Marriott Dives In with USA Swimming

August 6, 2010
Marriott Dives In with USA Swimming This summer has been a real hot one, particularly here in Washington, D.C., where temperatures have run over 100 degrees on many occasions.  This is the time of year I try to get up to our family home in New Hampshire to get away from the heat and humidity of D.C.  One of my favorite ways to cool off during the summers when I was a boy was to go out and take a swim.  I really enjoyed swimming when I was in summer camp when I was 10 years old.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce that Marriott has signed on to be the official hotel sponsor of USA Swimming.  Swimmers are constantly traveling to compete in various meets throughout their season and we’re thrilled to be able to host them at nine of our brands when they’re on the road.

This is a great opportunity for us because it introduces us to a new, very large community of swimmers.  It’s a win-win for both of us as swim teams will have a place to stay when they travel, and Marriott will gain some extra revenue and room nights during these weekend meets.

Right now, the USA Swimming National Championships are taking place in Irvine, California.  Swimmers from all across the U.S. have come to compete in this prestigious meet, and we’re thrilled to be hosting nearly 1,000 of these wonderful athletes.  The meet will air this Saturday and Sunday on NBC, so I hope you’ll be able catch at least a little bit of it.

I want to wish all of the athletes participating good luck.  And, if any parents, friends, or relatives want to share their swimmer’s accomplishments, feel free to leave me a comment.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Marriott Dives In with USA Swimming

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We really appreciate your alliance with swimming. It is so difficult to find hotels with clean and comfortable facilities for swimmers.
Thank you so much for your efforts.

Laura and Kirsten Sevenus

The staff at Downtown Marriott in Greensboro is second to none. This goes for the front desk to room service. They just go out of their way so a guest feels as if they are at home when away on business or leisure. I applaud them in every way I can.

Dr. E.M. Eloian

Congratulations Bill on this new partnership. As you said, it is a win-win situation because you are getting exposure in a new market of customers. This is also a great opportunity because it shows that you are an active supporter of staying fit and active. What a wonderful message you are sending to everyone ranging from other corporations to guests who may just stay at your hotels.

Whenever I plan a business trip or family trips, I stay at a Marriott. It has always been the perfect choice in my travels across the United States,Canada and Overseas.

The new Hotel in Moskoka is
a great location.

My apologies on the date of the previously-sent comment. The guest received the flowers on 8/23/10, not 8/13/10 :-).

Thanks again,

Good Day,

I would like to commend the staff at the Residence Inn, located at:

83 Glimcher Realty Way
Elizabeth,NJ 07201.

I asked the staff to deliver flowers on 8/23/10 to a resident. Without any hesitation, the woman I spoke with (I apologize for not remembering her name) was very polite, enthusiastic, and professional. My expectations were exceeded when the recipient of the flowers was overjoyed to find the beautiful arrangement in her room during the evening of 8/13/10.

This exemplifies the "extra mile" in customer service and I'd like to extend a heartfelt "thanks" for a job well-done by the staff. Thanks for your awesome service :-).


Sean DeWitte (Phoenix, AZ)

I always been a fan of Marriot Hotel because their humility and respect for the human rights. Thank you so much for taking so much responsibilities to help children in need.


an excelent experience

Congratulations on quality hotel management. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the senior rates as that helps us stay at quality hotels.

This is very good time i have enjoyed our conferences as well here in Dubai and members really love the ambiance of the hotel.


I would like to offer a brand differentiating customer service suggestion. As you know, many travelers (both business and personal) now use GPS devices. I would like to suggest that you ask your CIO to develop web site functionality that enables users to add an Outlook contact of a given Marriott property that includes address, phone number, fax number, and perhaps even limited directions. I am a loyal Marriott Rewards traveler, however at present I must manually capture this information from either your website or my reservation confirmation. It should be electronically available for every Marriott property worldwide.

Thank you for giving this innovation suggestion your fullest consideration.


Brad Clancy

Whenever I am on the road, I stay at a Marriott or at least a Courtyard by Marriott. It has always been the perfect choice in my travels across the United States and Canada and some trips to Europe.

Thank you and your employees!

Knew the Marriott family when we lived in Bethesda, MD. We were Cuban-refugees, and I remember that Bill's father was especially nice to us, inviting us into the area.
Manny Torres

Unsure if this is the best format. Not posting a comment about the articles above. However they were informative. I am however wanting to give my appreciation for the service I received from one of the associates that works in the Springhill Suites (2363 Stemmons) in Dallas, TX near the DAL airport. His name was Anthony and by far he provided the best service in all my travels. Certainly appreicated his prompt service and excellent solution finding ability.

