John Legend and Courtyard Put on a Show in Grand Central Terminal

September 7, 2010
John Legend Performing in the Courtyard Refresthing Business Lobby Replica in Grand Central Terminal There's a line in one of my favorite movies, Field of Dreams, "if you build it, they will come."  In our case, instead of a baseball diamond in an Iowa corn field, we’re building replicas of our Courtyard Refreshing Business lobby in Grand Central Terminal in New York City.  We’re also doing it at airports across America because we know that if you see it you definitely will come and stay.

In New York, Grammy Award-winning singer John Legend joined us for a lunch-time concert as we took over Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall to showcase the new lobby.  The design is modern and stylish and offers amenities like free WiFi, lots of seating and electrical outlets to stay connected, as well as a full service dining outlet called The Bistro.

Our goal with this new lobby is to encourage guests to come out of their room and use the public space to get some work done, socialize or just plain relax.  We aimed to create a space where travelers could congregate that was contemporary, sophisticated and relevant. That's why it was a perfect fit to have had John Legend perform in our lobby today as he embodies all of those characteristics as a musician.

More than 180 of our Courtyard hotels in the United States now have this new lobby concept in place and we want to make sure travelers know all about it.  The replica in Grand Central Station is up until this evening, but, starting next week, you can see replicas of our Refreshing Business lobby at three major airports across America - Atlanta, Chicago O’Hare and Denver.

Just like the real lobbies, each of these airport lobby zones will offer visitors areas to sit down and plug in to catch up on email or work.  They will also feature our interactive GoBoard® technology so you can get the latest news, weather, stock quotes and information about the local area.

I hope you'll check them out as we work smarter to keep Marriott on the move.

John Legend and Courtyard Put On A Show in Grand Central Terminal

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I continue to hope that Marriott will continue to do whatever it can to support further job growth / work place opportunities for promotions and new hotel openings. I am surprised to read that Marriott intends to open 25 new hotels in Russia when the USA economy is looking for such a boost. I am sure Russian will greatly appreciate all the new jobs and economic growth to the local economies.

Mr. Marriot. I want to take this opportunity to express my thoughts regarding my stay at Courtyard by Marriott Houston West University. From 09/29-10/04 I had reservations to stay at the Crowne Plaza across the freeway as I was staying in Houston to attend a church conference at the Toyota Center. Once I was told by CP that I would be charged $8 for parking (at their hotel), I began to shop for other options. I called Marriott and spoke to Ray ********/Front Desk Mgr; he informed me Marriot does not charge to park in their parking lot AND he would give me the same rate as CP if I would stay with Marriot. Once I found out I was not too late to cancel CP, I called Ray back and booked my room. Once I arrived, I was treated like a VIP. Mr. ******** made sure I knew where all the amenities were ie: computer stations, lounge, comp brkfst location, etc. He took time from his busy schedule FOR ME. As Nicole so graciously checked me into the hotel, I inquired about a refrigerator being sent to my room. Brenda/supv housekeeper said she would order one up right away. Within minutes, she personally delivered it herself. My room was ALWAYS very clean. Everyone was always courteous and had a smile on their face. Their hospitality was as if I was being welcomed into their home. I only had time for 1 comp brkfst, but even that staff had a smile on their face and were very cordial and welcomed me as well. I am recently retired from a call center where I worked in mgmt. This I know, that if the staff are treated with respect and appreciation from management, they will give their very best to provide stellar service. I want to thank Ray, Nicole, Brenda,& brkfst staff for a STELLAR performance of customer service. They made my stay so comfortable and pleasant. Should I ever come to Houston again or have friends needing a place to stay, Courtyard by Marriott Houston West University will be my No. 1 recommendation. Thank you everyone. PS: my husband is a Marriott's Rewards member as he travels around the world. He stays when he can at Marriotts. Thank you again!

Dear Mr. Marriott,

I recently visited St.Kitts Marriott, It was great and very relaxing. The drinks & ocean winds, with great book was just the ticket. Congats on a great destination. We are opening a New Hotel & Mega-Yacht Marina in the Caribbean, with a members only private gaming club on a small Island not far from St.Kitts. The BOD thought Marriott might be a great brand for us if you were interested in talking. My best, Adrian Dozier

Having great lobbies is something Marriott has always done very well and now they will be even better. Great idea.

I really love the idea of trying to make the lobby more useful for guests. I've stayed in Marriott hotels plenty of times and have always been happy with accommodations, and adding a more social aspect to the Marriott atmosphere is a great idea. It somewhat reminds me of a lounge in a college dorm, but in a good way. It's always nice to meet new people in any situation or get out of your room for a while and simply relax.

Putting staged lobbies into airports is a fantastic idea too, as it gives potential guests an idea as to what they will be receiving in a Marriott stay. These lobbies will only add to the success of Marriotts and I can't wait to see the impact they will have!

Marriott is an awesome company and clearly taking the lead to provide hotel guests with a new and better stay experience. I have always liked the concierge lounges in full-service Marriott hotels because they were a place go and socialize or do some work, or even just watch the news on TV with others. The new Courtyard lobbies are great and extend that option to Marriott guest. Thanks!

Mr Marriott,
If I send you a copy of a book you wrote would you autograph it for me

Wow. It's amazing that you got such a talent to perform. But, I guess since you are done dismantling the Marriott Vacation Club you have plenty of extra time on your hands. Please take a moment and respond to the hundreds of concerned Vacation Club Owners who posted on your blog. They represent but a few of your many loyal customers who feel betrayed.

I like the go-boards. I've only been in one hotel that had them and used it to find and print out directions to a restaurant. It worked perfectly.

Also enjoyed the renovated room - it was all pretty nice. Didn't try the breakfast yet.