Marriott Remains Committed to Hospitality in Jakarta and Around the World

July 17, 2009

Associate assisting We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life and injuries that resulted from the apparent suicide bombings today at the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia. We appreciate all the words of support that have come in from members of our extended Marriott family around the world.  In honor of the victims of today's terrible act of violence, our flag at Marriott headquarters is flying at half staff.

In recognition of the unfortunate realities in which we live, we have had rigorous security procedures in place at these hotels and others around the world.  I want to personally assure you that the safety and security of our guests and associates has been, and will always be, one of our highest priorities.

We are currently doing our best to take care of the guests, associates and their families at the two hotels.   We are also cooperating closely with the authorities as they investigate the incident. From what we have determined so far, the hotels were not structurally damaged and we hope to reopen them as soon as we can confirm that they are safe. 

It is a sad truth in today's world that, if someone is willing to sacrifice his or her own life in an attack, there are no guarantees of safety. Nonetheless, we remain committed to do our best to implement tough and effective security procedures working with our associates, outside security experts and the authorities. And we remain committed to providing a place of hospitality, for public diplomacy, business and enjoyment for our guests, and providing opportunity for our wonderful associates who work in Jakarta and around the world.

Finally, your expressions of support and concern mean a lot to me personally. Thank you for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Marriott Remains Committed to Hospitality in Jakarta and Around the World

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I was staying at the Marriot in Jakarta at the time of the bombing and I too am deeply saddened by the tragic losses to human life. The staff at the Marriot in Jakarta is top notch and wonderful, I agree!
However, with the facts coming out that the bombers took the bombs inside the hotel, despite security, and also were able to talk their way past the security guard at the Marriot, I wonder when the Marriot is going to take responsibility for their part is allowing this to happen? I have stayed in Jakarta numerous times and was at the Ritz Carlton two weeks before as well. Security is decent but not that tight. I would like to see something from Mr. Marriot accepting responsibility for this, and outlining what affirmative actions they are going to take to make sure this does not happen again.

Yesterday I joined with family and friends in New Zealand to farewell Tim Mackay, the much-loved and respected CEO who lost his life in the Jakarta bombings. I wish to extend my sincere condolences to the families of all the victims. Whilst the intention of terrorists is deliberately unpredictable, I do hope that some changes will be effected in response to this multiple tragedy. International media have noted that a Marriott security guard challenged the bomber, but elected to allow him to proceed into the meeting where he detonated his bomb. Details of this account suggest that frontline staff recruitment and training would benefit from review in the light of the tragedy, as would security around regular events involving high-profile potential terrorist targets. A plethora of other suggestions spring to mind, but I trust that they will be identified by your internal review procedures.

As a hotel manager for another company, I can tell you that no one is prepared for what you had to endure. I wanted to say sorry to all the families who lost loved ones in the suicide bombings. I also want to encourage all of the associates to stay the course, and do not quit and let the terroists have more victims! Please know that the whole world is watching and praying over this situation!

My sincere condolences to all associates and those people who lost their loved ones. As one of the former Marriott associates, I was very sad to hear what happened and I am sure thal all Marriott associates arond the world felt the same. Please don't give up. Your families around the world are praying for you and always stand by your side.

Mr Marriott,
I have stayed at this hotel in Jakarta for almost 18 months off and on now and I actually had reservations to check in the night of the 17th the Staff and personnel at the JW Marriott in Jakarta are wonderful, Professional people and have been like family to me. I am now in another hotel in Jakarta but very unhappy and sad about what happened I will be eager to check back in to the Marriott Jakarta as soon as it reopens it's doors I would prefer to stay no where else in Jakarta I miss my home and my friends there I pray for all the families and staff my heart goes out to them. Sincerely Terry Canfield

I was one of the associates of JW Marriott Jakarta during the bomb blast 1 on 5 Aug 2003. Although, it has been almost 6 years ago but the memory will never be forgotten. I still remember how the associates and the guests are getting stronger after the incident. I will always have Marriott in my heart. No matter how difficult the situation is, but I am sure 'The Griffin' will once again rise. Do not worry, do not fear! We will always support you.

