Supporting Critical Water Conservation in China

May 28, 2010
Nobility of Nature Water Conservation Program For the past two weeks, I’ve been traveling throughout China visiting our hotels in the region.  We’re just about ready to open a brand new Ritz-Carlton hotel in Pudong, a suburb of Shanghai.  It is truly an amazing hotel – very tall and very beautiful.  But we’re opening an even more spectacular hotel in downtown Hong Kong, right on the water at 118 stories – the tallest hotel in the world.  We opened two beautiful Marriott hotels here this week, and a Renaissance hotel as well, so we’re really on a roll here.

Now, as my trip is coming to an end, I want to share with you an exciting new program that I had the chance to announce during my visit.  It’s called the “Nobility of Nature” and is designed to support a water conservation initiative that helps protect the planet’s largest natural source of fresh water, located in the mountains of southwest China.  The focus of our program will be in the Sichuan province, the same area that was affected by the devastating earthquake that struck the region in 2008.

In order to support these conservation efforts, Marriott will invest $500,000 US over the next two years to assist rural communities in the province with sustainable businesses such as mushroom farming and honey production, placing less stress on the environment.  It will also reduce erosion and sedimentation, improving water quality downstream in both urban and rural areas.

In addition to our Nobility of Nature program, our Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in China have committed to reducing water and energy usage by 25 percent by 2017.  With China becoming one of the world’s top tourist destinations, it’s important that we do our part to preserve its natural resources.

There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “When using the water, respect the source.”  Water is the key to prosperity and sustained economic growth and it’s extremely important that our guests, associates and the people of China have a clean, healthy supply of drinking water.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Supporting Critical Water Conservation in China

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I love Marriott. I m a very proud ex associatte from Jw Marriott and Ritz Carlton I applaud your Nobility of Nature initiative, I would recommend check about the YASUNI PARK and the Ecuador's Yasuni-ITT Proposal

Yasuni Park is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. We, the ecuadorian people are trying to remain this place free of oil companies. Best regard and thanks for interact your news in this blogg.
Giohana Albuja
Ex Quito and Barcelona Associate.

The" Nobility of Nature "is a magnificent idea, I am never seized to be amazed when I read all the terrific masterpiece ideas that Mr Marriott and his team enlightens us with.


I applaud Marriott for saving water in China, and all over the world. I spend many nights in Marriott hotels and I'm happy to see the signs about not washing the towels every day to save water. But when do all those little plastic bottles go away, so we use less oil? Most European hotels have dispensers on the wall that get cleaned and refilled everyday. And what about the card readers on the wall that you have to put your door key into to turn the electricity on in your room. Everything shuts off automatically as soon as you pull your card out. Bill, how many other hotels would follow suit if you started really pushing for the environment everywhere?

I am standing at one Workforce center in Hou,TX. And my friend's grandson seemed interested in my work, I commented about ur hotel and he said yes this is a very nice hotel and his mom had a modeling event at one of your hotels. He said you have, candy stores, toy stores,dinner places and party facilities. It is interesting the accomodations you have that make childrens experiences memorable.

maybe every hotel sould try and be loclised into the efforts of producing food items on the menu. imagine the amount of air miles put into shifting tons of raw food material to various locations across the world. if salmon had to come from norway to every hotel of marriott (like 3500 in numbers), it woudl create a lot of polution. if a huge chain like marriott could initiate use of local items, and try and reduce the amount of imported material, it would help the world. lets try and reduce carbon miles on the globe. i am sure travellers would be delighted to try local delicacies than have their regular items being served to them every meal. this would help local economies to boost and also help people recognise local flavours.

if such plans could be initiated by large companies, others would follow. n everyone wishes to do sumthing gud for the world.

thank you
zorawar singh mann
marriott associate

Dear Mariott Hotel - and its Family.

I recently read an article at about Mariott working with Conservation International to reduce water use, and sustainable (seafood) menu program. I support your work, and will take this into consierations for future travel accommodations at Mariott.

Why can't i join the marriott rewards plan?????every time i try my zip or postal code here in canada my request is denied .

Bravo. I applaud your Nobility of Nature initiative as well as your growth and development of multiple hotel lines in destination areas of the world.
Thanks for sharing these updates. I look forward to expanding my travels.
Margaret Marcucci
gold member 666300009
multiple (5) mvci owner

Dear Mr. Marriott,

There are Marriott properties newly opened around the world, just wonder why not in Taiwan? Why there's no Marriott in Taiwan? Why missed Taiwan? These are questions that guests asked me after they found out I'm from Taiwan and I can't answer..Can you help me?

Thank you for your time!
I do proudly represent Marriott!^^

Dear Bill,

I applaud Marriot's efforts to promote water conservation in China, clean water supply is a critical issue for everyone.
Would your group be moving towards using eco-friendly products, such as natural soaps and detergents? These are some of the primary water pollutants that can be controlled at hotel operations.

This sounds really good. I would love to see more information about how Marriott is helping with the cause for education in the United States. As a teacher, this is an important cause to my heart. Our school could use some seed money for struggling students! Our town supports Marriott!!!

It is a great news. I am looking forward to the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in China and in Hong Kong. If the time is fitted into my work schedule. I love to be there when it is opening.

I am a Marriott Time share owner in Aruba.

Thanks for the news.

Dear Bill,

it was very good to have met you, if ever so briefly, as I was pre-occupied with photographing your visit in Beijing.

I have just come across this blog of yours, and read with interest that you are launching this program called Nobility of Nature. I have spent a great deal of my time photographing the South North Water Transfer and would be very interested in hearing more about this program you launching.

Please let me know where I can find more information about it.

Best Regards

Do you really think $500,000 will make a dent? If you cared you would have donated a more significant amount,

Reducing water and energy usage is a noble endeavor and I applaud you for your initiative.

Mr. Marriott it is commendable that you are supporting water conservation. If every one of us thinks like you the finite natural resources will be there to meet future generation’s needs. As I indicated I visit China every year and more often in some years. If any city anywhere in the world has a Marriott I stay at that hotel. Next time I go to Nanjing among many other cities in China, I hope to stay in your hotel. Marriott is home away from my home in the grater Washington DC area. Thank you again. Syed T. A. Naqvi, Platinum Emeritus

Dear Mr.Bill

Greetings from INDIA.

I am an young entrepreneur,working as an Regioanl Head for South east asia in Marketing(Swiss School) who is planning on a Hotel school in INDIA.

What would be an ideal way to affiliate with the Marriott group?

Does marriott planning on starting a world class Hospitality school?

My dream is to have a collaboration with Marriott group and start a world class campus in INDIA!

Awaiting you reply and thanks for your time:)

Kind regards

Santhosh Mrinalini