Matt K.

This is fantastic. As a Gold Elite Marriott reward member; I would agree that this is a great move. I am the reservations coordinator for our USA Swim team from Lancaster, Pa. Our families, and their competitive swimmers travel quite often and the Marriott brand provides a fairly consistent experience regardless of the brand. Marriott has always been our first choice. We especially appreciate those pre-dawn breakfast buffets for our hungry athletes.

Dear Brother Marriott,

This is a very good opportunity for your brand to be recognized among the youngsters nowadays. We have enjoyed our conferences as well here in Dubai and members really love the ambiance of the hotel.

More power to Marriott Hotels!

Meldy Arienda

I would like for you to consider applying military/government discounts or specials like you are doing for the swimmers at least to the places where all of our military return from battlezones. It is wonderful what Marriott is doing in Atlanta, but Atlanta is only one place.

Please "google" "post-deployment reintegration" for some insight into what our military are experiencing as they return and then imagine the expenses that families go through from clothes to meals to travel to accomodations for one day to several for their special someones. Look at what an enlisted person's income is.

For the last eight years, I have witnessed many of these homecoming, but let me mention the two most recent. Our son has returned twice in the last two years where we have chosen to stay at the Springhill Suites Virginia Beach Oceanfront Marriott, and the government rate was/is denied. Because our son is on his eighth deployment (seventh to Afghanistan and once to Iraq) and has been gone for a year, I will pay the $284 for two nights and the $299 for one night for a stay this week from August 13-16. Yet as he leaves again on August 30/31, I am able to obtain a government rate. Why the difference for the military???

For the military in Virginia Beach and for all their families, I wish that you would evaluate ways to offer the rate to them throughout the year. A return is both a happy and a tough time for re-entry into the "real world," and that is true for the military person and for those who have been here.

I believe too that it will have long-term economic benefits too because I know as a consultant who travels that while Marriott is always my favorite hotel that I usually choose other brands who offer discounts regularly to the military. That is because of the principle that is involved. I respect the service of the military, and Marriott usually symbolizes that same service too. It bothers me to financially support an organization that only looks like it supports a group. Please consider this request for those who wait for their relatives return and want it to be the very, very best!!

The JW Marriott on PA Ave, Washington, DC is wonderful. I love staying at that hotel.
Its the only bright spot in DC the rest of the city(WH) is to corrupt.With the dumbest bunch of crooks running our country.
I love your hotels!

Wow I think that is great creating a safe clean place to call "home" when on the road for individuals that work so hard for us that is wonderful.
Mr. Marriott I have another idea to help you reach out: I volunteer for the US Open Golf tournaments and as a result travel all over the United States to meet this responsibility. As a volunteer you are required to work during the Open in a variety of assignments. As you are aware the Open moves from state to state. I live in Ohio and during the open I have to pay for my travel as well as my room and board. It appears for most opens thee are about 2,000 volunteers and now that I have worked a few of them I have found that many people travel as I do to Volunteer. I must share with you it is difficult to find lodging that has not been "blacked out" during that time close to the location. So in the past I have also had to rent a car. My suggestion would be that Marriott open the doors to these volunteers and allow us to book room and not be blacked out. The 2011 US Open is at Congressional and I am looking forward that event. The challenges have been finding a room close and with a reasonable rate I have called every week as was suggested by the reservation line and can not get a room at the Marriott Suites near the golf course. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Traveling from Ohio to Congressional yes I can take a car but would rather not deal with traffic and I travel by myself. I coach High School golf and love this opportunity just would like the process to be volunteer friendly. In addition to that I DO NOT want to be forced to have to stay in a NON MARRIOTT property like I had to for Pebble Beach. I am a Marriott owner of 3 weeks on Hilton Head Island and try to stay loyal to the Brand but it is difficult when you are "blacked out" and can not book a room. Have a great day and peace be with you as ever Debbie

Ok is great I am livin in Mallorca and this is an excelent experience

That's great that Marriott is involved in this great sport. Swimming was also my favorite sport back when I was in high school. Now, I'm in to running. What about Marriott also "diving" into the sport of running and marathons? Likewise, it has a wide participation worldwide and a trememdous way to help people stay fit and healthy. Here in Tokyo, hotels have specials during the very popular marathon week. Marriott, where possible, may even be able to start its own running groups for employees where guests may be able to join in.

Commendale great idea.

********* SILVER MEMBER!

my son Is 4 we went to swim at the local pool, there is nothing better than a swim in a nice clean pool! in Halifax Nova Scotia!