I'm deeply sad to hear about the attacks. God bless their families and gives them the strength they need on these hard times.

My sincere condolences to those wounded and the families of those lost in the attack. Many years ago I worked a security detail for the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. Our greatest concern was always for the safety and well being of our guests. Today's environment has changed so much, but hotel security has evolved as well. I am confident that Marriott will continue to be a wonderful experience for their guests and they are doing everything humanly possible to make sure it is save as well. Best wishes to the staff as they rebuild.

Mr. Marriott,
It is so unfortunate that this is the reality we face in today's world. We know that everyone at these locations will go out of their way to assist guests and associates who have been affected, and this is appreciated by all.

Bill, I am a long time guest of this hotel and very deeply sadden by the events, I know the staff and am concerned about their safety. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I will continue to support this hotel and not hide from the acts of the cowards that committed these crimes. On another note I am disappointed in the fact that I am staying at a Marriott as I write this and asked the hotel if the flags would be lowered and informed them that I knew staff in this incident, I was told they would not lower the flags unless instructed in writing by Marriott. I am not pleased with this. I will continue to support Marriott around the world and have a lot of friends in the staff worldwide. Best regards Eugene

It's very sad.
I found myself at a loss for words of consolation. I stayed there 2 years ago and that reminds me of warm and pleasant place like my hous.
I hope injured people will recover soon.

Dear Sir,
I'm sad with the latest incidence as I always stay with JW Marriott on my business trips to Jakarta. I had infact had a resevation for the 10th Aug 2009. The reason that I posted my comment was that I had in the past did voice out some security issues on the feedback and regret that this bad things had occurred. I'll continue support JW Marriott Hotels where ever I'm on business or pleasure.
Capt Lee

Dear Mr. Marriott
i wish to concey my sincere condoleances to the people at the JW Marriott Jakarta.
i have stayed numerous time there in the last 2 years and i always thought that this hotel had the highest level of security i ever seen, unfortunately the terrorists found a crack in the security system.i will for sure return there when it reopens since we cannot let those people win and i will for sure continue staying at the Marriott hotels around the world as i do for the last 10 years and around 100 days per year and i will continue supporting all the nice people that work for your company and makes our stays unforgetable.
Serge Gutieres
Global VP Sales Morgan Schaffer Inc.

The greatness of the Marriott corporation shines through in these times of tragedy and sorrow. The strength of the Marriott name is more than buildings--it is the service that every associate gives each of us at every property.
The compassion your corporation has shown for these associates is wonderful, your support for everyone in these awful times is exemplary, and of course, your determination to not let the perpetrators feel that they have shut your hotels down is a blow for free people and freedom everywhere.
My heartfelt condolences to all those affected by this terrible and cowardly act. We pray that this will not happen again.

Dear Bill, as I travel throughout the world, Marriott is my hotel of choice. I've stayed at your hotels for business in Tbilisi, Amman, and Jakarta, to name a few. And have relied on Marriott for those times my wife and I want to get away for a day, or a week. The quality and service you provide is always outstanding. You have an amazing family of staff at all of these great hotels and my thoughts and prayers are with you and the Marriott family throughout the world. I am, and will remain, a loyal customer as I believe it's the spirit behind Marriott that needs to prevail and its your customers who will ensure this. My next destination is your Annapolis Marriott Waterfront for a long overdue get-away with my wife once I return home. Respectfully, Jim H.

Dear Mr. Marriott, as one of the former Marriott trainees and associates in the States, I was really so sad and angered to know two of the Marriott properties in Jakarta, Indonesia were attacked by the suicidal bombings. While praying for those victims in the bombings, I would like to condemn those coward terrorists who have kept attacking hotel guests and employees in the recent years.
Mr. Marriott, do keep fit and take care of yourself. Don't work too hard, we will be with you.
Shukun Zhang, a former Marriott Management Development Program trainee.

