A Marriott Associate Who Gave 'The Pants Off His Legs'

April 2, 2009

IStock_000003273127XSmall I've blogged many times before about the wonderful service our Marriott associates provide to our guests.  Today, I have yet another great service story to share, but it's a little different from those in the past.

It takes place at the Residence Inn in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  A guest of the hotel came to the front desk one morning holding a pair of black pants on a hanger with a very panicked look on his face.  He explained that he had come into town for a meeting that morning and in his haste, had accidentally packed his wife's slacks instead of his own.  He was hoping there might be an extra pair in the hotel's lost and found or that someone could direct him to a store to buy a new pair of pants as he had a meeting very soon.

There was nothing in the lost and found, and with only 10 minutes until his meeting, he was never going to make it to a store in time.  However, one of the hotel's front desk associates, Krasi, noticed that he happened to be the same size and offered him the pair of pants he was wearing.  The pants turned out to be a perfect fit for our guest and off he went to his meeting.  Fortunately for Krasi, he had another pair of casual pants with him that he was able to wear until the grateful guest returned.

Krasi truly went above and beyond to help this guest.  While he didn't exactly give him the shirt off his back, he sure gave him the pants off his legs.  This is one of the most unique customer service stories I've heard in all my years with the company and the kind of service that keeps our guests coming back again and again.

I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

A Marriott Associate Who Gave the Pants Off His Legs

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Just returned from a trip to Branson. Stayed at the Fairfield Inn at Independence, MO on our way. We left part of some medical equipment by mistake and they moved heaven and earth to get it to us by the next morning in Branson. Marriott employees are always helpful but Sheila and Elaine went out of their way to help us. That's what I love about Marriott

I often travel in southern Ontario and do absolutely everything possible to stay in Marriott hotels for clean comfortable accommodation and excellent service. What a great story. I had the clothes blunder before, but not quite up to the last moment as the gentleman mentioned. What a great savings!

Fortunately I have never needed pants in a hurry although I have had a Marriott manager give me his tie from around his neck because I spilled ketchup on mine at the lunch just before a keynote speech

Great story, Mr. Marriott... particularly since, in today's commoditized hotel environment, moments of truth are measured by positive experiences. I, for one, swear by the staff at the Miami Airport Marriott... Martha, Karina, and Zsuzsa always made my stays memorable and pleasant. The hotel additions and modifications look great too! I know this is a special hotel for you, so, you'll be pleased to know that it looks great.

Read this via reference on Twitter. There is always an opportunity when a problem presents itself. Thanks for a great story that I can share with our Professional Services Team. It's quite memorable and makes a great point about creative problem solving to achieve a client's objective and the loyalty that it earns which is priceless.

This is an example of the kind of customer service that keeps clients coming back. It is a moment of truth like Jan Carlzon put it in his book, a moment when you can make a difference and win the customer's loyalty.

Great story. This is an example of why Marriott is my favorite hotel chain.

Great story. I stay on a regular basis at the Fairfield Suites (just around the corner from Res. Inn) They have helped me when I needed longer parking and are always super helpful.

April 7, 2009
SUPER for the manager ...... acknowledging that he / she had a super employee.

That is a great story of true dedicated employee. Great job!

WOW - You go Krasi!!! This is one of the best customer service stories I've heard, and could one day turn in to a fact-based legend that all hoteliers tell their employees to demonstrate what customer service really means :-)

Awesome job, Krasi! That what keeps Marriott in the forefront of hotels.

My family is staying at the Residence Inn Bradenton Florida and Robbie is the nicest most helpful front desk clerk I have ever had help me at the Marriott hotels.

I love the Marriott stories. News about new hotel openings, new services and the like are welcomed and appreciated, but it is the stories that I remember! I hope that there will be a future edition of the Marriott book Our Stories. Thanks for starting my day off on a positive note!

Krasi exemplified true service and is a reflection of the great company Marriott is known for. This is why I choose Marriott over others. Continued success Marriott and Krasi!

kindly note that this issue of Marriott newsletter is interesting lesson accordance philosophy in professional customer service, hospitality operation on one of Marriott branch in Canada,while guest missing his pants without anther pants available and he must going to meeting within 10 minutes one of front office clerk save the situation by giving him pants which is the same size,
i think that this article is suitable for tittle (loyalty customer )(loyalty employee which the main target,purpose of Marriott operation philosophy, , i was working in Cairo Marriott before 20 years old there was a similar situation happened with me under topic multiply tusk,i was working in omar cafe which is main dining room ,for breakfast reservation group,i was working in night shift ,then suddenly group arrived in the morning without previous reservation and there was no empty place in omar cafe the only available open outlet in that time 7.am was( grill gezira)which was french restaurants but it was dinner operation only not breakfast operation ,in that day the outlet manager asked some one whom finished night shift to working extra time because there is no one in crew member in that time on french resaturant at(7.am)morning i agree to safe the situation ,because my ideology is sincere work is enjoyable work which anther lesson of loyalty employee and loyalty customer,in the other hand every issue of Marriott on the movie is new example of Marriott operation in loyalty customer and loyalty employee ,regrds

That's truly remarkable! Thanks for sharing this story with us, Mr. Marriott.

That is awesome -- Fortunately I have never needed pants in a hurry although I have had a Marriott manager give me his tie from around his neck because I spilled ketchup on mine at the lunch just before a keynote speech -- And yes that is another reason why I am a VERY VERY loyal Marriott rewards memeber since 1983.

My story isn't as exciting but I was just as grateful. I desperately needed an umbrella to run to the next building (in the rain) to be on time for my meeting. The women at the front desk of the Bethesda Suites Marriott looked all over for an umbrella to lend me. When none turned up, one of them ran to her own car to lend me her personal umbrella. I was on time for my meeting, dry and grateful.

The pants off his own legs is another example of what true customer service is all about. I work in the hospitality business and this is characteristic comes from within. It is something that can be learned but few actually have it. I learned service through my faith and now use the principles to feed my family. You can feed a man a fish and he will eat for a day, or teach him how to serve his customers and he will eat for a lifetime. In this downward economy I have had two competitors asking me to come and play on their team. If you are a servant instead of expecting to be served, your giftings always make room for you. Marriott is in the business of serving and this story is one to grow on.

I had a similar situation with a Marriott Courtyard in Norwalk, CT. The new manager of the hotel actually loaned me her book bag so I could carry my computer to a client meeting. I had left my bag at home and could not carry the computer in a plastic bag. The manager literally emptied her bag and handed it to me and told me to use as long as I needed it. What great service. I let her manager know what a great new employee she had and I was impressed with the service.

I travel in Southern Ontario frequently and make absolutely every effort to stay at Marriott Hotels for the clean comfortable accommodations and excellent service. What a great story. I've had clothing faux pas before but not quite down to the wire as the gentleman mentioned. What a great save!!!!

A SUPER EMPLOYEE for sure that i hope will be promoted to a management position.