Continuing to Embrace Social Media with the Marriott News Center

February 17, 2010
Marriott News Center I never thought that starting my own blog would have such far-reaching impact within our company.  Since we first launched the blog, we have continued to grow in the social media sphere by adding more blogs, several different Twitter feeds and even our own online community for our Marriott Rewards members.

When I asked Kathleen Matthews to head our global communications department a few years ago, she convinced me to launch the blog and it has proven to be revolutionary for our company and the way we communicate with our associates and our guests.  Now, her team has rolled out what they’re calling our company’s new front door for news and information, the Marriott News Center.

This new site is now the central location for all the news and information we distribute.  You can find blog posts about what’s going on within the company, the videos we post to YouTube, and even our Twitter feeds and blogs.  You can find all of the latest brand news on this site, as well as information about issues that are important to us like sustainability, diversity and our Spirit To Serve.

But this isn’t just a place for us to broadcast our news.  It’s a place to engage with our guests.  Now you’ll be able to comment directly on our news, just like you do here on my blog posts.  You’ll even be able share our news with your social networks if you find it compelling… and we certainly hope you do.

What is truly great for a company expanding globally like we are is the Marriott News Center is a forum for people around the world to converse and share their ideas and opinions with us.  In the end, we want the Marriott News Center to represent and reinforce the company’s open and transparent image, embracing a conversational and welcoming tone.

Hats off to the global communications team on this fantastic new site.  I hope you’ll take a look at the Marriott News Center and don’t just let me know what you think…be sure to leave a comment there as well.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Continuing to Embrace Social Media with the Marriott News Center

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I was dumbfounded to learn today that your chain does not continue to honor our Vetrerans with the "Military Discount" while staying at your properties. As a retired Air Force veteran of 20 years, I am deeply hurt that your chain no longer honors our service. Freedom is never free.

Dale Henderson

I stayed at the Fairfield Inn & Suites at 9150 S 102nd E Ave, Tulsa OK from Sept 17- Sept 19. It has been the most pleasant hotel stay of my life. Julie, the evening front desk person helped me pass the hours through my insomnia
(I've had it for a week!) and was very helpful, sweet, and caring.
I consider myself a world traveler and this is by far my best stay in any hotel! I wanted to move into my room for good. It was beautifully decorated. The breakfast was great and it being free has helped me at a rough financial time in my life. I came to Tulsa for a job interview and continuing education course- I got the job! Thank you so much for a great affordable hotel and such caring staff. You now have my loyalty as a customer and will share my wonderful stay with family and friends.

Mr.Bill Marriott, I love your hotel. I'am also a member of the Marriott Rewards Club, because I spend alot of time in your hotel. However, since I am now looking for work while attending school, I would like to know who can I contact in reference to the new Marriott opening in McDonough, GA for employment. I would love the opporunity to be apart of that team. Once again thank you for such nice and clean hotels.

I wanted to take time and compliment one of your employees during my recent stay at the Couryard Houston Airport. His name was Chris ******. As I was leaving the hotel I assume that he saw my company logo on my shirt and looked up my name in the registry. Even though I had not met him before, he spoke to me by name and was very polite and professional. I also noticed this same attitude to several other guests. He even went to the parking lot to take something to a guest that was left in the hotel.

His initiative to find out my name and his manner of dealing with guest was a pleasant and refreshing experience.

He is the type of employee that you should be proud to have working for and more importantly representing your company.

The Marriott website, while freshened up, is still behind your competition. One example is that I cannot get copies of my folio on my account. I get copies of my National Car folio within minutes of checking my car back in. I'm highly confident that you guys could add this feature and help me avoid the hassle of FAXing a request.


Dear Mr. Marriott,

I've been meaning to write this email for well over a month now.

It is about my fantastic stay at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Pune, India. I was there on business travel June 14-20, 2010. Being this was my first time to India I did not know what to expect. In regards to the hotel, it was really, really nice. The accommodations where excellent..And the staff, I have never met such courteous and hospitable people. Everything was done with a smile!

