Renaissance Hotels Offer Aspiring Filmmakers a Chance to Work with Spike Lee

May 5, 2009

SpikeLee These days, everybody can be a filmmaker using their digital cameras, Flip cameras and even cell phones.  People love to share and watch others' videos.  Our Renaissance hotels are participating in an online version of a film festival called MOFILM. Eleven other companies with strong brands like Kodak, Visa and AT&T are part of the festival, also.

Each company is asking fans and aspiring filmmakers to create short videos, no longer than two minutes, to tell a story for their brand.  Renaissance is looking for sophisticated yet genuine videos that show how our hotels and resorts help travelers discover the world around them.

Each of the twelve companies will choose a winner, who will receive a prize from that particular brand.  The Renaissance prize is really fantastic - our winner will receive a seven day, six night trip to a major film festival of their choice within the next year.  The winner can choose from film festivals in Paris, New York, London, Hollywood, Toronto, Miami or Sydney, Australia.  There are also prizes for second and third place.

All twelve of the brand winners will have their video showcased by acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee at the Cannes Advertising Festival in France this June.  Three finalists will be chosen from the top twelve and will receive an all expense paid trip to Cannes for the festival, and the grand prize winner will get $12,000 and an apprenticeship with Spike Lee on his next film or ad.

I'm a big movie and film buff, so I think this is really cool and I'm excited that our Renaissance brand is a part of it.  The deadline to post your video entries online is coming up soon, on June 8th, so get to work and show us how Renaissance Hotels and Resorts help you discover the world around you.

To learn more about this project you can go to the MOFILM website, and you can also follow Renaissance throughout the contest via our Twitter page.

I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Renaissance Hotels Offers Aspiring Filmmakers the Chance to Work with Spike Lee

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Mr. Marriott--
It is always a pleasure communicating with you. I just spent the weekend at The Renaissance, Providence, Rhode Island. The staff was most attentive and the food at the Temple Restaurant--outstanding. On to film. As you know, I work in the arts and have an have a passion for film making. In fact, while in Providence I shot 378 images of night photography. Next week, I leave for San Franciso to attend the San Francisco International Film Festival. I am staying at the Resaissance Stanford Court, our home away from home. Mr. McCoy's assistant Isabelle took care of all the arrangements. While in San Francisco I will work on 2 films. I applaud you and Marriott's commitment to supporting the arts. Second, I like the fact your design team displays some outstanding art at your Renaissance hotels world-wide. Looking forward to my next Renaissance stay. Camera is on. Cue talent. Talent is cued. We are rolling. And....action!
Brendan Ben Feeney
Marriott Gold Level Member

Bill, I'm excited to see Renaissance Hotels offering this content to aspiring filmmakers. As you said, the growth in portable recording devices has made video a huge part of the travel experience over the past few years.
Smart hospitality companies such as Marriott realize this, and make their guests part of the creative production process. I love how you're offering a great prize for the winner. Too many companies take user-produced content for granted - by offering an attractive reward you should see some good entries.
I'll be excited to see how this contest turns out!

Great idea. Good for you Marriot Group. At the end of the day 'the community' are your customers. Look forward to seeing the Ads

I don't stay in a hotel because they give me a newspaper in the morning. I had some issues with Marriot customer service several years ago and refused to stay in one of their hotels - Until last year. I was working in Canton, OH on an extended project and the Residence Inn went beyond all expectations and made me feel truly welcome. I had never seen this level of service by any hotel and have to say that now I look for Marriott. I would like to thank the entire staff at the Residence Inn in Canton. Because of thier dedication and professionalism, I am now a Platinum Member. This is what makes Mariott a name to look for when traveling. Thanks so much.

You can request the paper during check/in. Taking a green approach makes sense. Majority of hotel guests do not need the paper in the morning. I can see it all the time when I walk through hallways in any hotel I stay. Anyway most people get the latest news on their berry or computer.

I believe Marriott has done the right thing in this new realm of how people get their news. With the concern with the environment at a conistent high, its nice to see a company so concious of it's ecological footprint. Having options like blackberry's, free high speed internet in the lobby and of course the television, it's very understandable to see Marriott phasing out this paper process. Don't worry Marriott you still have my business.

This has nothing to do with this posting. The Marriott Courtyard that I stay at in Silver Spring MD noted that they will no longer deliver the USA Today to the rooms. They noted that this was a corporate decision. For person who stays in a Marriott 3-4 nights per week, 48 weeks per year, this shows how low Marriott is taking its customer service. What does that paper cost to Marriott? $.25 or $.30? If a hotel can't offer a free paper for the $230 per night room charge, perhaps I need to rethink my alliance to your company and consider another chain that might offer this simple service. I am a Platinum Member, btw. Until now I have been very, very pleased with Marriott...until now.