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What a Ride!

Posted:06/30/2011 2:17 PM

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I love cars, especially fast cars.  On my recent trip to Spain to launch our new AC Hotels by Marriott brand, my host and new business partner Antonio Catalan took me out to the Spanish race track in Madrid.  Even though I speak little Spanish and Antonio doesn’t speak very much English, we both have a tremendous passion for great hotels and also race cars.  


Take a look at the great picture below.  Can you identify the car I’m driving? Guess the car

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What a ride.  I reached speeds that must have been close to the sound barrier – or so it seemed.  As a token of our new partnership, I was presented my own racing helmet. 

Earlier, we had toured two of Antonio’s historic hotels in Madrid.  They are now part of our Autograph CollectionAC Santo Mauro is the former palace of a Spanish Duke.  AC Palacio Del Retiro is protected by Spanish National Heritage.   Each hotel has about 50 rooms and a lot of great old-world charm. 

I’m not sure which part of my day was more fun.  Touring our two new “historic” Autograph Collection hotels or putting the pedal to the metal at the Spanish race track.

The photo showing my “two-thumbs up” says it all.  It’s symbolic of both our companies coming together to form a winning team in racing and hotels.  There’ll be a lot of checkered flags in our future.  

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.

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Get a Taste for What it Takes at 'My Marriott Hotel'

Posted:06/17/2011 3:39 PM

My-Marriott-Hotel-Game When I visit our hotels, I always like to go to the kitchen. A clean, well-run kitchen usually means the rest of the hotel is also clean and well run.  In the hotel business, we call it "the heart of the house."  The kitchen is pretty close to my heart too, because that's where I got my start 55 years ago.  I was working in my parents' Hot Shoppes restaurant in Salt Lake City.

Not many people get to go behind the scenes of a Marriott kitchen, but now you can thanks to a new game we launched on our Jobs and Careers Facebook page.  The game, which we call "My Marriott Hotel," gives you a chance to run your own restaurant.  You get to buy equipment and ingredients on a budget, hire and train employees, and serve guests.  You earn points for happy customers and lose points for poor service and food.  When you turn a profit, you win!  It’s addictive.  One person reported playing the game for 36 hours straight. 

My-Marriott-Hotel-Female2 It's a new way for us to attract people from all over the world to hotel careers.  So far, in the first two weeks, people in 83 countries have played the game.

In some countries, parents want their children to be doctors and lawyers, and discourage them from pursuing careers in hospitality.  But we want them to know that hotel careers can be very rewarding.  In fact, about 40 percent of our managers started in hourly jobs.  It's part of our corporate culture “to train and retain.”

So, do you have what it takes to run a hotel restaurant? Try your hand at My Marriott Hotel and let me know.  I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the Move.

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Finding My "Ticket" at a Very Young Age

Posted:06/10/201112:21 PM

Ticket for a Free Root Beer at the Hot Shoppes I recently had another tour through our archives, which really spoke to the very early days of our company.  I remember when I was four or five years old, going up into the attic of our home and finding big boxes filled with A&W Root Beer tickets.  With one of these little orange tickets, if you presented it at a Hot Shoppes, you could get a free root beer.  Back in those days, root beer was selling for about ten cents a drink.  Boy, was I impressed when I saw all those free tickets.

So, I decided to work the neighborhood.  I took a little bag full of tickets and I went door to door trying to sell two tickets for a nickel.  That way, I thought I could boost my allowance and have some income.

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Get Moving at Marriott

Posted:06/02/2011 4:35 PM

Get Moving at Marriott As summer approaches, many people start thinking more about getting fit and leading healthier lifestyles.  We want to look better in our bathing suits.  But many find that it can be quite difficult to get started with a new exercise program or diet.

Our Marriott associates are no exception, and that’s why we’ve developed our TakeCare wellness program -- to help our associates and their families get started on their path to a healthier life.  This program is designed to help associates make small changes to their daily routine, because small changes add up and eventually become healthy habits.

As part of the program, we have created challenges in which many of our associates from around the world compete.  The most recent challenge launched at the beginning of May.  It’s called Get Moving at Marriott and it encourages participants to complete 150 minutes of exercise a week for 8 weeks.

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I'm Bill Marriott, Chairman & CEO of Marriott International.

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