D.C. United Soccer Players Get Their Kicks in New Fairfield Inn and Suites Lobby

April 28, 2009

DSC_5055soccer Since I began blogging about two and a half years ago, I've learned a lot about the brave new world of communications.  Our company has also made many advances, embracing social media like Twitter and YouTube.  We've developed a highly interactive website for one of our brands, gocourtyard.com; and I even filmed a video entry for my blog last year about Thanksgiving.  We've been doing a lot of exciting things with video lately - one of my favorites was when dance sensation David Elsewhere showed off his best moves in one of our TownePlace Suites.

And just a few weeks ago, we released another really exciting video featuring members of Washington's pro soccer team, D.C. United.  The four soccer players, dressed in suits, are checking out after a night spent in one our newest Fairfield Inn & Suites hotels.  They just can't resist kicking the ball around a little bit before they leave the hotel, and eventually a full-blown soccer game breaks out.  With so much space to spread out, the players start showing off their best tricks and some of our associates got in on the action!

It's a high energy video and a lot of fun to watch - and thankfully, nothing was broken!  Take a look - but remember, these are professionals and I encourage anyone who wants to start up an impromptu soccer game, please hold it outside the hotel!

I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

DC United Soccer Players Get Their Kicks in New Fairfield Inn Lobby

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Hello I would like to make a positive comment about a brand new marriot I recently visited. It was the Springhill suites in Cincinnati. I just happened to start my business trip of 10 days at this hotel that just happened to open a day earlier. I want everyone to know that it was one of the best experiences I had staying at a hotel. Even though the hotel just opened, everything went great, from the exceptionally clean rooms to the great breakfast and more important the friendly staff. The manager of this hotel should be extremely proud of there staff because they were great. I stayed there for 10 days on a business trip, and any one that is away from home that long can appreciate a good stay at a hotel. thanks

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! Anytime my home team is doing something fun like this is awesome! Good job Fairfield Inn!

Dear Mr. Marriott,
That ball did rock in the Fairfield Lobby. A few comments; I'm still astounded that this was safely done with the lobby remaining in one piece but, I guess miracles do exist. As for the team and hotel employees: nice game momentum guys. Mr. Olsen that was one awesome shot you made at that van. Housekeeper: that was one properly administered yellow card and you do have style when you want to celebrate something. I loved the clip. It was excellent. As a matter of fact I watched several of the clips and I liked them all. The WI-FI free internet with the changing surroundings around the guest in the hotel was one fine one. I appreciated the clip where Ms. ****** and Ms. ***** explained the know-how of making an eco-friendly office. Nice work ladies. The hospitality facilities advertised were gorgeous. The eco-friendly promos were truly interesting. In the Laundry that serves the six Marriott Hotels, I literally thought that the laundry machine that reuses the water in the washing system was truly remarkable. Best Wishes for you and your wonderful staff.