Continuing to Embrace Social Media with the Marriott News Center

February 17, 2010
Marriott News Center I never thought that starting my own blog would have such far-reaching impact within our company.  Since we first launched the blog, we have continued to grow in the social media sphere by adding more blogs, several different Twitter feeds and even our own online community for our Marriott Rewards members.

When I asked Kathleen Matthews to head our global communications department a few years ago, she convinced me to launch the blog and it has proven to be revolutionary for our company and the way we communicate with our associates and our guests.  Now, her team has rolled out what they’re calling our company’s new front door for news and information, the Marriott News Center.

This new site is now the central location for all the news and information we distribute.  You can find blog posts about what’s going on within the company, the videos we post to YouTube, and even our Twitter feeds and blogs.  You can find all of the latest brand news on this site, as well as information about issues that are important to us like sustainability, diversity and our Spirit To Serve.

But this isn’t just a place for us to broadcast our news.  It’s a place to engage with our guests.  Now you’ll be able to comment directly on our news, just like you do here on my blog posts.  You’ll even be able share our news with your social networks if you find it compelling… and we certainly hope you do.

What is truly great for a company expanding globally like we are is the Marriott News Center is a forum for people around the world to converse and share their ideas and opinions with us.  In the end, we want the Marriott News Center to represent and reinforce the company’s open and transparent image, embracing a conversational and welcoming tone.

Hats off to the global communications team on this fantastic new site.  I hope you’ll take a look at the Marriott News Center and don’t just let me know what you think…be sure to leave a comment there as well.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Continuing to Embrace Social Media with the Marriott News Center

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Thank you for a beautiful topic, which I have benefited greatly from it will come back even gave a renewed look at more of the articles in your site

Dear Mr.Bill Marriott Jr. I have just learned about this blog and I Would like you to know that I was probably one of the happiest front desk managers while working under The Marriott flag ( Courtyard Coral Gables,in Miami)which is part of the JHM Hotel's portfolio! I have many letters and guest comments cards from Elite members praising my professionalism and superior customer care during my tenure at several Marriott properties! I am sure you are well aware of the case involving a general manager by the name of William Castro at The Courtyard Marriott in Coral Gables! My career with a Marriott product was cut short because of the lack of professionalism and ethics by the same individual. I have been working for the last three years with Days Inn as a night auditor however would like to explore the possibility of joining Marriott Hotels again! Anywhere around the globe since I am a polyglot professional with degrees in marketing and management who truly loves people and the hospitality Industry!

Yours Truly

Julian Veroes Jr.

My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the exceptional staff you have working for you at The Residence Inn RDU Airport,located in Morrisville, North Carolina. My husband and I travel often. As a result, we go out of our way to stay at Marriott properties whenever possible. That being said, we appreciate all Marriott employees. However, your staff at your Morrisville, North Carolina property is truly top-notch! They are always helpful, friendly and an overall joy to be around.

I wanted to compliment the staff at Farifield Marriott Cumberland Md, specifically Jennifer Taylor... Our engieering team is here on business, we had an important teleconference. Jennifer graciously offered the boardroom for our meeting, we had multiple defence contractors on-line and satisfied in no time. Thanks to Marriott, and thanks to Jennifer...

Bill, Our organization just held a conference at the Renaissance, Arlington, VA. The staff was absolutely superb and made a good conference exceptional. I would like to compliment those staff whose names I can remember--Gabriel both father and son, Terrance, Paulet (a jewel of an employee), Terrance, Tslon. There were others who were fabulous but I regret I did not write down their names. Congratulations on outstanding hotel staff.

We stayed at your San Antonio North/Stone Oak hotel the other night(great hotel) and when we got ready to leave our battery was dead.She had a medical appointment and took a taxi and I went back in and talked to the girls at the desk. One offered me her car to use, then the GM Mary Wetherill came out and took charge. She jumped the battery but that didn't work so she took me to get another battery. We both were disabled at the time so she puts the battery in and hooks everything up. It was very hot out but she went way above what anyone else would have done.We were amazed at her hard work and kindness. What a good representative for Marriott and what an employee and person!!

