Dad Always Said, Take Care of Your Employees

December 17, 2008

JWMarriottSrWaitStaffCAP Today is a very special day for me and for my family.  My dad, John Willard Marriott, Sr., is being inducted into the Labor Hall of Fame at the U.S. Department of Labor here in Washington, D.C.

As many of you know, my father, with the great help of my mother, Alice, founded this company, which started off as a nine-seat A&W root beer stand, in 1927.  Dad was a hard worker and our employees emulated that same work ethic.  He also believed the key to a successful business was to, first and foremost, take care of your employees because he always said, "If you take care of them, they'll take care of your customers and the customers will keep coming back again and again."

My father always made sure to take time to listen to his employees and let them know that they were a part of his extended family.  He also made sure they were well cared for.  In fact, he was one of the first employers to offer health care coverage to employees.  He hired a doctor and a surgeon to take care of their health needs for little or no money back in the 1930s.

To this day, Marriott believes it's our responsibility to promote wellness and help employees make good decisions about which health care plan is right for them and their families.  These plans include free preventive care, lower-cost drugs for those with chronic conditions and free sessions to help people quit smoking.

Through our "Know Your Numbers" campaign, we remind our associates of the importance of knowing your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and body mass index.  They keep a record of their numbers through a Personal Health Record.  We also offer health care coaches to help associates better understand their conditions and treatment options.

I am very proud of the legacy and high standards my father left behind that are now enshrined in the Department of Labor Hall of Fame.

I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Dad Always Said Take Care of Your Employees

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I am adding a comment to this post although it isn't directly related. Wednesday morning, I left MN for a trip across country to spend X-mas w/my sister & brother in law in DC. It has been a stressful drive w/storms. Last night, I stayed in Rockford, IL at a motel chain and it was unbelievably bad. Tonight, I am in Louiville and an hour ago checked into a Residence Inn. Entering my quarters for the evening was like visiting a relative's home. And, the woman at the front desk warm, friendly and professional. Nice job!

Hi! Mr. Marriott:
I worked for your company when I was in my early twenties as a PBX operator at one property and a Night Auditor in another.
I am now in my Forties and studying Psychology at the University of Phoenix. In our class exercise, we were asked to talk about Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation pertaining to employees and I immediately thought about your company!
I have always said to other people and now in my paper that your company looks after it's employees! And this is what keeps your company vibrant and alive.
I recalled to my instructor through my assignment some of the motivation techniques that your company taught me that remain with me to this day.
So thank you and congratulations! Your father was a great man!
Best regards,
Joanne Ryshpan-Harris

Congratulations to you and your family on the recognition you all deserve, Mr. Marriott.
For 19 years, I have been preparing high school students for entry into the hospitality industry. I've placed a significant percentage in Marriott brands specifically because I've felt that the environment of the Marriott hotels present my students with a positive entry into the field. I've never been disappointed!
Recently, I've been working on acquiring my Certified Hospitality Instructor certification through AH&LA and through classes and professional shadows, have learned even more about the Marriott perspective. The Courtyard at University of Delaware and the Marriott Cincinnati North were incredible properties staffed with unbelievable associates! I've taken so much back to my students from these experiences.
Happy Holidays to all!

Your & timeshares..indicate your committment to excellance,,,I am Plat.Elite memeber

My daughter and I stayed at a Courtyard Inn down in Savannah, Georgia and it was the best night's sleep I had, outside my own bed. The employees were friendly, polite, and willing to help with anything we needed. My niece works in one of your restaurants in the Washington D.C. area and had for many years. She loves it there, and I hear she is well liked by employees and customers, alike. Thank you for your wonderful business ethics and passing that on to your employees.

Congrats to your and the entire Marriott family this award is a reflection of a lifetime of commitment by everyone in the Marriott family continue to keep up the good work. OUr family enjoys every visit we have made to one of your properties. On one of our family adventures 10 years ago to Washington DC we took the AMtack from Ohio to DC and stayed in the property near the National Zoo we were fortunate enough to stay in the older section of the hotel which had been restored and was very charming, that is when I found and read my first copy of your book Power to Serve it was in the bedside table and for the next couple of days on the subway rides that was the book I would carry with me and to this day I use some of those concepts sayings when working with families and staff. Thank you for raising my awareness and being a voice of reason and compassion to everyone.
Keep up the good work and keep on keeping on the move.....
peace be with you Debbie

Growing up in the Washington DC I have fond memories of Hot Shoppes,Tops Drive Inns, and the first Marriott Hotels Twin and Key Bridges, particularly the Hot Shoppe on 14 and G Street. I remember my dad asked me for the best treat I can have and my answer was the Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake and a Mighty Mo. I met your father Mr. Marriott Senior at the Hot Shoppe. I still go to the other side of town, when traveling, to stay at a Marriott. I have been a Platinum 195 334 453 with your company for more than at least a dozen years without a break. If there is a Marriott in a city I will not stay anywhere else. I am sure the secret for my loyalty lies with Mr. Marriott Senior and yourself by taking care of employees, anticipate the customer needs, resulting in the finest customer service.

Well, your father's spirit is certainly alive and well at the Fullerton Marriott! The managers there, Ron and Rodney, create such a freindly environment it feels like a second home.
Congratulations on your fathers recognition as well for a great chain!

