The Earthquake in Haiti

January 14, 2010
The devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday has had aftershocks all over the world.  I am currently at our Harbor Beach Marriott in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where more than a third of our associates at this hotel are Haitian and have been directly affected by this terrible disaster.

I talked to several of our associates who are from Haiti.  They are struggling with trying to find out what has happened to their families and loved ones.  They are very tender and loving people and they are extremely saddened and concerned.  They have a group get-together for prayer and song every morning and our hearts go out to them all.  Many of these associates and numerous other Haitians on staff at our hotels around the world have suffered heartbreaking losses, and my heart goes out to each and every one of them.

In the days following the quake, there has been a tremendous outpouring of support and volunteers are working around the clock to provide relief to this Caribbean nation.  We want to do our part as well, so that’s why today, through The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation named after my parents, we are sending $500,000 to the Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund to aid with immediate relief efforts such as providing water, medical supplies, food and shelter.

We do not currently have any hotels in Haiti but our hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are serving as staging areas for the relief efforts underway in Haiti.  Many of our hotels are offering other support as well.  Thankfully, none of our hotels in the Caribbean suffered damage due to the earthquake.

This was a very, very tragic situation and the days and weeks ahead will be difficult for those people around the world with roots in Haiti.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been so affected.

The Earthquake in Haiti

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I just like too say that i find Mr.Ronald ******** to be a very caring person, i work at a courtyard and know that members love there points, but here he is willing too give up all for people in need of everything. MR.RONALD ******** YOU ARE BLESSED!!

Initially, my search of your website was for contact information for interest in qualifications & requirements for a JW Marriott. I attended a conference held at JW Marriott in AZ last fall. It sparked my interest with my family owned properties. I had just emailed our son who is in Zimbabwe Africa yesterday and I shared with him the devastation in Haiti. Upon my receipt of his email today, he had not heard about it yet. It reminded me of our very fortunate circumstances and of so many throughout the world who can only hope for a better tomorrow. Our communication systems, technologies, and generous and caring people allow so much help and assistance to needy circumstances. This has been such an inspiration to read through your blog. What a tremendous example you are and how very inspiring your company is to the entire world. Thank you for giving and sharing! Just so you know, when our family travels,
our first choice is always with a Marriott brand. We truly appreciate the outstanding hotel chains offered through Marriott. Becoming aware of what goes on behind the scenes only enhances our loyalty! Thanks again!

The spirit of charity is the most of important building block that Marriott provides to the world is through service.

Shakeel Gill

What a great humanitarian thing to do! It was a great company to work for, which I did for many years and it continues to surpass my expectations. Thank you for your generous and giving heart. My prayers continue to go out to the people of Haiti and the many Haitian Americans. God Bless you

Retanya Collins

We met a lovely man several years ago at the Hollywood Beach Marriott when it re-opened. He was one of the hosts at the restaurant and we spoke every morning at breakfast. I was a French major in school, so every morning we would have a lovely conversation in French. He had come from Haiti via New York many years ago, and my father had come from Italy to the US as well, so we had many things to talk about. I cannot remember his name, but remember his warmth and sincere kindness while we were there. I truly hope that if he had any family affected, God wll be with them. Thank you for your kind support efforts.

Mr.Bill Marriott,would it be possible for members like me to Transfer/Redeem through certificates their rewards points to cash of which you can also send to The Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund from Marriott Rewards Members???. I hear other hotels like the HHilton is asking it's members to donate their rewards points.
For every 10,000.00 points they are sending $25.00 dollars to the Red Cross.
I would like all of my rewards points to be used for The Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund "IMMEDIATELY". Please let me know when you would be able to do this.
Thank You.GOD BlessYou.
Mr. Ronald V Halliday

As a fellow Caribbean citizen (from the island of Grenada), I am heartened at the generosity of the Marriot in this time of tremendous need for Haiti. I love the Marriot Hotels and they are definitely my Hotel of Choice. I am happy that my loyalty is to a company worthy of it.

I feel so proud being a loyal customer of the Marriott group. Although in England, I feel saddened by the disaster in Haiti. For Marriott to give such a generous donation warms my heart, Mr Marriott you are such a kind person and always think of other people, you are one in a million.

Dear Mr. Marriott, thank you for leading by example. With this kinda of leadership the Marriott family of hotels are greatful. Your kindness will be felt by many.

Mr. Marriott

You are the epitome of a Christ-centered and "servant heart" leader. I salute you and thank you for setting the standard so high. For a CEO to pray and feel for his associates in his company, is a 10-star rated (if there is such a star rating)attribute. May you be blessed as you lead the Marriott dynasty in the right direction. God Bless You!!!

Johan Spapen
Hi Mr marriott
If is any change for me to orgenize A money donation fund by the associates off the Marriott world wide to raise some money to help Haiti .I like to help .

I agree with all the sentiments written in the posts before me. With no Marriott hotels in Haiti, it is nice to hear that you are opening up hotels close by as staging areas for relief efforts.

Mr. Marriott,

Is there a way to get the letter you wrote to the associates translated into Haitian from soeone at a Corporate level?

Thanks to Mr. Marriott and the Marriott team for your obvious commitment to your staff and their extended families. This is a sign of corporate responsibility and you set the tone for others to follow. Your action will stimulate, I hope, others and makes me proud to be a Marriott Rewards member. Thanks for all...d

Out thoughts and prayers go out to those affected, along with their friends and family during this trying time.

It seems our neighbors the wonderful and kind people of Haiti have been through so many challenges over the years. What a tremendous helping hand, the Marriott Family is truly a global family that sets a very positive example of social responsibility and simply a commitment for doing what is right.


You put your heart and soul into your commitments of Service, no matter where it takes you.I salute you and your foundation for the donation of 500,000$. The Marriott name and Brands are a ambassador of your caring for your fellow man. God Bless

Mr.Marriott, it is nice to know that a CEO of a company hasn't forgotton his roots. It is all about people and caring about them. God Bless you .

Strangely, I have been thinking of Marriott lots these days: your palette of internationalism, your response to 9/11. It's an inspiration to see company leaders be leaders and thus make a difference in our tense World. Blessings on Mr. Marriott and all his Associates!
Pass the Goodness On!!

Companies that carry a family name have always been shown to be not only the best in whatever business they are in but also the most generous and responsive to the plights and troubles of others. The Marriott name and brand has always been in the forefront in this regard.
Marvin Rosenthal

Thank you for all you are doing and having such a kind and generous heart.

Out thoughts and prayers go out to those affected, along with their friends and family during this trying time.

As a long time Marriott Rewards member and owner of 3 Marriott timeshares, I am so proud of your efforts to support your Haitian employees and donation to the relief fund. But most of all, as an American and human being, I am proud of your efforts.

This is a very generous contribution of money and support to the relief in Haiti. As a loyal customer of Marriott it only strengthens my commitment to the finest hotel chain in the world!.

Once again Bill Marriott and the Marriott Hotel family has responded to a crisis with compassion and generosity. Our thanks go out you and our prayers to those at Marriott who are suffering the loss of family and friends. When I ran a business, my policy book had a single senyence "Do the right thing." It's obvious that the right thing is being done at Marriott.