What the Movie The Blind Side Meant to Me

December 29, 2009
What the Movie The Blind Side Meant to Me My wife Donna and I went to the Saturday afternoon movies again and we saw The Blind Side.  It’s based on a true story of an NFL player, Michael Oher, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens here in Maryland where our headquarters is located.  It was a wonderful film and conveyed a very important message.

Michael was born to a mother who was addicted to drugs and was estranged from his father.  He spent much of his childhood and teenage years in various foster homes with very little parental influence in his life and he struggled tremendously in school, when he did go.

However, Michael’s luck completely changed when he met Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy, whose children attended the same school.  The Tuohy’s took Michael in to their home and raised him as if he was their own.  They provided him with structure and warmth he had never experienced, and it was during this time of his life that he discovered that he could play football.

Nearly six and a half feet tall and weighing more than 300 pounds, Michael was surprisingly agile and proved to be excellent at the defensive tackle position.  Under the care of the Tuohy’s, Michael began to flourish on the football field, in the classroom and socially, and was accepted to Ole Miss University, a feat no one ever thought he could accomplish.  Earlier this year, he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the NFL draft and has had a great, successful rookie season.

Michael Oher’s story is reminiscent of my dad’s.  As I’ve mentioned before, my father did not have enough money or sufficient high school credits to go to college.  But a man named Aaron Tracy recognized his potential and helped him make up those credits and find odd jobs to start making money.  If Aaron Tracy hadn’t taken my dad under his wing and helped him out, he would never have been able to achieve all that he did.

The same goes for Michael Oher.  If the Tuohy’s had not taken him in and helped him find his path, he would not be where he is today.  Stories like my father’s and Michael Oher’s show just how important it is to provide others with opportunities to better themselves and help them grow.  It’s something I always try to keep in mind for our associates at Marriott.  They show greatness every day and help me keep Marriott on the move.

What the Movie The Blind Side Meant to Me

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I love your genuine care and empathy for others, Bill. It's fantastic that you saw this film and that you try to incorporate the same values in your job and that you provide Marriott associates with opportunities for growth. You really seem interested in the well-being of others, which is a great quality for a CEO.

I really need to see that movie
some people really have a heart of gold

Thank you for sharing Bill.

How about you post the in-room movie titles online so that we know what is available?

Just think, armed with this knowledge, I might skip the in-flight movie and curl up in my room to buy the movie instead?

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It is truely, such an amazing movie, and as a young fimmaker, as well as a hotelier who have an interview at the marriott hotel tomorrow..
i say that who ever made this film has a great taste of real drama art.

God bless you Mr. Bill

Dear Mr. Bill Marriott,

I am a 38 year old woman who always dreamed of making a career in the hotel industry. However, due to certain circumstances I was unable to realise this dream. I hope to fulfill this passionate dream by acquiring the skills to secure a career in this exciting and fabulous industry. I do not have any financial backing to enroll for a college course. I am married, a resident of India and hope you will able to help me with a scholarship to ralise my dream.


Wow... great movie. Thanks for sharring your opinion and feelings seems this movie is definitely worth a watch. What I understand about the story and the meaning coming out of it is that everything starts from rags and better efforts accompanied by great supports make you reach the riches. I am truly inspired by Sir. Mr. J. W. Marriott's life story.

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God: I always wanted you to win a Jack-pot with great money.

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Moral of the story - god is there to hold your hand but first you need to make an effort.

I recently saw this movie on HBO here on the East Coast. I am not a big football fan for movies but I love movies about drama. This was a such a warmfelt movie. Its so important to have people help one another for people to continue to strive. Support doesn't have to come from family which Mr. Mariott pointed out, friends and even strangers can be the support one needs to move on. I found a lot of lessons in this movie, regarding your passion, overcoming racial aspects, giving up a part of yourself to help someone else succeed too. It was a truly wonderful story.

The movie was about a family helping a human spirit that was not diminished despite its treatment within a physical body that had the potential to become a football star. How many Americans have undiminished spirit without the same physical potential, but who will nonetheless succeed? (almost all of them is my answer) How many Americans have suffered and so have diminished spirit, and need blessings of all sorts to succeed physically but first spiritually? (almost all of them is my answer). Why don't true alliances between faith groups actually solve this? (My answer: they aren't true alliances, and also don't knit within business and community groups) Marriott's culture of the "Heart of the House" can broaden to the "Heart of America" This will be the response to fundamentalist Islam that will defeat them. Military power will not. "Not by might, and not by power, but by spirit alone... ." I think the Marriott family and corporation, actually working with Michael Oher as a springboard, has the vision, charisma, decisiveness and presence to pull it off. How about trying?

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Hi Beverly,

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We are a foster family and I'd often wondered about the effect on our children that it had. Although we always made the decision on when to have children in our home and when to take a break as a family, each child always had the option to say, "I don't want us to do this anymore". They didn't, but as a mom, I still worried. When we saw The Blind Side together as a family, they both cried. It made us remeber the children we'd had that had never slept in a bed, had dinner at a table, had money for school trips, had clean clothes or the many other things we took for granted. Michael reminded them of these children, but also made them realize how much they had given to them by just being the big sisters, protecting the children but also treating them "normally" and making sure that they were dressed that way for school and that others accepted them.
We don't know where our children are now, but it is wonderful to see that no matter what little we had to give them or for what short a period of time, it was helpful and important.


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The movie showed me that family is an all-inclusive term that goes beyond birth and early environment. The Tuohy's concern and help for Michael was that of a family who nurtures and cares for its members.

That is a great story. We need more movies and people to inspire kindness and opportunities for others less fortunate. Thanks.

What a great tribute to the movie! My son and I went to see it and I had no idea it would have such a lasting impression on us. You see I adopted Michael from a addicted mother when he was 18 mos. and he is now 11. He has stuggled in school, but I have not given up and this year he brought in 4-b's, 1-b+, and 1-c. Children are a gift and my son and I related to the story so much. I thank you for your encouraging words. You were always so giving and interested in your staff. I worked for Marriott for 22 years and left after adopting my son in New Jersey. We are now back home with family in Orange County, however I always follow Marriott and have always felt part of the "family". Thank you for what you do.