Honesty Is the Best Policy

October 11, 2010

  Article from Rexburg Standard Journal It happens to the best of us…you’re in a rush to check out and get out of your hotel and catch your flight, and when you finally get home, you realize you left something behind in your hotel room.  This happened just a few weeks ago, at our SpringHill Suites in Rexburg, Idaho.  Except this guest didn’t forget clothing or his BlackBerry – he left a bank envelope with $5,000 inside.

One of the hotel’s housekeepers, Kelsey Ricks, came across the envelope with the money inside when she was cleaning the guest’s room shortly after he checked out.  The hotel staff tracked down the guest and returned all the money to him in a matter of a few days.

Kelsey said the thought of keeping the money never crossed her mind.  Her first instinct was to immediately call her supervisor and report what she found.  She says she didn’t have to think twice about what to do and credited her parents with instilling in her these morals from a very young age.  “Integrity is what you do when no one is looking,” she said, and I couldn’t agree more.

Kelsey plans to start attending college classes at BYU-Idaho this winter.  I wish her the best of luck in pursuing her education and whatever the future holds for her.

Thanks, Kelsey, for setting a wonderful example.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

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Thank you so much, Mr. Marriott for such kind words about me. Thank you to everyone who has been so thoughtful to leave a comment here for me. This experience has blessed my life. As a quick update for anyone interested, I am now attending college at BYU Idaho and am about to apply for the social work program, but I am also more and more interested in health care as time goes on. Coming up on nine months ago, I married the most amazing man I know, Cole Barton. We live together here in Rexburg and look forward to working on building a happy family and life together as time goes on. I feel so grateful for all the amazing ways my life has been blessed. Thank you again, Kelsey Ricks Barton

what can I do for a stolen object left at my room? It is an antique jewelry that is a gift for my daughter's wedding.

what is the procedure I need to follow?
nobody seems to know...Do I need to take the police myself?

Springhill by Marriott- Austin TX.
Stayed: wed June 8, to Sun June 12
room 624
At the very least, I would expect a call from the manager. which he has not done. 281-536-9153

832-228-1462-Francisco Montaño, my husband.

I am 51 years old and I have had to wait all this time to have the best night's sleep of my life at a Marriott hotel.

Please can you tell me Mr Bill Marriott where I can find those fantastic pillows you use in your rooms?? I really HAVE TO HAVE SOME. It would be perfect timing as I will be moving house soon!!!



Similar thing happened to me at the Renaissance in London last night. I left my credit card behind the bar at The Lounge last night in anticipation of using it when colleagues joined me later. As it turned out, they picked up the check and I left for another function within the hotel, having forgotten that my card was still behind the bar.

One of the bar staff tracked me down to the conference room and handed it over - spooky thing is that they didn't know I was still in the hotel.......

So impressed.

Want to meet the greatest hotelmstaff in the world? Travel to Charleston, West Virginia and stay at The Downtown Marriott! I travel the world and stay at Marriot...Moscow, Rome, Miami, NYC...all great but the staff at Charleston are awesome.

I just happened across this article about an hour after the Fairfield Inn called me about leaving my camcorder behind. What an amazing conincidence and continued examples of why I continue to stay at Marriott Hotels.

I always believe that honesty is the best policy, Kelsey I believe the angels in heaven gave you a standing ovation that day, well done to your parents

Good for you Kelsey

We had a similar situation taht must be described to show the kind of employees your company has.

September 23, 24, and 25 we stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. We were moving to a new home. When we checked out we left a small black briefcase that contaianed my wifes jewelry. We completed our move and finally recognized that her jewelry did not make it to the new home. Yesterday, October 19th I drove back to the Couryard and talked to the manager about our black briefcase and was there any potential that the briefcase had been found and turned in. The manager Tim took the information and went to check lost and found for any black briefcases. As he returned empty handed another member of the staff commented there was a black briefcase in the office. Sure enough the black briefcase was found with everything in place.

We want to thank the staff of the Courtyard at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale for their honesty and support.

Jim & Susan

I hope she knows that this wstory was mentioned on your blog.