One staff person I'd like to specifically give recognition to is Vishal. He works in the Momo's Cafe and went above and beyond in his efforts to make me feel at home. He even took the time to provide me travel guide information for the city of Pune. I believe that customer service is a very important part of any business. Vishal truly represents your company very well. I see so much potential in him!

Well I don't know when I'll be back, but I definitely look forward to staying at your hotel again. I had the best time!


Philip Baldwin

My family and I recently stayed in the Marriot Hotel - Hobby airport - in Houston Texas. We loved this hotel the people were so kind. We had trouble getting a rental car from Hertz and Teresa at the front desk took the time to put us in contact with Alamo rental and helped us get a car. Also the shuttle driver that day Joe was so nice to us on our shuttle ride he made my little boy laugh and entertained the whole family. Thanks to the staff at this location it saved our vacation.....

As a Platinum member and a patron who has over 566 recorder stays with Marriott

Bill, the Marriott Vacation Club resorts are nothing short of being outstanding. We just spent 2 weeks in Ko Olina and nothing could compare. But the additional cost of parking, golf, bar bills, hawaiian dinners etc are extensive. Us owners have paid top dollars and yearly maintenance fees and yet amentities are so expensive, ie $185 per round of golf at Ko Olina. Lot of owners have expressed this during our 2 week stay. Any light at the end of the tunnel?

I just had a wedding weekend for my daughter at the Raleigh Marriott City Center. Please recognize the outstanding service provided by Katherine *******, Tiffanie *******-***** and Tom *********** for making my daughter's wedding a wonderful and rewarding experience. Their service was above and beyond that which anyone could expect.
Bob Williams

I appreciate the opportunity to comment as well as other posts I have read.

As a gold member, my experiences a recent Marriott stays have been mixed.

Nothing could be better that the experience at the main, downtown Marriott in Charlotte, NC. It simply could not be better.

Southern Pines, NC could not be better and this Marriott and that in Charlotte are totally different experiences.

I think a significant thing that makes these experiences special is that the staff - all the staff — make you feel like you are a part of the family and they appreciate your stay. In one in Columbus, GA, I felt in their way, yet the Marriott where I will now always stay has that great welcoming feeling.

I would like to see an iPad application that lets me look and schedule visits as well as see my account.

I will be in three Marriott hotels - and maybe more in the next 2 weeks and look forward go it.

I am very disappointed in Marriott, in general. I am a low volume but consistent user since 1999. While I do not attain nor want to attain 50+ stays per year, I have been a consistent silver for years. I made my plea via local hotels and some marketing person, and the hotels did not give a rip and the marketing person, reviewed the must attain rules for their loyalty program.

In the mean time, I signed up for a promotion with another chain, and since I have quit staying at Marriott, I will soon be at the other chains highest level and have have the respect I was seeking at Marriott. Nothing special, just appreciation for my small amount of continued loyal business...The hotel recognized that from time to tome I also brought others with me to stay....

I miss staying at one of the hotels where I used to stay, but because my plea's were not recognized from the local hotel management to the chain itself, I have moved on...

MARRIOTT blog is one of a kind,SPECIAL THANKS,Mr Marriott for making it possible for many to experience what TRUE leadership,expertise,hospitalitycommitment and genuine care is all about

Hello Bill:

Marriott is always great, just was in Norfolk riverside Marriott last week and just came back from Courtyard Carolina Beach few minuets ago.

I have a suggestion, the Silver level is 10 nights, the Gold is 50 the the Platinum is 75, it is quite a jump of 40 nights from Silver to Gold BUT only 25 from Gold to Silver, so why not make it consistent such that 25 nights takes one from a level to the second, i.e. 10 fo0r Silver, 35 for Gold and 50 for Platinum THEN a new category 75 for Diamond.


