3rd, 2008 Marriott one the Move blog posted above my desk. You say "there's no substitute for a warm handshake with a smile and genuine conversation." Visiting 300 hotels in one year probably allowed you to shake hands and enjoy conversation with many Marriott associates. Your leadership is a wonderful example that I strive to follow!

Posted By: Keith ridley IV (12/30/2010 at 05:52 PM)

I will always stay loyal to this brand since I have since 1986

Posted By: Yap Boh Tiong (12/30/2010 at 08:31 PM)

Mr Marriott, you walked the talk. Your energy and drive to visit all these hotels is amazing. I met you more than 12 years ago at the Singapore Marriott. When will you vist Singapore again?

Happy holidays and a happy new year to you and your family.

BT Yap

Posted By: Donald Workman (12/31/2010 at 12:12 AM)

Great work Bill. Keep it up. I think I set a personal record this year although not as many visits as you. I agree, every associate I encounter is always courteous, professional and responsive. It's a treat to help keep Marriott on the move. Happy New Year!

Posted By: Anthony Yip (12/31/2010 at 11:59 PM)

Hi JW,
Please allow me this opportunity to wish you & everyone in your organization a Happy New Year 2011.

Your visits to more than 300 hotels in 2010 is highly commendable. I am certain all the hotels you've visited has upheld the service standards you've established & has met up to your expectations.
My stay & experience at the Springhill Suites by Marriott, north of San Diego during the last week of August'2010 has proven to me that your Marriott hotel is well run & well maintained.

To me,your Marriott brandname commands a certain premium.
The quality standards you've established & upheld in your staff service & in your building maintenance is the envy of your competitors.
From Y2000, eversince I got acquainted with your Marriott brandname at the Marriott Hotel in Cebu,Philippines, I've been one loyal Marriott customer. Despite the cruel bombing at the JW Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, I've stayed there faithfully whenever I visited Jakarta from Y2003 to Y2004.

As I was impressed with your Marriott brandname, I bought not one but two vacation weeks at the Marriott Phuket Beach Resort in Y2003, unsolicited. My family & I loved the architecture, the service & the ambience of your resort in Phuket dearly.

I urge you to make a visit there with your family to enjoy the same.
During your visit to the Phuket Beach Resort, may I suggest that you inspect the old wing of the Resort. Please check to see whether the maintenance standards in those apartment units do meet with your expectations. I have been disappointed before.

As you've worked so hard in Y2010 to ensure that your hotels are well run & well maintained, may I seek your kind attention next year to ensure that your holiday resorts' standards are also up to par with that of your hotels.
I'm sure that you'll be proud to have your Marriott Resorts at par excellence as well.

Thank you for this opportunity allowing me to provide you with this feedback.
I will greatly appreciate a short reply when you have the time.

With warm regards,

Posted By: Louisa (01/01/2011 at 08:52 AM)

Wish you a Happy New Year!

Posted By: Paul Gleason (01/01/2011 at 01:06 PM)

Hi Bill;

Just wanted to let you know of my high satisfaction with the Marriott Property in Istanbul (Marriott Asia Istanbul) and the terrific job the GM and the staff did while I was on extended stay in 2009-2010. Many colleagues also stayed there. It was a home away from home and I hope this was one of your 300 hotels visited in 2010.

Best Regards

Posted By: Kelley Gaines (01/02/2011 at 10:59 AM)

We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott in East Memphis on Park Ave. for the Liberty Bowl weekend and New Year's. I would like to personally congratulate Lisa for a wonderful experience while we were having breakfast. She was our server for the weekend as well as the manager of the kitchen. She made us feel as though we were staying with our family for the weekend. She worked extremely hard to serve the many guests who were there throughout the weekend and did it all with a smile. Way to go, Lisa! If we are in Memphis again, we will definitely stay at Courtyard again. Thank you for your fine service.

Posted By: Dick LaPorte (01/02/2011 at 09:05 PM)

Outstanding! I think it's great that you commit to visiting so many properties every year. My wife & I have stayed more than 2100 nights at Marriott properties and have always been more than satisfied with our stays. Thanks for your hospitality.

