Marriott Celebrates Green Initiatives this Earth Day

April 22, 2010
The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte Today is Earth Day and in honor of this day of environmental awareness, I want to share with you some of our “green” news.  First, I am excited to tell you that earlier this month, our headquarters building in Bethesda, Maryland, was certified as LEED-Gold, which is the U.S. Green Building Council’s gold standard for energy efficient and eco-friendly design.  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and has been embraced around the world.

Transforming our headquarters into a sustainable and environmentally-friendly building will save our company $700,000 annually and we expect to receive up to $1.3 million in tax credits over the next 3 years.  As of today, we have 40 hotels across nine of our Marriott brands that are already LEED-certified or LEED-registered, so it was only fitting that our headquarters became a model for “green” design, too.  Over the next 5 years we expect to grow our green portfolio to nearly 300 hotels with LEED-certification.

One of the ways we plan to achieve such rapid growth is by developing green “prototypes” for our select service and extended stay brands to help make the design and construction process for LEED-certified hotels faster, easier and less expensive for our owners.  Our Courtyard brand has already completed its prototype and we hope to introduce the prototypes for other brands in the near future.

Also in honor of Earth Day, many of our hotels are taking part in their own green initiatives or activities.  For example, our new Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is also a LEED-Gold building, has been hosting a small electronics recycling drive all week.  Guests and members of the local community are encouraged to drop off their old electronic devices under 50 pounds to be recycled in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner.  The hotel has also been dimming their lights for what they call “Earth Night” each night this week.  They use the warmth and glow of natural candlelight while employing an energy-respectful, simple guiding light for a portion of each evening.

How are you celebrating Earth Day this year?  Leave me a comment and share your best green practices.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Marriott Celebrates Green Initiatives this Earth Day

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Congratulations on your LEED designation but you really need recycling cans in your hotels. You could do in room but you could also collect by the elevators in the hallways.
Almost everyone is recycling right now. I am in a Marriott room and there is two plastic water bottles in the trash right now. Please make this change and support your guests making this simple green action a part of vacationing or business as well. Landfills are full.

is this Post closed?

Dear Mr. Marriott,

Congratulations on Marriott Headquarters’ recent environmental achievement.

In 2007, Contessa built the world’s first green frozen-food manufacturing plant, with innovative technologies that have inspired industry and education. Certified as LEED-Gold by the USGBC -- the same as your headquarters -- our plant reduces its daily energy use and CO2 emissions by 65% and is 100% carbon neutral. What really matters to our environment is not what we manufacture, but where the energy comes from to manufacture.

Many hotels offer patrons the power to exercise their greenness by opting to have their towels washed less during their stay. What if Marriott offered their patrons an opportunity to "eat green" as well? Contessa provides that green option with delicious, wholesome, easy-to-prepare meals available around the clock with no culinary skill needed -- an opportunity to leave your patrons feeling empowered with their conscious green choices.

For more information, visit

Best regards,

John Z. Blazevich
Contessa Premium Foods, Inc.

Dear Mr.Mariott,

One idea could be using recycled material for creating various arrangements in a hotel. For example there are lot of flowers and plants being used to decorate hotel lobbies and lift landing areas, covention halls, rooms etc. Why not use recyled pencils , recycled cans, recycled paper to make really creative arrangements. This can help in communicating how serious the company is about recycling waste. Just a thought.
Mahesh S Aiyer

I want to compliment two of your Cincinnati East employees, Lisa ***** and her assistant, Sara **********. They both went out of their way to assist our high school rowing team with our accommodations for the Midwest Scholastic Sprints this past weekend. Lisa worked with me to plan for rooms for the coaches, rowers, their families, and allowed for an early continental breakfast. I would like to commend them for their extraordinary service and hospitality!

Tammy McAlear
c/o St. Francis de Sales High School Crew in Toledo, Ohio

Like many corporations, Marriott seems to have some contradictory programs - simultaneously putting forward this type of green initiative and mailing thick Marriott's Rewards credit card offers 3 times a month to members of their rewards club. I really don't think it's worthwhile to use that much paper to send the same message to the same people over and over again. Perhaps consider cutting down on paper as one of your green initiatives?

Mr. Marriott,

Once again you have demonstrated your commitment to excellence. While many companies are solely operating for immediate profits, you have shown that you operate for your customers and now also to help to protect our environment. I am very glad you are recognizing the importance of the environment and taking steps to decrease your impact. While it is something that many people know they should do, they purposely choose not to because of short-term costs and even just carelessness. The Earth we leave will be inherited by our future generations. It is our duty to care for it and leave it the best possible way. I thank you for being a leader

Mr. Bill Marriott,

Thank you for being a leader in the hotel industry by making energy conservation and energy efficiency part of your mission. We at GreenSwitch Team also share your ideas and goals. I would like to offer you the opportunity to check out our products that can reduce the electric usage in each hotel room by 20 - 30% at I look forward to talking with Marriott.

