Enjoying a Smooth, Quiet Ride in the New Chevrolet Volt

November 3, 2010

Bill Marriott and Chevy Volt I love cars.  I collect a few – I’m a real aficionado.  I used to go to car races when I was a kid and I’ve been to a lot of car shows.  So I’ve really been a car enthusiast.  We just finished test driving the brand new Chevrolet Volt, an all new electric vehicle.  What an exciting car to drive.

As part of Marriott’s Spirit To Preserve initiative, we have been encouraging associates to consider environmentally-friendly forms of transportation like driving hybrids and electric cars and even taking the bus.  Now, we’re partnering with General Motors for the Volt Unplugged Tour to bring the Chevrolet Volt to Marriott headquarters so our associates can take a test drive and learn more about green transportation.  We’ve been hosting the Volt tour at our hotels across the country in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles and San Antonio.  Currently, they’re here for a stop in Washington D.C., then it’s on to New York.

I love the Volt because it is so smooth and quiet.  In fact, it has a special pedestrian horn to let the pedestrians who are walking by the side of the road or crossing an intersection know that you’re coming because you cannot hear the car approach.  It gets great gas mileage too – although it has a small gasoline engine to recharge the batteries, you get almost unlimited gas mileage with this beautiful car.

Besides driving an electric car, there are things you can do to help protect the environment with your existing car.  You can save fuel by making sure your tires have the proper pressure, you can obey the speed limit or plan your route and errands to minimize your mileage.

A lot of young people are finding that it’s cheaper and better for the planet to take the bus or the train between cities like DC and New York than it is to drive.  And, of course, nothing beats riding a bike!

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks to our associates for helping to keep Marriott green and on the move.

Enjoying a Smooth Quiet Ride in the New Chevrolet Volt

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Thank you So Much for your advice!!!Mr Marriott!!!

Dear Bill Marriott.

Get an electric environmentally friendly car is important.

Vehicles that uses batteries as mode of storing energy are worst for the environment that using the gas. Diesel is the way to go these days until something better comes along. Those hybrid cars will be a weight on everyone shoulders when at the end of the batteries lifetime they have to throw them away for our great-great-great grandsons to deal with. The way to go is the Hydrogen fuel cells. The people buying hybrid cars are just blinded sheepole ignoramuses that do not think twice before buying those asinine cars.

Mr. Marriott,

Although this post has been on line awhile, I just read it. I love what Marriott represents and know that you love automobiles. I'm curious as to why there's not a Marriott car on the tracks @ NASCAR????

Conversely, those operators who attempt to reduce other expenses related to labor too much, by not providing adequate health care, retirement savings programs such as 401(k)s, or sick leave benefits, will find that the best employees prefer to work elsewhere. This would leave the operator with a less productive workforce than would otherwise be possible. In many ways, employees will be your most valuable assets. Effective management is not magic. If your employees feel they are treated fairly, they will be motivated to do their best. If they do not, they will not. Reducing employee benefits while attempting to retain a well-qualified workforce is simply management at its worst!

Dear Mr. Marriot,

I sent the following email in recognition of the outstanding service provided by JWM Resort in San Antonio.

The Chowdhurys

Dear Melody,

We wanted to congratulate you, with extreme pleasure, for the wonderful job you did in making
our wedding event an extraordinary success. As parents of the bride, we are certainly grateful to you
for easing all the tensions that come along with a wedding like this. You have absolutely made that
weekend (of Oct 16) a weekend to remember forever. We thank you and your colleagues so very much
for everything you have done. JW Marriott should be very proud of you and your co-workers (including
all of the Resort staff). Everyone and everything was absolutely fabulous! We just returned from a
wonderful vacation from the French Riviera (South of France) but we still missed the JWM Resort.

We were also quite overwhelmed with the care and attention given to us during the time when
Mrs. Chowdhury fell ill right after wedding. Christy was very helpful and courteous up until the time
we left and we wanted to thank her very much for it as well.

Once again, thank you so very much for the phenomenal service you, Melody *******, had provided
during our special event. I also take this opportunity to recognize also the outstanding services provided
by Christy *******, Simranjit ********, Mahendra *********, Mohessen ********* and many others
(who contributed for the weekend).

We have no reservation whatsoever in recommending JWM Resort to our friends and relatives for their
special events.


Iqbal & Heidi Chowdhury
Parents of the Bride
Gogineni-Chowdhury wedding
Oct 16 2010 at JW Marriot Resort
At San Antonio Texas..
Cc: To: Marriott Guest Relations at 1818 N. 90th Street, Omaha NE 68114

Thank you for your advice!!!Mr Marriott!!!

