A Meeting with Wall Street Analysts

April 19, 2010
Bill Marriott with Green Street Analyst John Arabia On Tuesday night (April 13) I was at the Green Street Lodging Conference at our Ritz-Carlton hotel in Washington, D.C., and met with a group of Wall Street analysts and other industry leaders.  We discussed what lies ahead for our company and the entire travel industry as we come out of this recession.

It was a great meeting, but instead of me telling you about it, we've posted a condensed 20 minute recording of the session that you can listen to by clicking here.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

A Meeting with Wall Street Analysts

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I think John Arabia is one of the smartest, sharpest analyst's on the street! Thanks Mr. Marriott for letting us in on a glimpse of pure genius between you and Mr. Arabia!

Hi Bill,

I am interested in reading a copy of the letter to associates, how could I get a copy?

Kind regards,
Steve Kiefer

Dear Mr Marriott
I want to thank you the beauty of the Marriott because I worked at the Marriott Hotel Hurghada in the period 1994 until the end of 1999
And because I left work because I wanted to sit next to my family in Cairo, Thank you very much of a company Marriott all over the world

Mr. Marriott, I just want to recognize a desk employee by the name of Stephanie at the 5700 Greenwich rd Virginia Beach, Virginia location. I had several issues that she made her own and went far out of her way to be kind and helpful. She was amazing and I want to make sure you personally hear of her actions and character. We are all so thankful of her service. Garrett - Philadelphia, PA

Hi Mr. Marriott:

I met you several times when I worked for Marriott in the 80's. You still look terrific. I am now working in residential programs for abused, neglected and homeless youth. My brother also worked for you in the 80's and is now a pediatric surgeon. We both have spent the last 25-30 years telling people how we were molded by Marriott's outstanding company and work ethic. I would like to send you information about our program if you would permit me. Thank you for your time now and the many benefits we received from your company.

Thank you Mr. Marriott for sharing your thoughts. Your comments, "maintain a good looking property", "employee length of service" and "providing opportunity" are noteworthy. Congratulations on a great interview and best wishes for rising to meet challenges successfully. I look forward to another decade of being loyal to the Marriott brand.

Bill, I remember well you and I going up to New York in May of 1962, just weeks after I had left the Waldorf=Astoria to join Marriott, to meet with Wall Street analysts to tell them about where (then) "Marriott Hot Shoppes" was going in the hotel industry. I was sort of a "poster boy" as the kind of men you were hiring, having been with theHollywood Beach Hotel in Florida, the Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, the Park Sheraton in New York, and then the Waldorf. We were trading "over lthe counter" then as "MHS". Tom Bratton

I think it is inspiring what Marriott Hotels are doing in support of the travl industry in these hard times. thanks for your efforts.

Dear Bill!
This comment is not about your article, sorry...
While visiting Marriott.com I found nice complex of wedding services. So I think why not to call them (or create some programme for those who are in love) "Just Marriott" which is so similar to "just married"?!
Thanks for your attention, Best wishes)))

Dear Mr. Marriott,
Good afternoon. My comments have nothing to do with Wall Street but rather a Marriott associate named Rohani ******. I have been a small business owner in Boston for the last 15 years and do a reasonable amount of traveling and have never had an experience like the one I had at your Courtyard Marriott JFK last week. I arrived at your hotel on business at 8:30 pm and unpacked to find that I had forgotten my dress shoes and only had the sneakers I was wearing. I went to the front desk and told Ms. ****** my predictament. She came from around the front desk and walked me to her car where she had a couple pairs of extra shoes in her back seat, but unfortunately they were too small. She then said that the ones she was wearing where a little big for her and maybe they would fit me, which they did. She took her shoes off, gave them to me and put on an extra pair she had in her car. I tried to pay her but she would not accept any money for her shoes. I spoke to the hotel manager and told her what Ms. ****** had done for me, but I wanted to tell you too. I have also told alot of people this story all of whom have the same reaction.... "that was really nice of her". Yes, it truely was nice of her and I hope you will recognize her for her kindness and exceptional customer service.
Kind Regards,
Terry Himmelmann