Posted By: Dave Olpin (01/03/2011 at 06:04 PM)

How can I make a contact for approval of
a copyright for use in a book I am
intending to publish? :

Twelve Rules of Success

1. Continually challenge your team to do better.
2. Take good care of your employees and they’ll take good care of your customers, and the customers will come back.
3. Celebrate your people’s success, not your own.
4. Know what you’re good at and mine those competencies for all you’re worth.
5. Do it and do now. Err on the side of taking action.
6. Communicate. Listen to your customers, associates and competition.
7. See and be seen. Get out of your office, walk around, make yourself visible and accessible.
8. Success is in the details.
9. It’s more important to hire people with the right qualities than with specific experience.
10. Customer needs may vary, but their bias for quality never does.
11. Eliminate the cause of a mistake. Don’t just clean it up.
12. View every problem as an opportunity to grow.

Posted By: Juliette Adams (01/03/2011 at 10:31 PM)

Mr. Marriott:

A Blessed New Year from both Terica and myself. You set a greater target and you achieved it in 2010. You send a message of question also to us, especially the younger ones.. What are we also putting our energy towards that substantially creates a better world and elevates humanity? You inspired me to send my first ever blog and that was to you. I love your dedication and commitment and simplicity, yet power in your communication. It’s bigger than MARRIOTT. It is a taste of the power of the manifestation of the vast universal forces, and I thank you for your boldness and courage in sharing that part of yourself unselfishly.

I am thrilled by your courageous comment in stating: “No matter the size of the hotel where our people work, or the location, every single associate is important to me and to our business, and this holiday season, I’d like to thank each and every one of them for all that they do.”

“Success seems to be connected to action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they never quit.” -J.W Marriott

Thanks again for sharing you as you keep “Marriott on the Move.”

Posted By: N Gregor Macgregor (01/04/2011 at 08:54 AM)

Happy New Year Bill. As with many of your other posters I have been a Marriott Rewards Elite platinum member for a number of years, in fact since 1998!
Great hotels, great service, great rewards programme!
I do however hade a comment on policy that I would like to raise with you, who do I email it to?

Posted By: James Kederis (01/04/2011 at 11:06 AM)

What will happen to hotel occupancy in the next two years when gas cost $4/gallon and then $5? Do you think it will help those properties with a free breakfast? As an old guy (me), I wish there where more spa's or Whirlpools at your hotels.

Posted By: Peter Marshall (01/05/2011 at 02:36 PM)

Dear Sir,
Whilst enjoying your hotels and being looked after so well by your staff as a silver elite member in the USA i only wish the same could be said in the UK! As a UK silver elite member this means nothing in all the hotels i have stopped in London. Whilst we will keep using your wonderful hotels in the USA i am afraid as far as the UK is concerned the membership is worthless. i realise this wont go on your blog but hopefully someone at head office may take note.
Happy New Year

Posted By: Rameshinder Singh Sandhu (01/07/2011 at 05:19 PM)

Dear Mr. Marriott,
I would like to share something with proud and pleasure that it was an amazing and an inspiring experience at the Courtyard by Marriott, Zurich where I did my six month training from Feb to Aug ’08 in the Food and Beverage department. This is mainly because management there is excellent who actually brought the important principle of Marriott into practise that, “It takes a happy employee to make a happy customer”.
I would honestly say that Managers here were very motivated who took keen interest to keep their employees happy and by always making sure that the employees are appreciated whenever they do work well. I still remember when I got a written compliment from an airline crew for my good service to them; my restaurant manager Mr. Michael ***** had displayed my appreciation letter on the notice board and also communicated the same among other associates including the Human Resource manager, Ms. Isabelle ******* and the General Manager, Stefano ***********. I felt so good when both General Manager and the Human Resource manager congratulated me over the letter. This made me really happy and increased my love and attachment towards Marriott. Other than this, whenever any employee did an exceptional job he or she was encouraged in the same manner. What I liked the most in my manager is that he always used to help his team in every way possible and maintained excellent relations with everyone in the team.
For Human Resource manager, Ms. ******* – I must say that whenever anyone met her, he or she used to become extra happy as this manager had the right qualities of a Human Resource manager who was more like a friend with every associate. I must say that very few organizations have a Human Resource manager like Ms. ******* and it is very important to have such managers to keep the employees happy. The Reservation manager, Ms. Lara **** was also very nice who was so cheerful and kind. Sharing experiences and taking suggestions from her was very inspiring. The General Manager, Mr. *********** was also an exceptional manager with whom everyone was happy and I consider his every action inspiring.
In short, I was lucky to get the training chance in Courtyard by Marriott, Zurich as it was very inspiring and encouraging for me. I have also discussed the same with my parents and friends who became excited and impressed to hear my experience.
Thank you so much! Such hotels where managers are so good make Marriott more famous.
Yours sincerely,
Rameshinder Singh Sandhu (
Guest Service Agent – Front Desk
Hilton Garden Inn, New Delhi/Saket, India
I am a Hotel and Hospitality Management Graduate from Lucerne, Switzerland. (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen – Scotland / BHMS, Lucerne, Switzerland).