Bill, New technologies take time to learn and with an average of 60,000 hits of stimulus coming at us everyday, it's no wonder that it takes awhile to warm up to another new piece of technology.

I too grew up around race cars, I can still smell jet fuel, used for rails. Phew! How different life is today with energy conservation, and the winners are individuals who are slowing down, rather than speeding toward the prize.

Enterprise car rentals rents electric cars, just in case there are people who want to test drive for the fun of it, or before they buy.

When will Marriott's begin installing Electric Car recharging stations in their parking lots?

Dear Bill

My name is Richard Gardner and I am a loyal Marriott (Platinum) business traveler. I typically stay at Marriott properties over 100 days per year. In August of 2010, my company relocated me to Chicago, IL. The plan for me was to find a new home in the Chicago land area while my family remained back east. The process of finding a new home lasted approximately three months and I am happy to say we are closing on our new home next week.

When I first arrived in Chicago back in August, my immediate goal was to find a temporary place to stay that would not only be convenient to work but also be a friendly and comfortable environment to live. I am happy to say I found both of these things at the Residence Inn of Lake Forest/Mattawa, IL. The staff at this hotel is extraordinary! I have stayed at many much pricier hotels in the past with my business travel and without a doubt, the staff at this hotel does it right! From the very beginning, the General Manager Jennifer ******* made me feel like I was at home. Her staff, Grant *****, Carolyn ******, Shannon ****** and Alfredo ****** are a top notch team that is committed to going above and beyond what is typically expected. They truly strive to make your stay perfect. I am checking out next Tuesday knowing the staff at this hotel has made my move/transition much easier than I would have ever expected and I want them to know I greatly appreciate it!

Bill, I know you strive for excellence in your organization every day and that is what makes the Marriott experience one that keeps frequent business travelers like myself coming back. I just want you to know that you have in my opinion a very special group of people at this Residence Inn at Metawwa, IL.


Richard Gardner

I learn a lot from your MOTM......I will surely like to meet you -one to one-

Dear Bill Marriott.

“Wow that enormous and great Idea protecting the Green Environment, and pollution control, and gainst anti biological gasses exhaustion through ordinary car’s vehicle etc. thanx Marriott to promoting the environment friendly pattern and taking the initiative to facilitate through innovative usage for valued client and promoting ideas.

Syed Shoukat Ali Shah
Islamabad Pakistan

very interesting vehicle, advanced technology is amazing

Mr. Marriott, it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday, and thanks for allowing us to bring the Chevy Volt to Marriott's headquarters. We were very excited with the response we received from your employees yesterday!

What a nice way for employees to test drive and learn about this car! Glad to hear you give it "two thumbs up".

Great deal!
We need this kind of environmentally-friendly cars and in the same time economical.
I love the idea; I will plan for it,
Thank You Marriott

“Today's news is a forewarning for congress and the administration. If we fail to expand and modernize our public transportation systems, the growing gridlock in many urban areas will strangle economic progress and lessen the quality of life.”-William Millar

Mr. Marriott:

Quite an interesting initiative, in addition to your perspective on driving. I am sure you know that one of the most stressful activities can be driving, so advocacy of public transit is a positive health perspective. Terica is really into environmental issues. It is from her, I have grown into the sensitivity of the global environmental issue.

Time and time again, I have heard professionals using public transit state the economic importance of having a strong well run, sanitary public transit system. I worked the polls, and it is refreshing to see the enthusiasm and the strong turnout of voters in which public transit can sometimes be a key factor.

Millar states: “ it drives economic growth by providing businesses with access to new customers, new employee talent and new tax incentives to encourage public transit use.” Further: “ Around the country we are seeing in many, many communities, a rebirth in the use of public transportation, ... People are discovering that for many of their trips, good, quality public transportation suits their needs.”-William Millar
Do you believe leaders can exponentially learn quite a lot about the people in a society by even an occasional ride? If so, the concept of “global civil society” somehow seems to have a power base in/with public transit, an interesting thought, even as we embrace new technological transportation advances. Mr. Marriott is not the essence of mobility -"Movement", a viable aspect of the human process and development since from the beginning of time?
Congratulations on your partnership and initiative with General Motors. A smart leader strategically brings things to his people, and do not always wait for them to always find it on their own. Quite a smart photograph, as you keep “Marriott On the Move.”

Have you considered having charging stations at your facilities for use by guests or employees at a nominal fee to promote electric car use?