As an army officer for more than 26 years, I always said that mission was first and people were second to none. If you take care of your people (soldiers) they will take care of the mission. This worked for me and obviously works well for you too.

Mr. Marriott, I'm a former, retired employee (28 yrs.) and wanted to express my congrats on your dad's induction into the Labor Hall of Fame. Reading your comments brought back many fond memories of the greatest company ever.
Merry Christmas and all the best for a good new year!
Susan (worked first for Bob ******* at the old HQ)

The award is from the Labor Movement? I'd be leary of such an award.

WOW....Mr. B. Marriot...How I Learned to Pay Attention to the Details....that was AWESOME!! First, let me say, Mr. Marriot, I don't know how I got on your email list-.but,I'm Sooooooo GLAD-..I Did!!!
I am a Director of Youth Ministry here in Des Moines, Ia. and I-NEEDED-How I Learned to Pay Attention to the Details" !!!
I don't believe in Coincidences-I Believe in "Divine Appointment" if you will-....and receiving these "Words of Wisdom" was just that!!
Now, I don't want this "comment" to become a "Short Novel"-tears tears tears-..but...I soooooo needed this today!!
And...I had prepared a looooong response....then...I had to Pay Attention to the Details....this was being posted for EVERYONE to DIGRESSED :-) !!
Yet,this statement was VERY Prophetic for me Mr.Marriot and if anyone argues w/that.....I encourage them to ask.....MOSES !!!
Have a Blessed Christmas and PLEASE.....keep the WISDOM.....A coming :-) !!
Pastor T...........Encouraged and out !!!

You are correct it is only by taking care of your associates that your business will succeed as they are the ones who take care of your customers. I just returned yesterday from a trip to NYC. We stayed at the Courtyard on 5th Ave and 40th Street. I want to commend you on your staff at your location. We were visiting for my daughters 19th birthday. Frank the front desk manager resolved a room situation efficiently and effectively. You bellman, Willie made my daughter feel special, like a princess as she walked around with her tiera and sash. And Frank had the staff deliver brownies and ice cream on her birthday to our room. Brian also a bellman made sure we had transportation to all of our locations. And on our last day, I suffered a broken arm while ice skating at Bryant Park. We had to send the girls back to the hotel as the ambulance only allowed one passenger and that was my sister. She called Brian to let him know what happened and that the girls were on there way back and were upset. She asked him to call her when they arrived so she could rest assured they were safe. And he did. The front desk ladies comforted them and made sure they returned to the room and that they were there for them if they needed anything. I will tell you that as I lay in the scariest ER I have ever been in, I felt comfort knowing my family was taken care of by the Marriott staff! I can not express to you enough how wonderful and caring your staff was for our visit. And when we return to NYC we will only stay at the Courtyard at 5th and 40th Street as their service was impecable!

I'm actually Mikael's wife but i normally do our Marriott hotel bookings and by doing so, have been in contact with thousands of your employees. I sincerely appreciate the efforts you are taking for the good of your employees. We, your guests benefit from their service. We have been staying at Marriott hotels for many years now and your chain has been a very significant part of our lives. It has seen us through the start of my husband's career, being our hotel of choice when we would move between states for a new job. We are a family of four with two young children. We were staying at the Residence Inn at the New Orleans Convention center before hurricane Katrina struck. We evacuated and stayed at the Courtyard West Univ and Residenced Inn in Westheimer for more than a month. Your staff had been most helpful in making the whole experience bearable for us. We could not have found more sensitive people to assist us during our (and countless others) time of need. We have been living expatriate lives after the hurricane as my husband took foreign posts. We have always stayed at a Marriott hotel whenever there is one in the city we are in. We've stayed at many hotels (actually lived in them for months!) But if there's a Marriott in town, we stayed there. Our last stay was in Quito, Ecuador last Oct. It was our 10th wedding anniversary and the people at the Executive lounge just went out of their way to celebrate with us. We felt like we were with family. It is just awesome to think that you inspire this kind of attitude towards your employess. It doesnt matter where we are in our lives, in a crisis or celebrating, whenever we go and stay at your hotel, we feel that we are amongh family. We feel at home. In this world today where we see so much hardship, violence and apathy, we sincerely thank and commend you for inspiring your people to perform their jobs as if it wasn't a job. In Quito, our day started and ended with a wonderful smile and a friendly greetings from the hotel doorman! It was amazing. I find it simply awesome that people could actually feel at home in a hotel. We always do at the Marriott. Again, thank you.

Dear Mr.J.W. Marriott, Jr
8 months ago i was suprised with a gift card to visit somi decided to make thesee of your hotels. Well i decided to give a important step in my life, take my girlfriend in a vacation at Costa do Sauipe Marriot, and i prepared a surprise to her. With the help of an excelent team that receive us with a bunge of fruits and a Champaigne i took her to the beach and ask her to marry with me. In march 14th of next year we will get married.
Today reading a email sent by you, i remember the good times expend in one of Marriot Hotels and all the blessed it brings to my life, and decided to say thanks and hope the best for all Marriot family and team.
And by the way i would like to congratulates for your father. Well he is really roght cause we and my wife will always coming back.
Best Regards,
Have a nice Christmas and New Year.
Mauro Federighi and Caroline