VR/Steven Powell
Vice President
GreenSwitch Team

Mr. Marriott,

Once again you have demonstrated your commitment to excellence. While many companies are solely operating for immediate profits, you have shown that you operate for your customers and now also to help to protect our environment. I am very glad you are recognizing the importance of the environment and taking steps to decrease your impact. While it is something that many people know they should do, they purposely choose not to because of short-term costs and even just carelessness. The Earth we leave will be inherited by our future generations. It is our duty to care for it and leave it the best possible way. I thank you for being a leader

Dear Mr. Bill Marriott,

thanks for undertaking big effort and sustainable change to our life. Sharing our earth with a growing number of people aiming for better life means nothing less than personall comitment to everyone of us. Saving resources and good manangement of energy is mandatory. We have a small contribution, too. Our automatic operated tapware does not only save water, it also produces its own energy by using the dynamic of the moving water. Please feel free to check at and go for "selfpower".

Regards. Stefan Schulz

I love that you post your actual savings and your projected savings. Hopefully, seeing more stuff like this will motivate companies that aren't already "going green".

Mr. Marriott,
LEED certification is an awesome program. I have a daughter on the way and I am glad that major corporations are doing something to make the world a better place for her. I know part of that program involves conducting monitoring of your system and generating reports. Here is a system that will make all of that extremely easy while saving money on Energy Bills. This is a great company which could definitely increase your green initiatives.

It will monitor your energy use, carbon footprint, and sustainability efforts in real-time, something that is pretty ground breaking. It offers the smart grid of tomorrow today.


You can see my commment just above about bringing the Marriott's flag to Florianópolis.
This is what the NY times say about the city... Take a look!

Best regards,
Joao Henrique

Law firm URL:

Dear Bill,

Pepsi is not as good as Coke but that is all that was offered in "The Market" downstairs. I like coke in my Cubra Libre so I guess I will have to drive to the store and buy some. Having spent more than 365 days in different Residence Inns in the last 3 years it appears that you are making cuts.

Dear Bill,
Your commitment to environmental sustainability is impressive to say the least. I was wondering how much renewable energy was used in these LEED hotels? We specialize in incorporating renewable energy such as solar thermal, solar energy, wind power (also vertical axis), grey water recovery systems, (for cleaning, restrooms, irrigation) geothermal, LED lighting etc for existing buildings and new construction. We also partnered with several energy reduction companies that can help you continue your sustainability goals. I invite you to click on their link to view who they are, what they do, how they do it and the many different services they provide in environmental, Loss Prevention and Occupational Health.

I am very excited to see Marriott is making a concious effort within the 'Green Revolution.'

My husband and I only stay at Marriott hotels when we travel and always enjoy our stay. We currently took a road trip from CA to MO and stayed at 4 Marriott hotels in 4 states and are now living in a Spring Hill Suites in St. Louis for a month...NONE of these hotels recycle! This needs to be changed immediately. I am willing to do anything that I can to help. Complimentary breakfast (which is wonderful) is served on styrofoam. I would like to see this begin to change.

Thank you,

Dear Bill,

I go to Marriot for a nice hotel and service. I don't go there for green/carbon footprint crap. We get enough of that propaganda every day.

To: Bill Marriott,

Bill i beleive Marriot has been looking for a suitable site in Tuscany--Italy for some time now.

I have just the right site for you, infact before the last credit crunch your London office had a look at this site and it was favourable but had to decline due to C/C.

My site's web site is the site sits on top of hill with best views in Tuscany.

Have a look--if it suits your requirements --lets talk.

Best Regards

Ben Desaur

Dear Mr. Marriott i am captured with the beauty of your soul

congratulation Mr Marriott,am a fun from Africa,its amazing for me to see such a building,i think you're great,i hope one day i will get a chance to observe this with ma eyes,God bless u Mr Marriott

As always, Mr. Marriott, we're grateful that such a large corporation is making efforts to operate in a manner that reflects consciousness of the effects that energy consumption and material choices can have on our world. I would like to dig slightly into your post and ask if you could provide any information as to the before and after figures on energy consumption surrounding your headquarters' transformation. Stockholders no doubt will be glad to know Marriott is saving money in the move and receiving tax credits, but as a strong supporter of your business AND the globe, I'd love to see how your energy consumption has dropped. After all, it's the total number that makes the difference on a global scale, not the rate of power per device. Keep making these great strides - we all need it!

One of my regular riders is retired from Marriott with forty-nine years of service. I merely know him as Mike. Might make an interesting interview. Thank you -- Steve Lawrence

If you want to be truly green, use air purifiers in all rooms instead of smelly sprays that close up our breathing passages. Your reservation clerk told me I'd have an "allergy friendly" room in Greensboro NC tonight. Instead, i have to wear a mask all over this place just to continue breathing. The woman on duty said they had no request for an allergy friendly room. When will all hotel owners and managers learn that the chemical fragrances you use to "freshen" your hotel is poison to those of us who hav chemical sensitivities and asthma. I will never stay in a Marriott again.
You need to understand, clean air is not sprays that fill the air with deadly chemicals. Most people I know over the age of fifty have problems with hotel rooms and the cleaning and "freshening" products. Just purifying the air before your guest checks in is all that is needed.

Hey Bill, I applaud your environmental focus and hope you'll continue to do good things with such a global focus as yours. I love the environment and love to ski. I have been a loyal Marriot customer and will continue to be so. I do have one comment though. As a skier I have never been able to stay at one of your great ski locations(most notably your great vacation clubs in Colorado)using my points. I find that very frustrating. I checked last year at least twice a week for the whole year to stay at your Breckenride resort and found out it never became available though most on the phone kept telling me to keep checking. I was checking for a peak period(presidents week in february) but if it will never be available I think you should stop advertising it as a perk to your loyal customers. Just a thought.