Partnering with Ctrip: China's Largest Online Travel Booking Website

December 22, 2010

Simon Cooper, Arne Sorenson and Bill Marriott with Ctrip Executives at Marriott HQ We recently had some very special visitors that came all the way from China to visit our headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland.  They were from a company called Ctrip, which is the largest travel booking engine in China.

Back in October, we signed an agreement with Ctrip in order to leverage their cutting-edge hotel reservation platform, making Ctrip our first online travel agency partner in China.  We are the only U.S. based lodging company to sign an agreement like this with Ctrip, and we’re really excited about it because it means that Marriott and Ctrip will establish direct global connectivity so travelers can make bookings at any of our 3,500 hotels worldwide and receive real time confirmation information.  It will also allow them to receive the same specials and rates found on

We have 60 hotels in China today and we're going to double that number in 5 years.  Almost all of these hotels are very high quality as they are all brand new.  We've concentrated in 3 primary cities and areas: Beijing, Shanghai and the Hong Kong/Guangzhou area.  But as China is expanding its infrastructure to reach populations in Western China, we're putting a lot of new hotels in Western cities many of you have never heard of.

While they were here, we took the executives from Ctrip on tours of our nation’s capital, introduced them to key executives within our company and educated them about our brands and our culture.

It was a very productive visit, and we look forward to a strong, successful relationship with Ctrip as our company and brands continue to expand in China and the rest of the world.

I’m Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

Partnering with Ctrip China's Largest Online Travel Booking Website

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I see you're joining in with the Chinese way of web monitoring with the irritating Superclick spyware you insist on using for anyone who uses your "free" internet access. It's EXTREMELY annoying. To anyone who reads this, watch your browser any time you go to a web site.

I have to agree with Mr. Tocci, too. Your site is pretty, but pretty slow, too, especially when you add your own Superclick crap on top of it.

Mr. Marriott,

Respectfully, the website is a nightmare to use. Its visually attractive but not user friendly. Do it yourself from a computer that your employees have not doctored to be outstanding. I have been trying to reserve a room for over 20 minutes and continue to watch the icon spin. Just one of the resons why I stayed about 10 nights at Marriotts last year versus 40 at Starwood and another 10+ at Hyatt.

I don't need a response about this reservation, I've moved on.

Best wishes,

Account # *********

We stayed for a week in the Courtyard by Marriott on East Maple Road, Troy, michigan. The front-desk service was excellent. Wendy loaned us her personal GPS charger, because we forgot ours. Angie gave us her overview of her favorite restaurants and nightspots. The rooms and service were excellent, and our overall stay was a pleasant experience
Richard and Yili

Global Nations connecting , Business Supports ,
Familiar Necessities ,
.....the partnership creates detente .

My Father Alberto Portocarrero work for Marriott
about 7 years, starting at the Marriot Caesar Park Hotel in
Panama, he was the Engineer Chief. Now he is retired and
seeing how the company grows up, and Marriott start new goals in
Colombia, where we live.

This is not so much a comment as passing along a great experience at the Courtyard Atlanta McDonough. My wife and I were traveling from one family Christmas gathering to another. We left Tennessee on Christmas Eve late afternoon and had to travel on Christmas Day to Florida.

Since I figured that most restaurants would be closed Christmas Day, I booked a room with the breakfast package.

When we checked in Christmas Eve around 8, Aretha took care of us. She was great. She got off at 11, but was back when we came downstairs for breakfast at 7 am Christmas. I did not get the name of the second young woman Christmas morning, but both went out of their way to take care of us.

It seems the person who took care of the restaurant had a death in the family that evening and of course could not come in. They called the manager who tried to get a replacement. While that was going on, the two women fixed us a breakfast and were friendly and enthusiastic.

My wife and I really appreciated their extra effort. (I'm a platinum member, but I really don't think that mattered in the morning. I'm sure the one woman didn't know.) Like I said, I'm sorry I didn't get her name, but the manager surely knows who she was. Younger, tall and slender--and friendly.

They were great.

Marriott's investment in China is welcome!! I am a student learning Hospitality Management in China. Joining Marriot's family is my dream!!

Mr. Marriott:

Congratulations on the creation of yet another great new network. Even though the Chinese are intimately a part of Guyana’s national culture, my sensitivity and great awareness of the richness of Chinese culture started with Lao Tzu and “The Tao” introduced to me by Terica. Even some of her Asian friends at high school often teased her that she has some Asian features, even sharper than theirs.

So in the Spirit of “The Tao” from verse 61 I share : A great nation is like a great man: When he makes a mistake, he realizes it. Having realized it, he admits it. Having admitted it, he corrects it. He considers those who point out his faults as his most benevolent teachers.

It is really a good news for tourism. I believe that the cooperation of these two famed travel-related service companies may benefit the world tourists and travelers, particularly those from and to China and the States.

Overall a good move for Marriott. Ctrip is well-run. However, I hope you don't allow them to undercut rates like many US-based online agencies who "partner" with Marriott. As a travel agent who strongly supports Marriott when I can I lose a lot of business to onlines who undercut your price and then you won't match. This means less business and credibility for us "true partners", lower revenue for Marriott and it diminishes the value of the brand - 3 strikes!