Mr Marriott,
I awoke feeling sad and dsisillusioned on hearing that this fine hotel had been bombed, particulartly having stayed in the hotel myself while in Jakarta last summer. This was a fine hotel and i felt so safe and so cared for while staying there. All your associates offered the highest possible level of service. We were impressed by how tight security was during our stay so sant believe how this has happened. I hope on reopening this hotel will go from strength to strength because where ever i travel in the world i feel cared for and at home with Marriott even in remote areas of the world. Marriott stands for Western values even in those parts of the world who may not share those values that we in the West take for granted so Marriott must remain strong. My sincere condolances to all associates and guests injured in the atrocities. May these evil people be brought to justice

I have posted a message over on the insiders section but would like to send my condolences here also. Hotel staff, like so many industries, are like family to one another and I am so sorry for your loss and also to others who lost their lives or were injured in this event.
In answer to the question posed as to whether Marriott hotels in particular are being targeted, yes I would say it possible because they are a flagship US company. But that's all the more reason to continue to stay in these hotels. To change our hotel staying habits is to give in to the terrorists. That's what they do, they terrorise, they try to plant fear into our hearts and souls. The only way regular people like me or you can fight back is NOT to allow them that power. If anything this kind of event just makes me all the more determined to continue to stay at Marriott hotels.

Hello, I was a guest at the Jakarta Marriott when the incident happened. I was in my room at the time when the bomb went off - it just happened to be the day that I did not meet my colleagues for breakfast as we had done for each of the previous 4 days. We could have easily been in the lobby when it hit had we not altered our schedules.
I feel terrible for the people that were killed and injured and it is shameful that this is still something we have to deal with in this current time.
I want to just say that the staff there, in addition to being helpful and so courteous, was very responsive in getting us accomodations elsewhere and also helping us retrieve our belongings. They moved us to the Shangri-La, far from Mega Kuningan, and kept us aware of the progress of the retrieval.
The staff there should be commended for the way they handled this unfortunate situation. I hope that I can go back one day and thank them myself.

Thank you for keeping these hotels open. By closing down a Marriot, we are just giving into the terrorists. I often stay at Marriots around the world and it is always nice to have a piece of home while on the move. Keep up your resilience! It is appreciated and I know your business in Jakarta will continue to thrive!

My heart goes out to all affected by this atrocity in Indonesia.
I extend my deepest condolences to you all at Marriott hotels Int'l, and especially to those who were injured and who lost their loved ones, family or friends on that sad day in Jakarta at the J.W. Marriott and Ritz Carlton. I hope this never happens again to anyone-
My thoughts and prayers are with you all and you will never stand alone.
God bless us all.
Muhamad A. Iqbal
Country Manager Holidays & Operations
LINGO/ Travel .
National Sales & Marketing Company
Medina road, Mosadia Plaza I | 48547, Jeddah 21582 | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia | Tel:00.966.2.669.4912 | Fax:00.966.2.667.6479
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Dear Bill and Marriott Family.
I am so sad to hear and witness the most coward act on Marriott. Marriott is known for its supreme service excellence and spirit to serve for every one. Since i had been part of the hotel which was hit by cowards on sept 20th 2009, i can feel the pain of Marriott in Jakarta.
All of my prayers are with you.

I pray with you.
I reassert my question, I asked when the Marriott Islamabad was bombed.
Posted By: Prabhjot Bedi (9/21/2008)
Comment: Dear Mr. Marriott, I sit here in shock and join you in prayers for the departed souls & the injured people. I also have an uncomfortable question. Do you think Marriott Hotels is targeted (world over) or is it just that you have hotels at key locations across the world?

Our prayers are with those hurt and the families of those who lost their life as well as the Marriott staff and management and emmergency personnel. Marriott does an outstanding job in the safety and security of thier guests.

Stay strong, J.W. Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10) Stand by the Word of God which tells us Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality.(Romans 12:13) Stay strong, be still.