Hooked on Pilates for My Health

July 2, 2008

CIMG0546 When I first started blogging, I told you the story about how I started doing Pilates after my wife told me I was shrinking and needed to do stretching exercises.  That was over a year ago.  I'm still doing Pilates and it's great.  It's wonderful for my flexibility and makes me feel stronger and healthier - and a little bit taller!

I do Pilates at least twice a week when I can because it's such a great health benefit.  I decided to have a studio built here at Marriott's headquarters, just outside of Washington, D.C.  This way, many of our associates who work here can enjoy the Pilates classes and reap the benefits of a healthy body.  It's so important for us to take care of our people's health and help them learn how to exercise and do things that will help them manage their health and have a long life.

The studio is run by a company called Core Essentials.  They offer both private lessons and small group classes.  They use mats, the tower machines and other equipment.  The instructors are really great because they take time with each person and focus on their specific needs.

Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise and I hope a lot of you that read my blog have tried it too.  I'll admit, I was a little bit skeptical at first, but now I'm hooked.  I enjoy hearing about your exercise and fitness stories so leave a comment and share them with me.

I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Hooked on Pilates for My Health

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Hi Mr. Marriott,

I have been an associate of yours for 5 years. Within the time working in Marriott Hotels I struggled with my weight for years and years. I lost 105 pounds and became inspired by Pilates in such an amazing way. Now I instruct Pilates twice a week part time. And I LOVE PILATES!!! Its an amazing workout and great for overall well-being.

Keep up the amazing work Mr. Marriott!!

Candice L. Downs

While setting up reservations thru Marriott rewards this morning, the reservationist- after noticing my email address of pilatesctr@msn.com- mentioned your blogs about pilates. How wonderful! Hope you are still practicing- I finally talked my father into starting in my studio- it has done so much for him- He is 70 & some of my 30 year old students can't do what he can do.

Thanks for sharing. Note: Fortune 100 CEO's and employees, keep America strong, exercise!

Good Morning Mr. Marriot...This is an excellent idea to build a studio @ your Marriot properties. As a rewards member, i look forward to visiting your studio. Everyother weekend i visit a marriot porperty in Charlotte, N.C. Since i love to excerise and i enjoy motivating others,i believe your idea to build this studio is highly innovative in the health care/hospitality industry.

I was delighted to see that you you have added a studio for your associates. There is a direct correlation between productivity, motivation and good health. Not only will your company beneift but every employee who takes charge of their own health/habits will benefit. I firmly believe that preventative health initiatives are the way to helping companies contain the rising cost of healthcare insurance.
I would like to compliment Marriott on being one of the first hotels to build workout facilities. I have worked out regularly for 40 plus years and I remember traveling years ago and there were no workout facilities in hotels.......I had to do iso type exercises in the room. These resistance type exercises still work, but it is wonderful having the workout facilities. This is one of the factors in my becoming a loyal Marriott customer for these many years. I congratulate you for promoting good health.

Great to see you and Donna are on the Pilates road of health. The studio at Corporate looks terrific!
I have been doing Pilates for 10 years and it is also a wonderful mental stimulus.
Think of you often!

Mr. M - do my eyes deceive? Pilates! Holy Mackerel! Mrs. M knows how to get you moving. You inspire in many ways!

Hi Bill, I would be willing to pay a reasonable fee to attend Pilates class while staying at a Marriott. I know the equipment can take up space, but you dont need equipment for the basic Pilates. The Marriott gyms are more often than not filled and it is getting difficult to workout without getting up at 4AM. A Pilates class in another space would help alleviate some of the congestion.

Hello There, I agree with you. My daughter is a Pilates instructor/ massage therapist in the Santa Clarita Vally, CA. I love her classes. I wish we had a studio at our time share in Newport,CA maybe someday. Keep up the great exercise!

Kuddos to you Mr. Marriott. I wish I had half of your energy!! Maybe I should try Pilates.