Welcoming Ritz-Carlton President Simon Cooper to the World of Twitter

June 15, 2009

SimonCooperTwitterOnly When I started blogging more than two years ago, I got a lot of "high-fives" from other bloggers for embracing this era of technology and trying out a new form of communication.  Since then, there have been many advancements and I've learned about Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.  There are probably more but it's tough to keep up with them all!

While I may not exactly be up to speed on the latest trends, I do understand and appreciate the value of social media and so does our company.  And now I'd like to welcome Simon Cooper, who heads our Ritz-Carlton brand, to social media.  He has started his own Twitter feed.  He'll be updating all of his followers with the latest news from Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world, sharing his own personal thoughts, discussing trends and just having a good conversation.

We also have a Marriott International Twitter feed to share news about the company and the rest of our brands, as well as a green Twitter feed with updates on our latest green initiatives.

I think it's great that Simon and Ritz-Carlton are embracing social media, such as Twitter.  It's a perfect match because Ritz-Carlton is the customer service champion in our industry and a brand that really gets to know its guests.  I hope you'll give Simon a warm welcome by becoming a follower.

I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Welcoming Ritz Carlton President Simon Cooper to the World of Twitter

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I was wondering if anyone has tried to utilize the new Destination points with Marriott. Am I the only one seeing only the disappointment?

I must tell you Mr. Marriott, you have motivated me to blog for our company. Our company enjoys our relationship with Marriott and we love following your lead. I hope you'll vist our blog, too: at www.mchg.com/blog.

My apologies - you were quite easy to find online - glad to be on board! Glen

Is Marriott on Facebook? I'd love to see you there. I am a BIG Marriott fan and promote your hotels to anyone who will listen. You're doing so well online, please consider joining us there if you're not already doing so!

I join Stuart in his query. I would definitly stay at Ritz-Carlton Rose Hill in Jamaica more often if I would earn Marriott points for my stays there.

I am interested in seeing Marriott/Ritz going green with faster and hosted wireless with the Meraki System.
If interested contact me . I live the DC area.

Twitter is the only internet service that will work in your hotels. I have stayed at 3 Marriott hotels in downtown Philadelphia and all have horribly slow internet access. Please step into the broadband century. I just cannot stay with you any more until this is fixed.

Welcome Simon! Inquiring minds do want to know one thing: When will Ritz-Carlton accept Marriott points, both in earning and using at Ritz-Carlton properties worldwide?