At the Movies with The Ritz-Carlton

April 11, 2008
Ritz-movie-capture As you know, I love movies. Not long ago, I got to go to a first of its kind movie premiere. This wasn't just any premiere. It was the debut of a trio of short films from Ritz-Carlton and American Express.
Ritz-Carlton rented a theater in an upscale local shopping center here in Washington, D.C. They had girls dressed like the old Phillip Morris girls in their short skirts with boxes of cigarettes, only instead of cigarettes; they had M&M candies, which I thought was pretty neat. We went in and took our seats and were introduced to the films by the producer and the director and we saw three great films that Ritz-Carlton has put together.They're very well done. They were shot in Southern California at our Ritz-Carlton hotels in Marina del Rey and Laguna Niguel. Each one of them features actors and actresses playing Ritz-Carlton guests during their travels, and let me tell you - none of these stories lack drama or intrigue.

My favorite one was called "The Delay." It's about a young girl who's meeting her friends for a girls' weekend at the Ritz-Carlton. But her flight gets delayed, her luggage is lost and she ends up missing the concert she was supposed to attend with her friends. The artist was Duncan Sheik, who I understand is a popular musician these days. When she arrives at the hotel, the front desk employee immediately sees the guest could use some cheering up. I'm not going to give away the ending.

Ritz-Carlton and American Express teamed up to create these movies. It's an interesting way to excite viewers about travel and the packages they are offering. The films are being released one by one, but all three will be available this year. You can see them at and on the in-room TVs at all Ritz-Carltons. I hope you'll take a look.

I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

At the Movies with The Ritz Carlton

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Dear Mr. Marriott
I only got to watch one of those three movies, I have to say it is fantastic! Ritz Carlton has been always looking for ways to make every moment of the stay as enjoyable as possible. I was able to stay in couple of Ritz Carlton properties, the service in all those properties were great! Thank you for provide such excellent service!

Dear Bill,
I have seen 2 of these movies and they are fantastic. A really powerful and engaging way of communicating The Ritz Carlton brand. I find the creation of hotel brands fascinating and Marriott seems to doing some good work on this with the new Renaissance style and the brilliant new Courtyard lobby. Please keep up the good work innovating and developing what you are doing! I am fortunate enough to have experienced The Ritz Carlton mystique and hope I can again soon.