Traveling with Little Ones? Marriott Has You Covered

May 27, 2010
Travel Crib Featuring COVERPLAY Slip Cover Today, I’m blogging about two things that are very important to me -- opportunity and families.  When my mother and father started our company as a root beer stand 83 years ago, they represented the great entrepreneurial spirit. They worked hard to build the business and were able to expand because they impressed other people and businesses who bought their products and services.  As a result, I’ve always been fascinated with people who have the courage to start their own business and try to make it grow.

That’s why I was so impressed when I heard about Allison Costa and Amy Feldman, two entrepreneurs who appeared on the TV show Shark Tank. On the show, start-up business owners try to convince a panel of judges, who are venture capitalists, to invest in their small companies.

Allison and Amy’s product really impressed the judges. It’s called COVERPLAY® and it’s like a fitted slipcover that completely goes over a travel crib. It really impressed us too, and several months ago we signed a big deal with them.  We saw a tremendous opportunity in their product to help us make it easier on moms and dads traveling with little kids under three years old.

Now we are rolling out a new toddler program called Tots Travel Too™ at five of our brands: Courtyard, Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn & Suites, TownePlace Suites and SpringHill Suites in North America. When families book with us and request a crib, they’ll receive an amenity package that features COVERPLAY and a squirty toy for the tub.

As parents of four wonderful grown children and 19 grandchildren, my wife Donna and I are well aware of the stress of traveling with little kids. How many parents have arrived at a hotel, begun to unpack and searched in vain for the baby shampoo or lotion they were sure they had packed? Family vacations and getaways are supposed to be about having fun and happy memories, not about stress. That’s why we’re stocking many of those “forgotten” items at the front desk as part of the new Tots Travel Too program at these five brands.  And of course, these supplies are complimentary. 

Allison and Amy’s company COVERPLAY is just one of many small businesses we actively seek out to do business with. We try to support these small companies through our supplier diversity initiative aimed at businesses run by minorities and women. 

Marriott’s been successful for more than 80 years because of bigger partners that supported our business, and it’s wonderful when we can return the favor, while also making family travel more fun and less stressful. 

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Traveling With Little Ones Marriott Has You Covered


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Great idea, keep up the great work

I love your blog on "Opportunity and Family!" As a single Mom who focused on family in lieu of a career, I continually emulate your creativity and boldness, to addressing the needs of family outside of your own! I remember when I walking by the Daycare in Bethesda, silently thinking how awesome is the idea.

Again Bill

this is one more reason I will always opt to stay at the lovely Spring Hill suites and it is refreshing to see Marriot working with the new kids on the block Bravo

I think Alison and Amy are true pioneers in the field and love that they think of families being safe and having a great destination partnering with Marriott

thanks sir. its great to read entrepreneurs. wish u all the luck.

Funny. I just stayed at a Springhill Suites in which I requested a crib over 2 months in advance of my reservation, plus I checked in early in the day...and no crib was available. I was told "cribs are requested...not guarenteed." Nice customer service.

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Allison is truly an advocate for children's safety. I know her product will become a universal must for all parents and grandparents travelling the world!
Thanks Allison!
Lynn Teschner

Way to go Mr Marriot. As Joshua's mom and co-worker caregiver, I salute you!

awesome layout and excellent article.many thanks this is fantastic details

Got this from Randi and am very proud of you.
Randi's Dad

Dear Mr. Marriott: When Terica stops by in Maryland again, she will preplan to ensure she visits the Bethesda Headquarters. I love your blog on "Opportunity and Family!" As a single Mom who focused on family in lieu of a career, I continually emulate your creativity and boldness, to addressing the needs of family outside of your own! I remember when I walking by the Daycare in Bethesda, silently thinking how awesome is the idea. As you share, I keep seeing the pages of your biography in which the entire world has the opportunity in sharing your living legacy. Especially, as I am a part of the Mark Victor Hansen “Wealthy Writer’s Wisdom” Program. I come from the perspective of the people I call the “95%” who seek the humility of stories from persons like you, to empower them in their journey of financial liberation and wealth! I continue to hold the dream of hotel ownership which you awakened in me, as I take the baby steps in my walk of your big steps. As I re-request the biography of you, it seems to unleash the secrets of Gibran's, as he states in Giving: “It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” Thanks for the opportunity in sharing once again as you keep Marriott on the Move!

Great! When I bring my children, of 12 and 4, this is very convenient and helps my VIP schedule!

This is a GREAT idea!

I'm delighted to see another hotel chain recognize the importance of their littler guests. This is a wonderful initiative. Thanks!

The front desk at 8:15 on 5-27 was outstanding.I'm a elite,gold???Who cares.Customer service is all we have and it is at New Roc.

What a great idea, our kids now traveling with their children can certainly make use of this product.

Way to go Allison and Amy.

Love it! What a great idea and a service to families! Marriott continues to demonstrate good values. Thank you!