Mr. Marriott (Bill):
While working I get to watch TV until it does get busy at work and while I was checking to see what was on this morning (I work the midnight shift) I saw this wonderful program about you and your family, wow it was so interesting and I just had to write and share with you that I did not know how the Marriott company started, wow your father and family sure did alot for the working people and if I did not know about him and how he started, I am sure alot of other people have not heard and if this video was shown at every Hotel world wide, I think your hotel chain would have so much more business that the Marriott corporation would have to build more Hotel world wide. People want to stay at a Hotel and eat at a place that the main owner has done so much like YOU and your father has done. When I travel, I always new the service was the best at a Marriott Hotel, I just did not know why and how it all did start. Thanks for having the program on TV and sharing with others about YOU and your father. It means also much to the everyday hard worker to know about the main owner of a Hotel where they stay, I know it sure does to me. To me, if you have good service and are treated well, you want to go back and share with other about how wonderful the visit is. I know I have never had a bad visit at any Marriott. Also, the Hotel in Hong Kong is wonderful and my favorite is in Florida in the city of Naples, everything is just perfect.
Thanks so much

Mr. Marriott:
I applaud and congratulate you on joining Mayor Bloomberg's Partnership for a New American Economy. I believe that this approach recognizes the reality of the situation and will deal with it in a manner that will be a tribute to our country.

God Bless!
George N. Stonbely
Spectacular Ventures

My wife and I stayed at the Wichita Marriott June 9th to June 11th,a property where we have stayed many times. After arriving I realize I had forgotten the bow tie for my tuxedo I planned to wear that evening. So I called the hotel operator to see if I could borrow a bowtie. It wasn't long before arrangements were made for one from the banquet department. What service!! And thanks again.

The community for rewards members is great! Booking a hotel online is how a vast majority of travelers book and research, and making it social is only going to increase bookings and return guests.

Dear Mr. Marriott,

I like to thank your staff and in particular miss Mimi ******** for supporting my colleague and myself during the challenges we had because of the flight disruptions some weeks ago due to the Icelandic volcano ashes.
We were stranded in San Francisco and got no clear information on when we would be able to fly back again to Europe. Next we had a big challenge in finding a hotel to stay since the San Mateo hotel (where we already stayed for one week) was overbooked for 10 rooms.
With great motivation and a good focus on customer relationships miss Mimi arranged for us to have the same rooms in the San Mateo hotel as we had before and would be able to stay as long as needed.
This meant for us that we could drop the search for a place to sleep and eat and only need to stay in close contact with the airline for receiving information on the first possibility for us to fly back home.

Thank you for your commitment to hospitality and care for your guests!

Kindest regards and looking forward to my next stay at the Marriott.
Hendy Moone

I would like to compliment one of your employees. Last week my wife and I stayed at your Visalia, CA property for three days. During our stay we had several occasions to impose on a front desk employee, Yordi ******. She was extremely helpful and courteous. Her customer service skills were exceptional. She handled potential problems efficiently and with the customer's needs foremost, not just for us but we observed that she handled several other customers in the same way. She is a credit to the property and to Marriott hotels.

Although I complain about Marriott's inability to provide a feather free room in some hotels I do want to also make some very positive comments: the Marriott Marina in San Deigo is one of the nicest hotels I have every stayed in...any brand. The LA Marriott was also great, have a wonderful eveing bartender (I think her name in Laurie), smart, attentive, really an excellent CA keep up the good work...even had a room with no feathers!!!

Will you honor the maintnance staff at my time share again in coming year?.Your visit at Ocean Point did bring about much cleanliness at the resort.Please visit often.

Sir, Just wanted to express my appreciation of your excellent reservation staff and their professionalism. Mary (confirmation #********) and Trey (confirmation) #********) exemplify the excellence that makes customers loyal to the Marriott experience.

Wow I didnt even know that
Marriott was the last name of someone! But any way I always thought marriotts were more expencive than I could afford. But one day me and a friend wanted to take kids on a small vacation Marriott was of the options that suited a party of 6 in one room, so I checked it ok, Oh MY gosh we are hooked we stay at the residence inn very affordable. We all walked in and fell in love with it. Thank you! Diana

Bill, Bettie and I are enjoying our visit at JW Beijing, where we have stayed many times and so appreciate Bob ******* and his Staff. We go to another favorite of ours, the JW in Shanghai. Good to hear that Michael ***** in Hong Kong JW is going to Waikiki Marriott -- another favorite! Thank you for the Lifetime Platinum status and the great treatment all your associates give me. God bless you. Henry