Group Business Is Our Business

September 2, 2009

Sports When most people think about those who stay in hotels, they picture executives traveling to meet with their clients to close a deal or leisure travelers taking vacations at resorts. In our Marriott Hotels and Resorts brand, business travel makes up about 40 percent of our business, leisure travel 20 percent. You might be surprised to learn that the other 40 percent comprise what we call group travelers. They are very important business for us.

These travelers could be a sales team getting together for a seminar or a new product launch. Typically, they not only book a block of rooms, but meeting space, as well as banquets and food and beverage of all sorts and sizes.

Corporate meetings are usually held during the week. On weekends, we are hosting more weddings, family reunions and youth sports groups.

Because of our reputation for service and quality hotels, from moderately priced to luxury, Marriott has been able to capture more than its fair share of group business. That's great but we can even do better.

Some time ago, we realized Marriott could get more group business if we made it easier to shop and book online. Travelers were already comfortable booking hotel rooms for business or leisure, so why not for small groups?

We launched QuickGroup on so people planning group events can search more than 3,000 of our hotels worldwide. They can instantly compare rates and hotel amenities, book as many as 25 rooms and request meeting space, catering and more.  It has been a huge success in an economy where getting ahead of your competition is more important than ever before.

Our customers like the convenience and they like the options of booking online or calling us directly whether it's booking 25 rooms for a group or just one room for a weekend.

I'm Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Group Business is Our Business

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Dear Mr. Bill Marriott, quite by accident some 16 years ago, we became Marriott Vacation Club owners in Palm Desert, California. We want to tell you how very much we have enjoyed travelling all over the world ever since, and we can indeed share with you countless stories over the years. We have added ownership in the Asia Pacific MVCAP which is opening another new world. We would like you to know how much you have enriched our lives which are indeed full.

Bill, very interesting figures on the split of your guests, but do you have details what % of International guests visit your US properties? My husband (German) and I(English) live in Switzerland and stopped visiting the US after the security/immigration regulations were increased. We felt unwanted and unnecessarily scrutinised. With the new US leadership we were thinking about visiting again next year - and now there's talk of levying a $10 entrance tax on vistors. Has your company any influence to prevent this ridiculous idea?

Bill, here's some good news: My company is moving its corporate headquarters from a town where one hotel (a Hampton) has a lock on all the meeting and overnight business (cause its the only hotel within an 8-mile radius) ------ to an area ten miles down the road where there are four Marriott-branded hotels within a mile. So, guess where our future meetings and overnights will be?

Bill, I would like to help you keep Marriott on the move. I decided to start at the top with your hotel chain because I have traveled and stayed at you hotels quite alot in my 40 year business career.
I have invented a new product that I think you could use as an amenity in your hotels. You currently have hair dryers in most of your rooms and I would suggest that the AirCut would be another great addition and a draw for people who want to cut their hair at no cost to them.
You can view my invention at I would be willing to give your chain an exclusive for a period of at least one year.
Let me now what you think...thanks much, Norm

Talk about great service! Bob ********* the shuttle driver at the Raleigh (NC) Crabtree Valley property is the BEST. See what I wrote about him at . Thank you for the great service, Bob.

Convenience is a huge factor for me when shopping. If a company offers a 10% lower price than a competitor but their website or process for signing up is just too complicated I abandon it and go with the slightly more expensive option.