Marriott Guests Can Give Back with New Voluntourism Package

July 30, 2010
Guests Giving Back Through Marirotts New Orleans Voluntourism Package The people and businesses along the Gulf Coast and New Orleans have sure endured a lot over the past five years -- between Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and now the oil spill -- but I want to focus on the resilience of that wonderful community.

Earlier this summer, some of New Orleans’ top chefs, including many from our Marriott hotels in the area, organized an event to support and feed the fishermen affected by the oil spill, as well as their families.  Local chefs have long relied on the fishermen to provide their restaurants with fresh seafood, so it was only fitting to turn the tables and provide food to those in need.

In addition to members of the local community, many others from all over the United States have been looking for ways to help.  Earlier this month, Marriott launched a Voluntourism package at nine of our hotels in downtown New Orleans.  This package allows guests to join our associates in volunteer activities.  Participants in the program can either volunteer with New Orleans area Habitat for Humanity to help to build homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina or Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans to help get food to Gulf Coast families impacted by the oil spill.  The package includes deluxe accommodations, a Spirit to Serve Concierge to assist with coordinating volunteer efforts, a boxed lunch for two, transportation to the volunteer site and two commemorative t-shirts.

Despite the hardships the city has faced over the past five years, New Orleans remains one of America’s most fantastic and unique travel destinations.  I hope you’ll take advantage of this package as a way to serve and rebuild community while also experiencing the true essence of this beautiful, vibrant and culturally rich city.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Marriott Guests Can Give Back with New Voluntourism Package

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Nice post!

I have hunted all over the Marriott hotel website for the proper place to pass on some well-deserved kudos for one of your General Managers at Residence Inn hotel in Fair Lakes, Fairfax VA.
On 26 Jan 2011 there was a huge snowstorm in he D.C. area and after five hours of trying to drive home from Chantilly VA, my car became stuck on the Fairfax County Parkway. There were dozens of stranded cars. I had called for a tow truck, but was told not to expent it before morning. By 10 PM I managed to walk up a steep hill to discover a Marriott Residnce Inn. There were no rooms, but the General Mgr, Lizzi ****** let me stay in the lobby, offered me breakfast the next morning and then went in search of two snow shovels and she walked with me to my car and helped me shovel it out of the snow and I was able to drive away by 9 a.m. (I was still not to the top of the list on the tow truck schedule and it never came). I am a gold elite member and have enjoyed many of the perks Marriott offers to frequent hotel guests, but none of those perks compares to the service offered to me that day by Ms. Lizzi ******, GM at the Fari Lakes Residence Inn.

What a wonderful idea! The Gulf needs all the help they can get. Thank you for caring.

Voluntourism is a great opportunity for all people. Now people can travel and have a wonderful vacation quite inexpensively while helping out others who are less fortunate, it is a win-win!
To explore voluntourism opportunities and to read stories from people who have done these events, please visit

Mr Marriott, you always have good intentions, your sensitive and considerate actions are demonstrations of the who you
are, a man with a passion for change,development,success and concern for the needs of others, you are a remarkable business figure.KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!!!

WOW! What an opportunity!

All Americans should be saddened by the personal and business losses in the Gulf region.

Now, here comes Marriott International organizing an effort to do something positive about it!

Some folks whine and point fingers at this disaster. Bill, thanks for doing something about it! I echo Jose --- what an awesome opportunity. Congratulations!

And, guess what? There are no taxpayer dollars involved!

Need a Marriott in Moab really bad. I am surprised there isn't one as it is in Utah and a fantastic tourist destination.

i live in Bartlesville where we have a new Marriott Hotel but it seems to be impossible to email or call there, for reservations. i have tried everthing. why are you keeping it a secret about this lovely new garden hotel? i need the phone number.

As Terica would say, there goes Mr. Marriott a shining example of a trailblazer in being bold to continue to encompass change for the empowerment of community. Indeed what a Chairman and CEO! One wonders, who are you mentoring to carry on your boldness and ingenuity of transformation leadership enveloped in the role of the top executive! This is true community change, which is a challenge for your peers to uphold and strive for in their company. You certainly continuously raise the barrier to entry with great innovation in your company for the empowerment of all.

I continually boast that Mr. Marriott is an employer that truly cares: "He takes care of his employees and they take care of the guests." He understands the Universal secret that so many Executives are yet to learn. Employees first, and everyone and everything falls into place. I smiled, as I was in a Marriott hotel in Orange County, Anaheim and one of the employees exuded such excellent customer service. I told her, you are indeed a true progeny of Mr. J. W. Marriott. Thanks again for being bold and upholding such innovation.

California businesses, especially in San Diego need your business model to truly transform the "Golden State" into a model state. The Universe continues to usher in change. Thanks you for empowering those who are seeking and enacting the wisdom of true empowering change as you keep "Marriott on the Move."

Mr. Marriott,

I read your blog often and enjoy all of your posts. Sometimes I think to myself, “Oh that’s nice” and other times I think “That’s very commendable.” This time when I read your new volunteerism package entry, I thought to myself “Wow, now THAT is extraordinary!” I know that you have always stressed giving back to community however, you have taken the next step and extended that tradition and imitative to your guests. Many people want to the residents of the Gulf region, especially Louisiana, however they are unsure about how to go about it. You have created a structured opportunity for people to really get involved and give back in a physical manner. While people may be scared to do it on their own, by using your well trusted named you have created an environment where people are excited and eagerly ready to get participate in hands-on service work. The level of excitement and participation you will and already have garnered is exactly what community organizations strive for in their outreach. Your status had been elevated not only in the eyes of those citizens you are helping, you also have gain a new-found respect from humanitarians around the world, on an individual as well as organizational basis.

With Deepest Regard and Respect,
Terica Adams

This is nice..but you are burying your problems on the Timeshare side of your business...which is in my opinion steals value from your customers. Nice PR touch in burying the issue into your June date.

The voluntourism package is a sound initiative to help fisherment and that New Orleans awesome community.
Hurricanes, oil spills are not enough to surrender the festive and marvelous spirit of New Orleans and the Gulf coast people.

In our nation,we call such behavior "when you drink pure water,you shall commemorate the source".I think it's the very essence of how the Marriott's spirit flourishes.Serving the guest,owner&our communities.

I love this great idea and opportunity. What a thought to have this happen throughout our country.
I know there must be other communities that this would be a gift and show so much love of neighbors throughout our country.
That would be the biggest Spirit to Servce that would be a WOW for all.
I hope to take advantage of this great opportunity to help the people of New Orleans.
Thank you Mr Marriot for giving everyone this great opportunity .
Dee O'Horan CTA

Dear Bill,
I wrote to you about a month ago regarding a property loss case at your JWM Hotel in Shanghai and complained about their inaction. And am now very happy to inform you that Mr. Michael *****, your GM there, has taken swift actions and was able to develop a pragmatic solution acceptable to both parties. I’m impressed with his straight forwardness and responsiveness, which I value more than the loss itself! The case reached a satisfactory conclusion in less than two weeks’ time, which could have been even faster if it were not for my own delay due to extensive travel over the past weeks (I also should have written this note to you much earlier). I thank you for your personal attention to this trivial matter and wish your business continued success!
Warmest regards,

Thank you Bill, this is a great opportunity, I just booked for Aug 27th and 28th, I plan on doing both events!

Bill Marriott, you rock, big time. You are an inspiration to all. May Heavenly Father hold you in his arms to Eternity.