Dear Mr. Marriott,
I admire you so much and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to show that you really care about your guests.I was "The Island Concierge" on an island in Alabama and took so much pride in my work because , it was my passion. I love making people happy and I never wanted anyone to remember me for anything less. Sounds like you feel the same way...I admire you and I love your blogs.
Very Truly Yours,
Donna Michola~Bush
Orlando, Florida

I only stay at Marriott Hotels and my kids only want to stay at a Marriott. With tough economic times we have had to deprive them of the great service that your hotel offers when traveling, but we definitly seek one out when visiting a different areas, just in case it is back in our budget... thanks for everything!

i am trying to get help on trying to reach you to let you know about a complaint about a manager in miami named william castro--he treated me like a dog screaming ect and told me to get out of the hotel all because i was compaining about feces all over the toilet... i have pictures and a video if you would like to see it. it is not acceptable to me to have been treated in this manner. i hope you will help me. thank you jossie pombo

I am a frequent traveler for business and always stay at Marriott properties. My wife and I are currently in Boston on business and staying at the Boston Mariott in Newton. My wife is a recruiter and often books potential candidates in this hotel as well. With rooms for $180 - $190 per night, I was surprised at the $12.95 charge for internet service. You get free internet at much lesser hotels. Do you not think this basic service for business travelers is not something you could include? I can get free internet in the lobby of your hotel if I walk in off the street and don't pay for a room. Seriously? Since I see no replys to the blog entries here, I assume that this entire exercise was a waste, but sine I am paying for internet, I assumed that I would give it a try.

Dear Mr. Marriot--
I want to take this moment and point out a few employees of your company that deserve to be recognized as OUTSTANDING employees-
I have been staying at the Courtyard in Ronkonkoma, NY since January- There are a few employees there who I have adopted as my family- Sharon, Leslie, Lina, and Kevin-
Sharon and Leslie really do go out of their way to make me feel at home.
These women are remarkable! Make sure you take care of them-

It has been a relaxing stay at your Marriot Suites hotel in Rosemont, Chicago. Thought you would like to know that the gentleman who drove the shuttle from the airport is doing a great job with customers. He asked if anyone knew about your blog and could tell him the phrase "on the move" that is used. Everyone was very accomodating at the hotel. Looking forward to future stays!

I have been a loyal marriott member for many years. I am proud to say that I have followed in my father's footsteps who has been a loyal marriott member since I was a toddler - I am now 35 yrs old. One complaint that I have is the slowness with the website...can anything be done to achieve a faster experience when searching and selecting our stays?

Mr. Marriott:

We wish to highly commend a Ms. Amy ********, General Manager of the Fairfield Inns & Suites of Redding, California. We had a problem with a Marriott Gift card and she took the initiative to get it operational so we could charge to the card. Front desk personnel at others of your lodges could not be bothered once they discovered that the card could not be read. You are very fortunate to have such a capable person representing the Marriott Corporation.

thanks for having such a great rewards program. I was recently able to cash in some points to help a friend that has been diagnosed with cancer and has to make a 266 mile drive to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, needless to say the overnights are starting to add up and it makes me feel good that I can help in some small way ease the pain during a very difficult time. Most Rewards programs are very restrictive, it's nice to see a program that truly rewards and does not restrict. Thanks so much!

Dear Mr Marriott,
On April 1, 2011 my family and i are flying in from New York to celebrate my parents 60th wedding anniversary and their 80th birthday. We are trying to book rooms at the Residence Inn in Boca Raton but can not get a good picture of the rooms. There will be 33 of us and in order to keep the cost down we have to triple up in each .The picture just shows a bed, living room and kitchen.We have no idea what the loft looks like or what the penthouse looks like.Do you have another site that we could go to for a better look.If you have any other suggestions please let us know.
I would also like to say thank you for your excellent customer service.Your employees are always very helpful and very friendly

Thank you for your help.


