Marriott and Rosetta Stone Teaching Together

July 31, 2008

V3_ESP-L1 I've found in all these years that the most important thing in success in life and in business is communication. Marriott is a very diverse company and our employees speak a lot of languages. Having hotels in almost 70 countries means our guests speak many languages too.

We're trying to bridge that gap, so we're rolling out several new tools to make sure nothing is lost in translation. Last year I blogged about Sed de Saber when it was originally rolled out. It's a computer program that helps our associates in the United States who speak Spanish learn how to speak English. It was such a success we now have a new version which will teach English-speaking associates how to speak Spanish. Maybe I ought to sign on and do it myself.

Now we're launching the Global Language Learning tool online. It was developed by Rosetta Stone and recreates the same environment in which people learned their native tongue, so it can teach people of all languages and abilities. We're offering it in Chinese, Spanish, Farsi, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, 30 different languages total. The rollout of the pilot has begun for select managers in the United States, and will be in place at all our hotels and offices in the future.

This is part of a major language rollout for Marriott International. is also debuting three enhanced websites. Now people in China, Latin American and German-speaking countries can research hotels, book a room and receive follow up confirmation emails in Chinese, Spanish and German.

Marriott is a truly diverse and global company. These are just some more examples of our commitment to be culturally tuned in to our guests and our associates around the world.

I'm Bill Marriott, and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Marriott and Rosetta Stone Teaching Together

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I am american I need to learn other languages to function in my own country..can you help me?? I want to learn spanish.. i would love very much to be a able to communicate effectively with different i would love to start with spanish and then french

Hello Mr. Marriott,
Just want to let you know about another terrific group of associates in your workforce. I stay at your hotels because the service is always excellent and it is a very safe environment. The staff at the Courtyard Marriott in San Antonio Texas on Santa Rosa St. are superb. They are kind, considerate, helpful people. Having stayed here 39 days previously, I got to know many of them pretty well. The front desk staff are just terrific. They have a sense of pride in their work, are happy, professional and have helped me numerous times getting to where I need to go in San Antonio. The housekeeping staff, maintenance as well as the management couldn't do enough. And your restaurant staff are equally as kind. As always, it is a pleasure to consider Marriott hotels my home when I am away from home.
Janet Burt

I think that it is phenominal to have the tools accessible in order to provide a diverse service. It is encouraging, in a global market that companies are expanding and extending resources that benefits both the consumer and the people who serve them.

I am delighted to hear this. I have recently started taking Spanish classes because I am aware of the evolution our country us undergoing. I am always amazed at the length the company goes to not only make sure that it is on top but also ensure that the associates are right there as well

My compliments on this initiative. A great way to honor employees, customers and the great diversity they bring to Marriott. Whenever I can, I always try to learn a few phrases and words in a variety of languages. A simple hello, please, thank you, you're welcome, and how are you?, all show a respect at a basic level that appeals to people. They seem surprised and pleased. I enjoy doing that, and keep the words close at hand in my pda and it's a great ice breaker. Just be sure you get the pronunciation correctly. Excellent idea Mr. Marriott!

Mr Marriot I'm glad to see that your company is taking the lead in language education. Especially for your business it is important to be able to communicate with a wide range of customers. Although Rosetta stone is not complete it is a good start. You should consider an allowance for your employees to seek continuing education at language schools where they can practice and learn from a teacher who is fluent in the language.
This will fill in the areas where Rosetta Stone is deficient and help the student improve their conversational fluency.

Bill, this is a fantastic plan, and I hope lots of businesses follow the example you're setting. I'm always delighted to meet and chat with staff members from different countries when I'm at a Marriott, such as the smiling front-desk guy from Africa and the lifeguard from Ukraine saving up for school. Marriott's a global company in many ways, and it shows.