Posted By: Cheap flight to Pakistan (01/10/2011 at 10:06 AM)

Happy New Year Mr Marriot.

Posted By: Anthony A.Vanagas (01/10/2011 at 09:28 PM)

Please compliment Juan ***** at the Biscayne Bay Marriott for a job well done at the Lost & Found Department. I lost my house keys in my room. He did a great job of returning my keys. Thanks. Tony Vanagas

Posted By: Valerie Page (01/14/2011 at 09:49 AM)

Hi Mr Marriot, i am trying to fill out areas of my family tree, and your family, specifically, your aunt Eva, married into the bloodline of my Candland family heritage. She married Harold Arthur Candland on 22 Feb 1932, in Fairfax County, Virginia. I've tried, with no success to find out if they had any children, Can you remember if they did???. My great great great grandmother, Elizabeth Candland, born 1824, in Barlaston, Staffordshire, England, was a first cousin, of the late and great Utah pioneering son, David Candland (1819-1902), who emmigrated from my country, to america in the mid 19th century. It's fascinating to find out where all the branches of my family end up, how they lived their lives. But it's continually a headache too, sometimes!!!. Trying to find any descendents of David Candland after 1930, has been a big challenge for me. I have looked on the John Marriot Historical Society Website, but again was disappointed to see Harold and Eva don't appear to have had any children. Anyway, good luck with your travels, and keep on going. My 3rd cousin Reuben, is 91, he still looks after himself, and lives with his son Gary. Reuben drives himself, and does his own shopping too!.

Best wishes from England,


Posted By: Miguel Violan (01/16/2011 at 10:55 AM)

Hi, Mr.Marriott. It is a big pleasure to know you are constantly visiting your hotels. That's the way Mr.Luis Riu, cofounder of RIU Hotels & Resorts, used to do until he died in 1998. RIU is a first-class brand wordlwide. Mr.Marriott, I wonder if you got acquainted with Mr.Riu or the Riu family and would really like to know your opinion about the product.

Best regards from Spain,

Miguel Violan,former RIU Communications Manager

Posted By: Mr and Mrs. F. Chan (01/24/2011 at 12:41 AM)

Hi Mr. Marriott,
I would like to commend the Manager of Marriott Springhills Hotel in Miami, Florida. She was extremely helpful and very service oriented. We had the unfortunate experience of American Airlines losing our luggage. We had a 9 month old baby with us without food, and clothes. My wife's clothes and accessories were also in the lost luggage. We were going on a cruise in a few hours. When I informed the Manager of my crisis, she had one of her employees help us by getting many of the things we needed without being asked to do so. She was the epitome of customer service. We recently became proud Marriott Resort Time Share owners. We became even more proud after this amazing experience at the Marriott Springhills with the Hotel Manager. We recommend she get a promotion or, at least, be a good candidate for a Marriott poster person.
Sincerely yours,
Mr and Mrs F. Chan

Posted By: Charlie C. Dill (05/18/2011 at 10:46 AM)

Beginning 4/25/11 two rooms were reserved at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Mount Vernon Rend Lake, one for 5 nights & one for 10 nights. The purpose of the trip was a new birth adoption by my son and his wife at St Mary's Hospital in Centralia. Upon arrival an upgrade was requested for one room since a new born baby would soon be joining my son and wife for a week. Oh, by the way we also had their adopted two year old on the trip. The hotel managers and staff were accommodating beyond expectations. From expediently working the upgrade through Marriott by manager Jason ***** to the beaming smiles at the front desk and in the hall ways by the maids, all the staff were friendly and made the stay very pleasant. The hotel is well maintained and efficiently operated. I have been a Marriott customer for quite a number of years. This Marriott hotel property, management and staff are some of Marriott's elite and rate as high as any in which I have stayed. My highest complements to Marriott ..................especially the Fairfield Inn & Suites Mount Vernon Rend Lake.

Charlie C. Dill

BTW: The adoption went beautifully well and we are blessed with a new grandson.

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