Let me share a good-news story:

I was a hotel guest at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis February 8-11. During my visit, I became very sick and, as I rushed out of the hotel in my distress to get home, I left behind my toiletry case. Inside this case was my newly acquired diamond rings and valuables so, needless to say, I was freaking!!!

When I arrived home, I immediately called the Marriott 'Lost & Found Department' and I was assured that you did have my case, it was safely locked up, and would be shipped to me at my home.

Okay - you know what I was expecting, right? Well, on Tuesday, my case arrived completely undisturbed - all my items were safely included in the case! What a wonderful surprise and relief! Receiving my items was like a gift from Heaven!

So, I wish to thank those unnamed honest employees that recovered my toiletry case and ensured it’s safe return. This has truly brightened my day! I believe my Housekeeper’s name is Kay L., and I hope she is rightfully recognized and rewarded for her honestly and superior professionalism.

Thank you Atlanta Marriott Marquis very much for ensuring the safe return of my items. You can count me as one of your most loyal customers!

Though I have never worked with marriott.but it is my dream work with them.people call me waiter,they call me chef.instead of feeling bad I actually feel good to hear never feel bad because if you feel bad then you will always be sad.........

I love Marriott. My wife and I are both elite members.

Please launch an iPhone app! The mobile site alone simply falls short of this companys greatness.

Thanks for all the wonderful stays!

My husband passed away a few months ago after 47 years of marriage and WE had been in the Rewards Program since 1987. Thank you for letting me keep the points but I sure would like to keep OUR Gold status as well. Is there any chance that would be possible? Thanks for your consideration.

Mr Marriott , It was interesting to watch your interview on CNN and the adverse effects of Visa delays for tourists wanting to visit the US from emerging market countries . After visiting one of these countries this past year , I must say the Marriott brand is deeply respected and it is a pity a huge share of the market for Marriott is stifled due to US Govt Visas

BING mapping not working very well in the Holland/Grand Rapids {Michigan} area.

Mr. Marriott--

Thank you and your staff at the Providence, RI Renaissance hotel for a SIX star eperience. The front desk staff honored my request for a quiet, corner room to get a lot of work done away from the studio.
Three cheers to you for rescuing a historic property from the wrecking ball. This 1920s era gem would have been a steel and glass high rise if it were not for you, and your penchant for historic property in need of TLC. As an artist, I find it remarkable you restored some of the indigenous art found inside the property. Outstanding. Kindly let the staff at the Providence, RI hotel that I had a very favorable travel experience thanks to you and your attentive staff. Now off to San Francisco, to my "home away from home," the Stanford Court Renaissance. Kudos Mr. *** and Isabell, Mr. *****'s personal assistant for picking up the phone and calling me to go over the details of my stay. This is why I have been loyal to your business since the days when I was just starting out.
In friendship,
Brendan Ben Feeney
Visual Artist, Educator, Communication Consultant, Fine Art Photographer,

Mr. Marriott
I want to share a story of extraordinary service with you. My daughter, Julia, who has moved to Seattle is staying in the Town Place Suites in Renton Wa.

On Monday Nov 22nd her car broke down, and when she got to the repair shop, it started snowing hard. She tried to get a rental car but they could not get to her.

She had a small dog in the hotel. There was no way for get back to the hotel because of the snow. I called the hotel and spoke with the front desk. Eric ******* was on duty. He assured me he would go to the room and make sure the dog was OK. He walked the dog 2 times and even called me at midnight to let me know everything was OK.

The next day Nov 23rd at 11am, when my daughter got back to the hotel, there were two notes left from Eric stating the times he had been there and that he had walked the dog both times.

WHOW!! What great customer service!

I called the manager of the Hotel Brent ****** the next day to express my thanks.

Mr. Marriott I am a long time Marriott member and have over 1 Million stay points with you. Eric and the Town Place Suites Renton did a great job representing all that Marriott and you stand for.

Please thank him and the hotel for me!!
Brady Anderson

Marriott is by far the best chain of hotels I spend my weekly travel at. I'm currently at the Fairfield Inn in Sacramento (on Tribute Road). Here it is election day and I'm in a hotel that does not have FOX News... How can this be?