Employees like Kelsey are rare in this day and age. Showers of blessing are coming your way Kelsey, that there will not be room enough to receive them. Congrats to her parents who have instilled in her good, strong values, and to Mr. Marriott for choosing the right employees to represent your company. I stayed at the Marriott Beach Towers, Ft. Lauderdale, FL in October 2007 and was so impressed and loved this facility so much that I returned in December with other family members to attended my daughter's graduation from FIU. The staff were very polite, accommodating and friendly. I have since recommended this property to several of my friends and family members.
There is no better advertisment than word of mouth from satisfied customers. Love the Marriott chain of hotels - Courtyard, Residence Inn, etc. I have also stayed at the Rochester facility near the airpot where I stayed with my husband while he was on a business trip for almost 14 day. I was treated like a VIP. Great service, caring employees. I still have great memories of these experiences.

Wonderful story!! Hope you become a manager soon, Kelsey.

God Bless.

Recently having a flight cancelled i stayed at a Washington Airport Mariott. Having checked in at 11pm i was told the rate was $199. When i asked the clerk if a military discount was available i was told NO. He then asked the "manager" who also repeated NO. I am honored to serve my country unfortunately a part of that is defending unappreciative companies such as Mariott.

Wow!!amazing story and yet cautivated by Kelsey action, this is the type of workers companies need, this would make our stay in a hotel such a marriott more accomadate and safe than what it is already because the marriott counts with such a great hospitallity and the costumer service is amazing love the marriott,,, great job Kelsey and keep up the good job

Great story, just shows what Marriott's most valuable asset is... it's people. As a loyal member this is the type of thing that keeps me returning again and again.

I just left the Munich Marriott and forgot a VERY expensive shirt. They found it and are mailing it to me...no charge!

Great Job Kelsey. It is employees like you, who make people choose to stay at a Marriott.

I would love to see a small scholarship be set-up for Kelsey as she prepares to begin college this winter. Good luck Kelsey & thanks for representing Marriott in such a wonderful way!

Mr. Marriott - thank you for recognizing this wonderful girl for her honesty and integrity. One of the reasons I deal with and have dealt with Marriott for so long is because they are, I feel, a company of high integrity. I believe strongly those values myself.

Thanks once again for sharing this nice story.

I was in newark on 10/8/10 and stopped at The Courtyard for a room for 2 nights. I was told that everything was sold out for the 9th but I could have a room for the 8th. Ann Geringer made several calls around to find me a room for the 9th. There was nothing available., so I decided to stay there for the 8th. She said that there might be some cancellations. That night she left me a message that I had the same room for the 9th. Ann is one reason I would stay at your hotel. there was a 5 state softball tournament and a 3 state soccer tournament, and through all of the phone activity she was nice enough to do this for me.
I believe she should be recognized for her commitment to your customers and Marriotts.

Bill Fleming, California

That is wonderful Kelsey and we are so proud of you for the example you set.

My compliments to Kelsey Ricks on her honesty and to Bill Marriott for sharing the story.

A suggestion - it would be commendable for Marriott hotels to help underwrite her college education- because it would be the right thing to do...just like she did the right thing

John Hogan HospitalityEducators.com

Dear Mr. Marriot,
I'm an Architect based in Nairobi - Kenya and we're designing a Hotel ans Apartment structure to be based in Kisumu, Kenya and i'm just enquiring if you could be interested as a chain to manage it and set foot in Africa.
Let's get in touch and will furnish you with the details.
Regards and best of wishes in running your chain.
Dennis Pritt

This is a great story and this associate should be rewarded for her honest. Now to my question, why am I unable to find a spot on Marriot.com to send comments and questions? Beginning a new job in March, I have become a loyal Marriott rewards member. With that said, I have some constructive input that could truly improve the brand, but I have nowhere to share that input. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Kelsey - you are a great example of what a good person does. Congratulations to you. Thank you and thank you to Marriott for hiring people like Kelsey. My reservations for a Residence Inn are already made for Thanksgiving and I know we will be well taken care of.